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The year is 2257, with the world in three parts and humanity at its peak, who will rise to the top of the world stage?

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Setting: Earth2010-08-04 22:42:33, as written by Elrith Eldwind
“Sir, Lt. Colonel Gabriel Hierarch reporting as per orders from central command.” Gabriel had just entered the room high above the ground. In fact, it wasn’t a room per say. It was one of the outer lifts of the Orbiter Elevator. These areas were used as observation decks, as they each moved up the length of the elevator, they also were glass walled (well, transparent walled at least) and some of them played host to the higher ups of the Liberty Military. Currently he was standing before the desk in the large room of one Colonel Michael Furachov, whom Gabriel was now saluting.


“Sit please, there is no need for that formality Gabriel. “ Michael said as he indicated to the chair in front of the desk. The desk faced the doorway, and the semi-circular glass walls were positioned behind Michael. “You don’t need to salute me anymore, you’re one of the last surviving officers from Artemis and you protected the Nexus Frames. It seems those deeds have earned you a promotion to ‘full bird’ Colonel, congratulations.”

“Well, I’m grateful of course, however I can assure you I don’t deserve that. Sir,” Gabriel paused and saw the man on the other side of him wiggling his finger at him, “uh- Michael, I didn’t manage to destroy all the data on the Nexus Frame, this could be disastrous.”

“Don’t worry Gabriel; the President himself has reviewed the data they stole and isn’t worried about it.”

“But sir-“

“All they got was the introductory synopsis; they know it’s a Frame made for high spec maneuvering with armor centered on the cockpit, and that it is equipped with a support A.I. meant to be compatible with the pilot. All of this is basic, and the A.I. is only 50% effective unless they knew about the buddy system, which they do not. That is why they have decided that your victory there is promotable.”

“Wait, that’s all they got?” Gabriel asked. He had been certain that they would be able to get all the data if he left even one terminal on-line.
“Yeah, that Command Sergeant Major Kingsley is the one who managed to cut the hard lines before they got there, that meant that each terminal was isolated, they only got the data from one so no worries. Jeez, you’re really uptight Gabriel.”

“Can’t help it, it’s a time of war right now and there is nothing we can do about it, those damn letters we heard about might have started it, but you know that it’s not going to stop just because they were discovered to be fake.” Gabriel said, the man on the other side of the desk frowned and leaned forward, resting his elbows on the desk and his head in his hands.

“You’d know better than me, you were in the UWP, that this war won’t end until Liberty is gone.” Michael was fully aware of the situation, as were all the higher ups of the Liberty forces, they all knew the truth. “Liberty is finished; it’s only a matter of time.”

Gabriel nodded and stood, walking over to the windows he gazed out at the city below, and the canal next to it, slowly growing smaller and smaller as the lift rose to the station above. “I’d say we have 4 weeks until they reach visual range from Anchor. At that point the people must be evacuated in the remaining two it will take them to reach this base. I’d also suggest that we prepare to move the military to Sicily, and,” Gabriel turned to look Michael in the eye, “that we initiate the Collapse Plan.”

Michael breathed out slowly, then turned back to his desk, removed a cigarette and lit it, taking a long drag. “So, Colonel Gabriel, what will you do now?”
“I think I’ll head to Germany for a bit,” Gabriel shrugged as the office began to go dark, it was sliding into place along the lower element of the elevator, “There is someone there I need to see.”

“Well, travel as a civilian first, if you’re going to Infiltrate a base like that you’ll need a good cover identity,” Michael reached into his desk and pulled out some paper work in a file which he handed to Gabriel, “You’re running out of favors you know that, if the General knew what you were doing and why-“
“Then we’ll just have to keep it from him won’t we.” Gabriel flipped through the files and smirked, “This will do, thanks Michael.”

“Try not to get killed.”

“Yeah, keep an eye on Maria and Duo for me won’t you.” Gabriel said as he exited the room into a large lobby, five minutes later he was speeding up the last 20 kilometers to station one and boarding a shuttle to Station Two in the EU. Once there he took a train into the ruins of Munich, and from there headed by jeep toward Kreutszat Base.