Lost and Looking

Lost and Looking


When you were younger, you were kidnapped away from your family. Ever since your sister has been on the lookout for you but doing this has put her in great danger. She is being hunted down but will not stop looking.

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Every day your are fed barely any food, just rotten veggies and spoiled meat with warm water once a day. You are slowly being tortured for any information on your family that you have not seen in over 10 years. Why do they do this to you? Who knows. Your sister runs, rain or shine to find you. She sleeps one hour per night before looking again. She fights whoever finds her but is becoming weaker and weaker each day.

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Ashley wakes up and jumpsdown from her spot in the tree. she gathers her few belongings then starts to run looking for anything that could lead to her brother/sister. she runs. and runs. and runs. 'dont stop until midnight' she says to herslef. suddenly someone grabs her by the forearm and chuckles dryly. "well, well, well." they say in a deep husky voice their grip tight around her arm. "let me go!" she yells trying to pull from the mans grip but he only makes it tighter. she screams in pain when he takes a knife out of his bag holding it to her throat. she thinks of a way to turn this around while he talks only to be ignored. shegrabs the blade of the knife kicking him. he falls to his knees from pain. "you should never only hold one arm you idiot" she says and runs off with the knife swinging her bag over her shoulder.

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Character Portrait: Ashely Moore


Character Portrait: Ashely Moore
Ashely Moore

She has longish blonde hair and blue eyes that look silver. She is on the search for her lost sibling and will stop for nothing to get there.


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How much do you plan to write each post? What role will the brother play through the story? Because it seems his character has a really small role unless something different happens to him.

Lost and Looking

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