Neutral Alliance"Seraphim Squadron"

The squad of Liberty Ace's who are under the direct command of Gabriel hierarch. THey were trained by him and each one is a specialist who when with the others forms a team unseen on most battlefields

a character in “Machines of War”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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1; Maria Hierarch
2;Duo MacRay
3; Edwin Grandstream
4; Jesse Sieger
5;Grant Skyraider


1; Maria is a very strong willed person who is driven to fight for her friends and love Duo. Beware to those who try to harm her as both he and her father, Gabriel Hierarch, will strike them with full force.

2; Duo is a persistent and knowledgable man whose whole life has been difficult, but his experience has made him a very wise man. Currently romantically involved with Maria Hierarch.

3; Edwin is driven to better himself and the world to honor his father who was the President of Liberty before the Break Atmo incident.

4; Jesse, a calmn and laid back man, is constantly trying to attone for his failure to safe a group of children from a terrorist attack which drives him to stop bsttle at any point to save the innocent at the cost of his own safety.

5;Grant is a melee prodigy, the only member of the squad to be able to defeat their lead er Gabriel in hand to hand combat and sword battle. He doesnt fly the Prototype nexus that the others do, but instead pilots a custom Frame his very rich artisan father created specifically to make his son a battlefeild legend.


1; Maria Hierarch - Raziel
Maria's Frame is a high mobility medium to close range type that has the ability to use the A.I. (based on Duo) to lock on to over 35 enemy Frames and fire to disable them without killing the pilot.

2; Duo MacRay - Scope
Scope is Duo's second generation Solar Frame, following the destroyed one from Artemis, its sniper rifle is equiped with the highest technology of sights. With the blasde enabled dual pistols and Shield Bits that it can deploy and use for defense th machine is excellent at long range, but can go toe to toe with the best at close range thanks to the A.I. (based on the colse combat orientated Maria)

3; Edwin Grandstream - Ragland
This is the second generation of the Frame he piloted, with increased particle storage and a total of six heavy Particle Bazookas. The Frame's shield is a 98 density rating sphere that can deflect or absorb almost any kind of Particle weapon. Due to the high density it is also impervious to most balistic weaponry when you add in the massive amount of armor on the Frame itself. It also has a few other tricks it has yet to reveal.

4; Jesse Sieger - Archer
This is Jesse's second gen Frame after his unit was heavily damaged by the surprise Red corp blitz of Artemis. The Frame is designed to control airspace and is variable into an aircraft. With the amount of particles it can fire from its wrist mounted guns for close range, and the machine gun it has for long range in addition to the missile stocks, this Frame can hold the airspace over an area against a full squadron of enemy units. It's pilot has the ability to link with the frame's A.I.'s targeting system to increase the damage it can deal.

5; Grant Skyraider - Shogun
The only Artisian Frame in the squadron, his father is a master engineer who designed the frame to be beyond human abilities. The swords are material based but are completely coated in a plasma membrane. The Plasma is almost everflowing thanks to the fact that it is generated by Particle expansion within the blade. The G-Forces experienced are enough to kill an ordinary man, however the pilot Grant has learned to pilot it without these after affects by using the Frame at lower settings. Its total mobility is second to none.


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