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In the city of Axis, a metropolis of culture and technology, a plot seems to be brewing within the confines of a small cafe

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Setting: Rosemary Cafe2010-04-20 22:07:34, as written by folclor
Alastair turned the key in the lock, pushing the glass-front door open to the jingling of happy bells and stepped into the darkened Rosemary Cafe. He frowned slightly before flipping the switch on the lamp by the book on the host's desk and walking further into the cluster of white-clad tables. Too long...way too long since this place was up and running. Hopefully he had applications soon. He enjoyed the idea of working in this restaurant, but with only Meena for waitstaff and no cooks or chef he could hardly run this business. Still, like every day, he went to the kitchen to check on his food stocks. Eventually someone would come, he had to trust, and then, eventually, he would run this business again.


Meena yawned and swung her legs childishly under the table while watching the front of the shop. Mr. Makar was already here, this early in the morning. Odd, odd, odd. She shook her head and stretched. It'd be nice to make some money from this place, but she didn't blame anyone for not showing up yet. At least Mr. Makar took care of her for now.

"One day I'd like to travel, though," she murmured, resting her chin in her hand. "Maybe when he gets more people..." She drifted off into her daydreams.