Undertown, LondonEdwin Mark

A cop from Undertown

a character in “M.A.R.K.01”, as played by TravlersTails

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He is tall, with aburn-brown hair, grown longer than most men, so he ties it up with a black rubber band, police officer uniform (when on duty). When he's off duty, he wears a green sweater, covered by a tan trench coat, with a tie around belt, with a clasp to hold it in, and jeans and tennis shoes. He has wirey, squar-ish like gasses, and blue eyes. He has fair skin, since his anstery is british.


He is often happy-go-lucky kind of guy, the kind that always makes you smile, no matter what he does. He has a bad habbit of procrastinating, so usally he never gets any missions because of this, which is discouraging for the poor guy. But he has a semi-dark side, which is quite negitive toward everything. He blames most things that happen on himself, and puts himself down alot, making his insucure. He is dependant on most of his friends when he gets this way, to make him not get into any trouble.


He is equiped with a gun, which he keeps concealed in his coat.


Edwin, orgionally, was born in a place called Undertown. He was later sent to a adoption agency in New York City. He got nice parents that never told him he was adopted, since he looked just like his "father". When he got much older, he moved to London, England, and found himself a job as a police officer. He soon met his partner, Renaldo Mathis, and he became his first friend in London. After a few years, Edwin stubbles across a page in a book, and is curious about it. Thus, the story begins...

So begins...

Edwin Mark's Story

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