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Uhm... W-what a pleasure t-to meet you!?

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Asali Beut

Just turned 16


Asali, really, is a sweet girl. But, unfortunately, it's covered up with.... issues. First, Asali has been taken advantage of. Her classmates ask her everyday to stay and do their share of cleaning duty. She does. People ask her to go and buy their lunches for them. Sometimes they give her money to do it with, other times they don't. She often gets pushed and jostled in the halls, people 'borrow' her notes and don't give them back. The list goes on and on... Basically, Asali is being taken advantage of. Recently, however, Nira has been influencing her to be more outgoing. Easier said than done, for a girl who has spent most of her life as a wallflower. Indeed, her loose sweaters and scruffy pants in pastel colors make most peoples eyes roll right over her. Asali has spent her live being invisible; half the students in her class don't know who she is. Members of the magic club generally ignore her and don't know her name. As a result of trying to change her nature, Asali will randomly come up and talk to people after much hyperventilating, then run away as if her life depended on it. As you can see, this is not a very good way to make friends. And now, with the safeness of invisibility gone, Asali has no idea on how to interact with people and cope with social dangers. Strangely, she manages just fine with her ignorance. Yes, yes she is a ditz.

-Talking to people
-Sunsets, Sunrises
-The moon
- Plants (she owns a garden)
-Small children
-Helping others
-The list goes on and on...

-Seeing people being bullied (hmm, perhaps she should look in a mirror someday?)
-Cruel or unfair behavior

Things Asali Cannot Handle But Would be Good For Her:
-People flirting with Asali (how is this good for her!?)
-People coming up and talking to Asali
-People teasing Asali
-People asking to hang out with Asali
-People hugging/shaking hands/high-fiving Asali

Asali is an only child, and she lives (when not in the dorm) in a two-bedroom apartment. Her father disappeared before she was born, and her mother works full hours all days of the week just to make ends meet. Her harassment began at a young age, and not only the human part of her harassment. When she was little, Asali had to cook, clean, and take care of herself earlier than most children should. Also, Asali had to handle being attacked by negative demons. They tripped Asali, made her spill and drop things, tugged on her hair, and chased potential friends away. Including her first and last love, all the kids thought her as a weirdo and began picking on her. They beat down Asali's self-esteem, confidence, and any chance at a normal childhood. Through all of this, Asali cried so often all her tears dried up. Now all that ever happens when she's sad is wretched, dry sobs. Asali will never truly cry. Although most of the demon' attacks subsided after joining the magic club, they tend to attack at the worst possible moments.

Theme Song:
New Soul by Yeal Naim


Demon Picture:

Demon's name:

Demon's personality:
Nira has yet to talk to anybody, buy she will occasionally land on Asali and a sudden warmth spreads through her. Nira often appears in Asali's dreams, where behind the butterfly plants and clouds form words and messages.

Demons Likes:
Apparently Asali, and anything sweet

Demon's Dislikes:
Talking, Negative energy

So begins...

Asali Beut's Story