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Imagine what it would be like in a world where all that was expected of you was to fall in love and get marries. That was the only goal people would set up for you. Imagine waking up, and instead of your parents telling you to have a good day, they said find your soul mate? And it was also expected you marry at the age of 15! The longer you waited, the lower the opinion had of you. Some parent's would even shun their children if they waited too long.

Besides these odd customs, there were still jobs, schools, theaters, restaurants, and all things of that sort. But all movies had some sort of romance, the most chosen job was as a match-maker, and even schools were based around learning about married life and love, etc. That was daily life.

This role-play starts with your character waking up in their bedroom. They can go about their day however, by going to school or hanging with friends. There aren't many rules about how you spend your day in Cupid's realm.. which means you don't NEED to go to school.

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1. No god-modding (should there be fights)
2. Preferred no foul language.
3. Character must be between the ages of 12-19
4. There is no set character sheet; just fill out what is on the "Add New Character"/"Character" tab. You don't need to have a picture but it would be nice.
5. Powers are allowed; this is a (supposed) god's realm after all!
6. Have fun.

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Siobhan's eyes widened slightly as she felt something land on her head. She already knew what it was by the look on Dion's face. Gross. She wrinkled her nose in disgust and made a face. "Damn bird..." she muttered. To Dion she said, "I need to get home and wash this crap out of my hair. We can meet at the candy shop later?"


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#, as written by Alan23
"Well, why don't I give you a ride, honey?" said Dion, trying not to laugh as he helped Siobhan clear the gunk out of her hair. "Hey, don't get upset, beautiful one. No need to blush... it's the sort of thing could happen to anyone." He could see she was upset, and put his arms around her again. He guessed he'd be doing a lot of that in the future.


Back in her human form, Cooiae assembled the things she'd need. The itching powder she'd bought from the joke shop had cost nearly a weeks allowance, but it would be worth it. She'd carefully transferred it into a make-up compact, one so light she could carry it in bird-form. When she found the two of them together, she had a plan to make that skinny girl look totally ridiculous in Dion's eyes. If she thought she'd looked silly with a bit of bird shit on her, wait'll she was performing a mad dance, and stripping off her clothes in public! They'd be no way Dion would still find her attractive after she'd made a total fool of herself!


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Siobhan blushed again. "Thanks" she said shyly. She followed Dion to his car, getting into the passenger's side. "This has got to be the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me" she said. "But then again, I heard that a bird pooping on your head is a sign of good luck" Siobhan said, mostly trying to convince herself.


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Siobhan couldnt convince herself. She was so embarrassed. Dion being there made it being a bit better though. Her neck started to itch, like it always did when she was nervous

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