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The year is 2257, with the world in three parts and humanity at its peak, who will rise to the top of the world stage?

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"Major van Matteus, our forces have yet to meet the enemy. However, several Frames have been deployed, and intelligence has informed me that a number of trucks are being loaded and deployed as well."

Elrich glanced out as he heard the name. Years of perfecting his fake identity meant that he responded to it just as well as he could respond to Elrich von Richt. It was almost as if he wasn't disguised as the nonexistant Vincent van Matteus; he was Vincent van Matteus. "All very well, Sergeant...those trucks must be containing our target," There was no trace of an accent in Elrich's voice as he spoke English like a natural; he had spent years getting rid of the accent as well. "Rainier's squad will attack their base directly, something of a diversion. Keep the Frames stationed there busy. Alles's squad will accompany Beria's squad to rout the Frames that are on the move. I'll take on the Frames escorting the trucks, and then Alles, you get your squad back here so we can remove the target back to the UWP.

A series of affirmatives passed through the comm system, and a number of Frames began moving off. Elrich allowed himself a moment to consider it. They were after a powerful weapon Liberty had created; some kind of revolutionary mech. Elrich's corp had been dispatched. The 'Red Corp' as it was known was a collection of some of the UWP's most talented and skilled pilots; a force to truly be reckoned with. But none came close to the Red Menace, the Red Demon of the UWP, Vincent van Matteus--Elrich von Richt himself. Only Harbinger Heirarch had ever been able to defeat him, back when he was a student at Hates academy, and even that was only in the beginning. Hierarch had betrayed the UWP, and though Elrich had liked the 'Old Dog' and respected him, Elrich had to cement his loyalty to the UWP; it was key to his plan. In the case that Hierarch was actually stationed here, Elrich would have to kill him.

The Rot Sieger, the infamous red Frame of the Red Menace, began to boost in the direction of the trucks and the Frames accompanying them, drawing out a beam saber and the experimental beam rifle as it did so.