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James isn't much one for social intereaction, he usually like to keeps to himself most of the time. He may seem a little mean on the outside but once someone gets to know him his personality seems to change in an instant. Usually a playful guy with a fun atmosphere about him. He usually takes life with a carefree and "who cares" way.


James was born in the big city of Chicago before he moved down to his current resident, his father had landed a large job which is the reason for their move. James wishes he was back in his old school and such, but he knows he won't be able to do so. At least he's got his phone and the internet to connect with his friend back in Chicago.

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James Monroe's Story

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Setting: Ilchine2012-04-19 10:15:20, as written by MarchHare
James help onto her hand softly, he enjoyed the feeling of his hand in his, especially due to the fact her hand was rather soft, But most girls hands are usually soft right? Or was it only her's that seemed to be the softest he's ever held? It didn't matter thought, he enjoyed it no matter what thought came into his head. "Alright let's go," he said to the girl with a soft smiled, leading her out of his room and down stairs. "Me and Layla are going to the mall, I'll be back later.. love ya," James quickly and hastily shouted towards his mother, getting out the door before any awkward confrontation with her. Once out the door he looked over at Layla, the smile he'd had on his face before still plastered onto his face, "you don't mind walking to the mall do you? it's the only way I have to get anywhere."


Kale walked towards his care, quickly stepping inside of it, closing the door behind him. He started up the engine, letting it run for a moment or so before putting it into drive and taking off towards the zoo. At the nearest stop light he looked behind him, making sure Lila was following close behind, he didn't want her falling behind and end up getting lost... however odd that sounded.