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In the city of Axis, a metropolis of culture and technology, a plot seems to be brewing within the confines of a small cafe

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Meena looked up at the man now looming over herself and the new girl. A slight, 'eep!' escaped her lips before she quieted herself by placing her hand over her mouth. For a moment she stared at him, her eyes wide, her pupils pinpoints, her wings drooping slightly. Then, as if remembering something, she straightened up, looking very bashful, indeed, and bowed to him.

"U-Um... yes, sir. Mr. Makar's hiring. M-My name's Meena and I work as a waitress except we need more people kind of don't have anyone. So Mr. Makar's hiring for every position... All the old staff left," she stated, knowing she should cut herself off before she rambled on too long. "They got scared with the stuff on the edge of town started so they left but I didn't and now we need more people and I was about to go get Mr. Makar because this lady here wanted a job too and I don't really handle that but Mr. Makar would so I...should...probably go get him?"