Pokemon universe (Mostly Johto)Valkyrie

A maddened Charizard.

a character in “Maddened: A Twisted Pokemon RPG”, as played by EternalSonata

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Name: Valkyrie
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Species: Charizard

As most Charizards are.. they look like dragons, have wings, and range between the colors red and orange. Valkyrie in particular, is dark orange and bit larger than most charizards, making his wingspan longer than usual. His claws are sharper and longer and can cut through most things. The flames he blows and from the end of his tail grows brighter, fuller, and larger when he is in rage, bloodthirsty, or emotional. At this time, the flames will melt through nearly anything it happens to touch. He blows steam and smoke out of his nose.

The tail is longer and therefore causes Valkyrie to fly at a lower height than most Charizards.


Valkyrie is extremely territorial and protective of the things he wishes to preserve. Such as his pokemon trainers, other pokemon, or land. Fierce and stubborn, he can be hard to control and defiance is his way to go. Although, he is capable of being very friendly with trainers and other pokemon.. he doesn't hesitate for anyone if he feels he is wronged. During the tantrums, he is unstoppable (( except with a pokeball )) and will flame anything in his path.

During battles or in times of need, Valkyrie will defend trainers with all his might. Don't mistake this for friendliness, it's just his way of protecting what is his and what he "owns."

Valkyrie usually likes to fly in the sky rather than walking. Partially because he doesn't wish to set anything on fire and partially because he scouts for any danger ahead of him.. therefore giving him the advantage.


Claws and flame?


Special traits: Heightened Fire Power.
Other: He bites.
Type: Blood thirsty Maddened
Mental state: 4

Valkyrie's first trainer was a young man who taught him all the basic attacks as a Charmander. As he evolved into a Charmeleon, he was traded to a kind professor in exchange for a Togepi. The man tested harmless experiments on him and collected data as Valkyrie progressed. They were happy together and he finally evolved into a Charizard.

The professor was very old and died of a heart attack. Valkyrie returned to the wild lands and regained his primitive ways. A long time after, he was captured by Uler who used him and other pokemon as test subjects. As his research finally came to an end, Valkyrie was passed over to Fredrick Thermon who specialized in Fire-type Maddeneds. One night, Valkyrie was in pain, torment, and rage and torched the iron bars of his cage. He quickly escaped from the lab, setting equipment on fire with his tail all the while. He traveled far away from the lab and remained in the wild.

So begins...

Valkyrie's Story