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In the city of Axis, a metropolis of culture and technology, a plot seems to be brewing within the confines of a small cafe

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With a heavy sigh, and even heavier legs, Ivan appeared to be grumbling a little about his depressing situation "...the positions are filled. I guess it cant be helped, what with the way things are these days. maybe that rumor about rebuilding closer to the fringe is true?" it was worth a shot. a grown man needed to eat. one like Gojinki needed to eat a little more, but still the idea was the same. "hmm?" the Cafe caught his eye as he was thinking about the topic of food. "funny how that always appears to happen." he was about to give another defeated sight when 'Help wanted' the sign hit him like a ton of bricks! sure it wasn't road work or construction, but a job is a job right? right! the little black rain cloud above him quickly cleared up as the tall man approached.

there were two people already at the door, other job hunters perhaps. although he wouldn't be the first to the sign, maybe it was more than one position... maybe he should ask. it wasn't too long before a dark shadow fell over the two women and a slightly nervous voice spoke out quietly. "uh, umm. are they still Hiring here?" with the current lighting, Ivan would look very much like a swamp zombie from old folk tales.