Love Or Power,Which Is Worth More?

Love Or Power,Which Is Worth More?


When you were given these powers,you loved them. But,now that your a young adult you must make a chose keep our powers or fall in love forever?

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When you were born you were given powers,powers that could chage the word for better or for the absolute worst. And for years you have kept your mind on keeping these powers. That was before you were given your biggest decion ever,Love or Power? You have made this decion before as a young child and have always chosen power over love but now you are between the ages of 15-19 and now know the true meaning of love but have never felt it with someone other than your family. This is your last choice before you either become full powered or become normal,forgetting about your powers completely. To make this choice,you familes have sent you to one of the magical cities in the world,New York. And for the next four weeks you will be disgused as a normal human,coming from South Korea to explore the city and it's culture. During these weeks your parents have chosen the perfect person for you,that you might fall in love with. It is your complete dream person,from the way they look,to their voice,all the way down to the way the walk just to makethis a hard choice for you. But,there is one thing,the other power teenagers already have known each other since birth and some may have grown attracted to one of their friends,which resulting in them keeping their powers but never becoming fully powered. So,what will your chose be Love or Power?

Powered Teen 1:Sonny Roberts played by BleedingLover
Powered Teen 2:Reserved for Faiths Angel
Powered Teen 3:Reserved for Cute As Kaylah
Powered Teen 4:(Male)
Normal Teen 1:(Male)
Normal Teen 2:Reserved for Written In Silver Ink
Normal Teen 3:(Male)
Normal Teen 4:Reserved for Faux Reality

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Character Portrait: Manny Xiao Valenzuela


Character Portrait: Manny Xiao Valenzuela
Manny Xiao Valenzuela

Power is my everything, Love broke me.


Character Portrait: Manny Xiao Valenzuela
Manny Xiao Valenzuela

Power is my everything, Love broke me.

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Character Portrait: Manny Xiao Valenzuela
Manny Xiao Valenzuela

Power is my everything, Love broke me.

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I'll take one of the males :3c. Don't care which.

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Oh you do have to use real pictures. I got the carrie sheet from one of my other RPs and forgot to change it.

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err never mind. i dont like using real pictures

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Can I reserve normal female four then? :/

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Can I reserve normal teen 2?? This sound interesting, and unique.


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