EarthStella Mavrick

"Just know your manners, and we'll be friends."

a character in “LOUD Chapter One”, as played by Maci-Care

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Stella Mavrick

Multiple, but most common being Stel, if at all.


Gang Affiliation
”Keys Baby…” Leader of the Keys.

Stella is a pretty kind woman when it comes to social life, and very respectful. She follows Emily Post’s Book of Etiquette and uses it bring it up alot when people don’t have good manners. She is a very happy woman usually, even in the gang, and does have a good patience so she can handle alot of annoying people, especially kids that want to join her gang when they have no manners at all. When she is told no to something, she will usually sweet talk to them to get what she wants. But when it involves another gang, she is pretty mean, but keeps her good manners with her. Also calls most people, ‘Baby’ or ‘Hun’

Well she doesn’t like talking about it, but she does have one. She was married to a rich business man since they first met, at the age of 17, and it was out of love, not money. During the fall of man, which is what Stella calls it, her husband died trying to be the best. Stella still mourns his death with wearing his and hers wedding rings. She was the only person in his Will since they were so much in love so she got everything, and instead of selling it, she brought it all into Keys hang out, since she had connections in there even before her husband died and joined them right after. Now about gang business, Stella knew the war wouldn't end,so when she heard of the Keys, she got some connections in them for protection and safety, in case things were to go bad, and the Keys were the only gang in her opinion that actually knew fashion. By using her skills and her beauty she easily became the leader of the Keys.

A Rapier that she keeps on her dress.
Also the roses that are on her wrist, in picture, are bladed, and can be used as defense as well as a weapon.

A black and white classy look, including a fedora, heels and a black dress. As for accessories, she has roses on her wrists, which are actually weapons, diamond earrings, her wedding ring on her right hand, her husband’s wedding ring on her left, and sometimes she wears sunglasses. While inside the Keys hideout, she wears hey typical dress, along with either a pair of high heels that click on the hardwood floor every step to basically warn people she is coming and to be well-mannered, or bare-footed.

Carnival Of The Animals Aquarium - By Saint-Seans
Nutcracker Ballet Suite-Dance Of The Mirlitons – Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-2nd Movement – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Menuet – Luigi Rudolfo Boccherini
Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verveurl

Anything Else?
Stella likes eating at fancy restraunts, her favourite food has to be a Caesar Salad.
She can play the harp, violin, piano, and basically any instrument that goes with her favorite genre of music, classical.
Calls everyone, except Abby and Buck, by thier last name with Mr. or Ms. unless asked not too.
Tattoo is on the inside of her right ankel.
One las things, out of all the gangs, she doesnt like the Poisons the most out of all of them, and doesnt trust them, mainly because of their Leader. He tends to really annoy Stella with his immaturaty and coldness.

So begins...

Stella Mavrick's Story