ChicagoAshanti Young

"It if wasn't for a gun, I wouldn't have any fun"

a character in “Lust For Red”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Ashanti Young

Age: 18

Appearance: Tall stature, about 5'8" with long hair cut into a horse mane Mohawk (usually wears it tied back). Hair color naturally is blonde which is shown on the side of the shaven parts of hair, Mohawk is dyed dark brown. Her clothes consist of a light knitted, medium grey sweater. Under is a long sleeved dress that is black in color. Leopard printed tights cover her legs in a nice pretty fashion and at the end is a pair of light grey boots.


Personality: Ashanti is usually very energized when being around most people. She tends to think out loud and doesn't like to keep her thoughts to herself. Ashanti will defiantly tell you what she thinks about you and why as well. Her outspoken personality makes it easy for people to know and "read" her. She talks more than she listens and communicates with enthusiasm, excited over the smallest things in life. Ashanti responds quickly and enjoys a fast pace, though sometimes she doesn't respond quickly enough. Ashanti usually doesn't like to work in groups when it comes to a hunt, this comes from a stubborn/arrogant side she had developed from being around her three older, male siblings. She likes to act before she thinks things through, even when it comes to her work, and because of this she's gotten herself into some pretty tight situations. Yet, she usually finds a way to pull herself through it in time to keep herself from getting killed, or worse.

- Spicy Foods
- Horror Movies
- Guns
- Knives
- Cats

- Sweet Foods
- Canines
- Strange Noises
- Dark Alley Ways
- Dense Forests

History: Ashanti was born into a normal family, of hunters that is. She was the only girl out of three older siblings. Though she was a girl she wasn't treated different than her brothers, especially when it came to her training to become a hunter. Ashanti's training began when she was very young, about the age of eight is when she started. She first learned the basics of hunting, including; knowing her enemy, guns, knives, and basic history of the hunters beginnings. As she became older her training advanced into tougher things, like hand to hand combat, combat with weapons, and short/long range shooting. Ashanti had devolved into a very wide ranged and strong hunter, continuing her learning of new skills even after her training sessions were over with at the end of the day. Ashanti wanted to make sure she had all the skills she thought would be necessary for a successful hunt, but her arrogance and stubbornness came in her way. The night before her 18 birthday she heard news of a werewolf lurking around the city, so she went out in search for it. Ashanti had searched for the thing for almost and hour, and after she gave up looking, letting her guard down. As soon as she had done such, she was struck from behind by the werewolf she had been searching for. Ashanti quickly grabbed at her gun and shot it, but only wounding it enough for her to get away. After the event she has tried to become a little more aware of her surroundings.

Role: Hunter


- has a scar across her back obtained from a werewolf during a hunt

Theme Song: Gone With The Sin - HIM

"Blood Suckers"

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Ashanti Young's Story