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The year is 2257, with the world in three parts and humanity at its peak, who will rise to the top of the world stage?

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Owner: Elrith Eldwind
Game Masters: Elrith Eldwind
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Location; Artemis Base, North Western Liberty
Time; Dusk
Squad; Regions

The base is on an up cropping of land which lies west of the canal. The base consists of ten hangers and three administrative buildings, as well as a large set of two walls that have sections topped with large Artillery and Anti-Air guns. The buildings are arranged in a basic L shape with the hangars all on one side, along a run way. The three hangars at the base of the angle are the largest, each clearly containing a large cargo like aircraft. The other hangars are taller but less wide. A few scattered “Chicken Walkers” (the basic form of Zeus units) and a few Farms are seen moving about the base. As the camera pans from the sky it comes to a lower pan to show a slender black spire that is endlessly tall (the elevator)
Scene shifts to a basic crew lounge, where several people of various genders are seen talking to one another and just relaxing. The camera focuses in one group of ten people, six of whom are playing a game of cards while another three watch. The last stares out the window at the far western horizon.

Crew member who is playing cards; “Damn it, nothing again! I fold…”
Crew member who is dealing; “he he, you just have no luck, I feel sorry for James, he is your nav-op after all.”
Crew member standing behind other player put him in a head lock; “That’s right, after all if you mess up Duo I die too!” others laugh and the one in the chair tries to tap out.
One of the women who is seated playing leans back in her chair to rest against the window and looks around toward the man who has had his back toward the camera and is looking out at the horizon. In the back ground we see one of the players show their cards and shout out “Royal Flush!” The dealer yells in response, “What! We aren’t even playing that game you idiot!” the woman smirks and looks back toward the man staring out the window and addresses him, “Captain?”, then looks out the window herself. Camera pans to look out window as well, he see a dark wall of cloud on the horizon. Several bright flashes of yellowish light are seen. “Hmmm, big storm, look, it even has lightning.” Group playing cards looks as well, but everyone is still giggling from the prior events.
“It’s not lightning…” the man in the window says. At this the whole room goes quite, several of the people who were around the table gather near the window. “Those are muzzle flashes… Roux, contact the hangar, tell them to have our units prepped, rest of you gear up!” he orders. Screen goes black.

Briefing 1

“Well, we knew this was coming eventually, and it’s not the first time you’ve been in combat. But, that should mean that you’re well aware of the fact that this isn’t going to be easy. When you get to the supply crew in the hangar the crew chief is going to give you a quick over few of some of the new features. Your piloting a Frame that is equipped with special boost properties. And your unit has the newest array of weaponry. Your mission is to guard the base while we move the squad of the X-01 Frames out of here; those units are the most important thing this base has. We need to get those units out of here and to the Anchor Base so we can send them out of the nation to the EU. That’s why we are going to full sortie; your primary directive is to hold the enemy off for ten minutes, enough time for us to get the units loaded up. You and your squad will be our front line units, you’ll be up against almost 35 Zeus class and 15 other Frames. This is a large force of UWP soldiers, and finally the catch comes into play. The enemy forces are an advance unit that have the support of 5 Volcano Artillery guns, these things are at the back edge of the combat zone, and will be raining hell on us from afar. I’d actually suggest you hit these first, and hit them hard. Take them out first and fast then get back here with the hope that the bases auto defenses are still holding. Assuming that’s still the case hit the enemy in tandem with your squad. You can issue them orders following the briefing, and if you so desire, order a full frontal or flank assault instead of the plan I mentioned. Your choice really, but remember; ten minutes at least, otherwise Liberty will fall before we can save the people. That is all Captain…”

Mission 1

As the squad mounts up a large explosion rips through the ground just outside the hangar Gabriel’s squad is in. Gabriel calls out, “it’s time to move” and the four machines to his left move off, finally he too moves out onto the front line. The last thing seen before the unit is sent into battle is one of the planes being loaded with several large canvas covered trucks.