Macross: Starlit Promises

Macross: Starlit Promises

As six friends struggle with relationship problems they're about to experience events that will bring them even closer as the Frontier as a whole grows closer to finding a new "earth"

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The story takes place on β€œThe Frontier 1226”, The only surviving city-ship (space colony) from earth's destruction in the year of 2113, has been searching for a new planet to call home. It is now year 2213 and the quest continues but that aside corruption has been stirring subtly as since N.U.N (New United Nations) Military general Baal has stepped up. Recently to most unknown and even yourself President Mikato has been assassinated which leaves the next power in line which is Saito Oshiyama. Although it has not been announced he is currently in power. Unknown to the colony (including ourselves) Saito and Baal are close and they could very well be the two behind it... Other then such, Military has recently encountered in space combat life forms that attack the ship city-ship for unknown reasons which of course they are fought off. Although Alien is a general term, they are classified specifically depending on the type by military standings....

N.U.N Military

N.U.N. In the macross universe this is called the New United Nations Military force that runs the government inside the Frontier. They serve as the police and military inside the frontier. They are controlled by the president yet at the same time Saito Oshiyama had his own force established. It is rare for them to be released into space which is often why they have low flying abilities compared to VSF. There are only but a few Zentradi that are accepted and often that is done through family.

Valkirie Strategic Force

They are comparable to Macross: Frontier's S.M.S. They do not work like the military but serve a similar purpose. They do work under the government yet they follow their own rules amd command. They're often seen as the better force when taking care of things in space. Sometimes they're called to do a small mission inside the Frontier yet is rare.



Kite Minori by Sonicx00

Human – He and Male 2 lost their parents 12 years ago due to the fact that they were on a mission for the military and obviously didn't make it back. This is why he decided instead of joining the government military – He went with the VSF like his brother.

Female 1 - Open
Zentradi Information and Zentradi Example

Zentradi – Although She is a Zentradi, upon young age she had been given the micronization process at a young age allowing her to continue contacting and socializing with Male 1. She is best friends with Female 2 and 3 and her personality often shows the Zentradi aspects. Her family was known to serve the government military before her and she too would've gone but went along with the VSF with male 1. She hides the fact that it was only because of him that she did this... upon her acceptance to VSF – her actual current body resides in VSF's base department where the other Zentradi reside. She can decide to switch to her original body which is often she does at times because its healthy for her and often this is the case for when she goes shopping in the Zentradi mall. If she is with Male 1... or socializing with her friends she goes in her micro form. This does not mean she doesn't/never appears as her original form to socialize with her friends.. Its just depending on where they're going. In the general city she can't step foot in it with her original body due to it being a human society. As for Zentradi side that's a little different. (Areas will be explained)

Relatively the Male is a older then Female by a year... They met 10 years ago and remain very close friends but both too shy to admit their feelings towards each other. Now they're joining a private military force known as the V.S.F., together not knowing that this is the point in which they fall further in love and actually come together. Know the time they met is dependent upon agreement message each other and don't be shy!


Ken Minori by FamishedPants

Human - He is male 1's older brother and probably counted as his best friend. He is a good brother who encourages male 1 and often tries to push Male 1 and Female 1's relationship. He often speaks subtly saying playfully in a way that he is getting annoyed watching them avoid the situation. Although he is like this... He himself is in the same boat. He shows on the outside being confident and often dates other females yet... truthfully he loves Female 2. They are seen to be close but at times often don't seem like it. He is a part of the V.S.F. already and truthfully didn't want his little brother to join just due to safety reasons. He is a part of his little brother's squad shown as the leader and is often his trainer. When on V.S.F.'s command he doesn't treat his little brother as they would in the open but since when is war and battle to be brotherly..?


Maria Cross by Rarikou

Human – She is a good friend of the cast and is a part of the government military (Not V.S.F.). She herself could be seen as strong and often independent but she knows her feelings towards Male 2. Female 2 often doesn't mention these feelings due to the fact that she doesn't think Male 2 is interested if not thinks that he only sees her as a friend. She is a little suspicious about Baal yet it may be because she doesn't like him that much (for your own reasons). Although she isn't authorized to do so, because she is close to Male 2 and is friends with the cast, she often relays information among the military which isn't leaked. This makes her quite trustworthy among the V.S.F. because all information is positive. Comparably she is the older sister to Female 1 and like male 2 to male 1 she sees the relationship between them. Often she speaks to the others excluding Male and Female 1 about it when outside.

Male and Female 2 met during there years of High school although during the years of going to high school together they were never close yet on the last year a significant even happened drawing them together and bringing them so close. Male 2 often dated other girls yet showed no true feelings towards Female 2 the only thing was that Male 2 never kept the dates long and to Female 2... she noticed that he never did talk or say he enjoyed them. Not once did they speak about being in the military or V.S.F/ until a later time. The two continue the endless cycle of deception even to themselves but will a sudden event break this...?

Male 3 - Reserved by Shiki29

Human – Relatively seen as a classmate to Male 1 and Female 1. He indeed has seen the relationship but isn't to bothered by it. He claims subtly that he has his own relationship problems to deal with. This doesn't mean he wont talk about it when its brought up (As any relationship deal that is). In addition to being in school he works in the military under female 2's control. He doesn't mind this due to the fact that they're friends. He openly admits that in the beginning he did have slight feelings for female 2 yet times had changed since he met female 3. They recently just met through female 1 and male 1 from then on he continues to fall for female 3...

Female 3 - Reserved by DreamerOnTheStars
Half Human/Zentradi Example

Half Human/Zentradi – Female 3 is a civilian who female 1 met at young age and continued to remain friends. She often claims to be female 1's best friend although female 1 doesn't have any β€œbest” friends. Although she is not a part of the military or VSF. She is a famous singer (you can change it if you want but with my approval).. She is rather confident in herself and doesn't let things get to her too much. Although she knows Female 1's feelings towards Male 1, she claims that she likes him. This slowly changes after being introduced to Male 3 who she begins to fall in love with. Although female 3 is not a part of the VSF or the military, she pursues her career. Yet there are times where she herself wishes there was some way that she could help...

Male and Female 3 met during a day that the whole cast was out and female 3 was invited by female 1. In the beginning it was slightly shown that female three had feelings towards male one yet it suddenly begins to change as events involving the male three and female three occur. They are quite new to the feeling they get from each other and often don't know what to do with the emotion there for closing each other off a little. Although she doesn't realize it but when a male three goes into battle she often finds herself thinking about him and wonders why. It all becomes clear later ....

Character Sheet

Male 1 - Taken
Female 1 - Open
Male 2 - Taken
Female 2 - Taken
Male 3 - Reserved
Female 3 - Reserved

Code: Select all
[center][size=350][font=Impact]Name Here[/font][/center]

[b][font=Impact][size=200]Age:[/size][/b][/font] For male 1, 3, and Female 1 you're going to be ages 16 or 17, for  male and female 2 20-24. For Female 3 you can be 16- 19


[b][font=Impact][size=200]Height:[/size][/b][/font] For Female 1 – you will have to give 2 heights, your microsize is normal human height unless something went wrong in your DNA where it caused your microsized self to grow very slowly in which you'd look as though you were a child. Your normal size would be a 10x that of an original grown up woman.

[b][font=Impact][size=200]Weight:[/size][/b][/font] For Female 1 – Remember It is the same for weight. 10X as tall so your weight would have to match it.
Explain your character's personality – I gave a brief idea but there should still be more to your character that we don't know...

Explain your character's history... give us a few paragraphs. Remember to talk to your partner about your meeting and history before. If not, then at least follow each others history... I will be looking at both profiles for this.. If one of them says different histories I'll make you two talk about it. I don't mean every word has to be exactly the same as another but I do want there to be similarities and understandings.
[b][font=Impact][size=200]Career/Occupation:[/size][/b][/font] Those under 18 must put School and then career. Those  for 18 can be optional.

[b][font=Impact][size=200]Position:[/size][/b][/font] VSF and Military only. Female 2 is Second Lieutenant in the military ranks. Male 2 – you are Squad 3 Leader. Male 1 is just warrant officer of squad 3 to be simple and male 3 is also a warrant officer of squad 3. Female 1 you are currently under the Zentradi force in the VSF and the position being known as ZF Private. This is also a small squad like Male 2's and only consist of 2 other Zentradi females, which in battle all wear Queadluun-Rhea
Armor. Female 3 skip this...

This doesn't mean magic or anything be real – this means what your character is good at in the profession they're doing. Do not think your character is good at everything. Also you're in a squad leave some room for everyone.

You could be good at hand to hand combat, piloting granted you all have a decent level of piloting (those in VSF and a rather decent level depending on your branch in N.U.N), Hand guns, etc. Know VSF mainly deals with things out in space and around often takes care of ideals out there. As to opposed to N.U.N military that deals with conflicts inside the actual ship strategical strategies of the entire city ship's direction (This lead by commander and chief).

[[b][font=Impact][/u]The reasons you took this path:[/u][/b][/font] Why did your character decide to do this?
[center][size=200][font=Impact][i][url=Theme Song here]Character's Theme[/url] [/i][/font][/size][/center]

Toggle Rules

No Mary Sues
- No Godmodding
- Give about three paragraphs... We should all be able to write that much. Sometimes dialogue has it's exceptions but even then you can add details to your conversation, expressing how your character feels, what he's doing when talking, posture, etc.
- Romance allowed (keep it pg-13).
- Keep up with the OOC.
- Post every day or two. If you can't post for a while, be sure to at least tell us and make sure your character is not going to stall others. (Making them wait for the remaining time you're away).
- Please be nice and respect those you roleplay with.
- Take opportunities to roleplay with each other!!
- You're Only Allowed one character for this roleplay. However if you prove you can keep up and actually post as often as you can in the roleplay then I may accept it.
(Rules may be updated so keep a look out)

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