Aiden Stone

"T-there isn't going to be anything... scary is there?"

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a character in “Madness”, as played by HiddenNymph



Aiden Stone

Den, Denny or whatever people prefer to call him her still responds.

Age~ 18

Aiden has a tendency to try and see the better things in life, meaning he is very optimistic, however is very aware of the things around him always preferring to be cautious before acting, This is simply because above anything he would rather avoid situations which involve invoking his fears. Aiden is terrified of nearly everything, especially things that go ‘bump in the night’. He carries around an inhaler even though he doesn’t need it and twitches a lot when frightened since he HATES people knowing that he is scared. It embarrasses him and he will do anything to change the situation but things don’t always work out to his advantage since he can be a pushover to other peoples wants.
Otherwise Aiden always offers a hand even if he is reluctant and refuses to leave his friends alone, or more like he refuses to be left alone since he gets scared more.
At home he could be considered the housewife of the family since he enjoys cooking and has talent for it always making lunches for his friend putting them first before himself. He is also really good a fixing old clothing by sewing due to his siblings and cleaning doesn’t bother him that much either. If he sees something dirty his instincts command him to clean it no matter where he is or who tells him not too. In fact when the matter arises he sometimes gives lectures on hygiene.

Fudge cake
White flowers
Taking care of his friends – i.e. making them food.
Going to the beach
Pretty boys
Feeling safe

Being ill
Scary things
Loud noises
Disrupting people
Getting in the way


His mother died when he was 14 leaving his father himself and now 12yr old little sister and two twin 5yr old brothers to take care of. They were a handful to raise and Aiden ended up taking on the mother role while his father went out to work. Because of this he learnt a lot of housewife tasks and has become very caring of others sometimes even overprotective.

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Aiden Stone's Story