DystopiaAvel Lishin

The Rook. A carefree man in love with fighting and the battleground.

a character in “MANiKiN: the new world”, as played by Hingyou

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if i never returned?
❚Just jump in, you won't have time to worry once you are in the front line.❚
The battlefield is something unique and beautiful.
Nowhere else will you find such raw emotion.
Nowhere else are humans truer to themselves.

Avel Lishin.

26 - December 3rd.


The Rook.

Physical appearance: Measuring 6'2'' tall and having a powerful body that weights 84 kg purely on his muscles, Avel is, simply put, an intimidating man. He has a body that has been clearly trained on a daily basis during many years, and it shows in the considerable amount of muscle mass he has accumulated and how well defined his body is; while the mass still doesn't make him pass as a monster that can lift houses, he has the kind of body that seems like it was made of steel, and he has actually yet to find someone able to match him in physical prowess. He has long, black hair that he barely takes care of and quite clearly never goes through the trouble of brushing further than pulling it back in the morning. The back part of his hair is actually much longer and he keeps it tied in a low ponytail that reaches as far as half of his back; since he doesn't know how to tie it properly, it is a mystery how he manages to remake the knot every now and then. He has dark green eyes and very normal eyebrows of the same color as his hair. Being of Russian and Spanish descent, he has taken on very strong, and yet very subtly, gentle facial features, making it hard to determine whether they are sharp or round. In terms of skin, he has taken more after his mother and has a slightly tanned tone to it. To top off the aggressive-looking appearance he carries himself around with, he has a huge scar that extends from the left side of his nose horizontally until slightly past his right eye, along with another one on the right side of his neck that might be harder to notice; both of these marks were made on real combat against Dolls. He actually has many more scars on his body that his clothing usually keeps hidden; the few people who have seen them haven't had enough time to count them.

Visual Reference. ((The images I found were close but didn't quite convince me; I know I'm not that good of an artist, but if you could have this one in mind too it'd be nice, since it's closer to my mental image of the character.))

Clothing and accessories: Avel's sense of clothing is very off in terms of normal standards in some aspects. He is almost always seen with a yellow headband on but tied so low it covers his eyebrows entirely and casts a shadow over his eyes, which would make it kind of hard to tell what he is thinking if he wasn't so expressive. This headband is also hiding yet another scar he has on his forehead, albeit much smaller than most of the others. He usually wears a gray jacket with many pockets all over the torso area and even a few along the arms, though not all of them are actually usable as they aren't big enough to hold anything useful. He does actually use them very often to store all sorts of unpredictable things, from snacks to tools and sometimes even small explosives like grenades of very little destructive power that he'll probably never use; a recurring problem he has, however, is that he'll rarely be able to find what he is actually looking for (except for snacks) when he needs it. Underneath the gray jacket he wears a weird, black sweater with no sleeves and a high neck; the sweater has a zipper in the middle in order to open it when necessary. Despite being a sweater, it is clearly an attire meant for a lot of movement given how thin it is and how much freedom of movement it gives Avel since it fully reveals his arms, including the entirety of his shoulders. It is clear Avel is meaning to take on a battle seriously when he takes off the jacket and reveals the sweater. As far as pants go, he wears a pair of baggy dark blue and black military pants along with a pair of big, brown boots. Finally, he wears a very over-sized white belt that he yet even more small pockets implemented to it (five).

General: There isn't much need to look over Avel's personality to come to the conclusion that he is by far most characterized by a deep and quite evident love for battling. He is a man whose life has taken on a philosophy of fighting and overpowering opponents through physical strength to make himself stronger and see how far he can take himself, but the motivation that pushes him to doing so is not something as noble as honor or a desire for vengeance. He is simply fascinated by the act of fighting and putting one's life on the line and finds more enjoyment in it than he does in anything else, and the direr the situation he finds himself in, the more motivated he gets. He has shown preference for one-on-one battles rather than facing big groups, but he rarely ever finds a suitable opponent that can hold his/her own against him, so he feels like he has yet to experience the pinnacle of excitement, thrill and enjoyment a fight can provide. Protecting the remaining 2% of humanity that hasn't been turned into Dolls is also one of his motivations, but even if humanity hadn't been backed into a corner to this extent and the protection of the remaining people wasn't as critical, he would still be in the front line fighting Dolls.On the other hand, he dislikes fighting that involves the use of long-range weapons, be them guns, bows or pretty much anything along those lines, and has avoided training involving the use of this type of weapons. He will still have no qualms with fighting someone who uses them, but would far prefer a more direct kind of opponent and he won't resort to them at all (and if he did, they wouldn't be effective anyways). He values strength in other people as well and believes that everyone is responsible for training themselves in order to survive in a world slowly decaying into anarchy and has repeatedly claimed he will not bother to protect people who don't help the cause of humanity's comeback. Because of this, he respects the rest of the STRINGS members, even if their methods of fighting aren't always along the lines of his own. He is a firm believer that people (or at least him) can get to know each other through exchanging fists and if he finds someone he deems interesting, he will request a sparring match with him/her eventually.

Avel is the kind of person who doesn't think twice about something and if he has reached a conclusion it is very hard for others to convince him of even considering the opposite point of view. He doesn't like to meditate about anything overly complicated or that doesn't catch his interest and tends to ignore people who try to force these things onto him; unfortunately, this applies to even his superiors, and he has more than once had trouble with them for not paying attention to what he is told, especially with The King. He has a tendency to not consider the course of action he is taking to fulfill and objective nor the consequences it might have and usually just jumps into a situation with the confidence that things will work out for the better as long as he just keeps doing what he can, although if he was asked to explain why and how, he would have no answer other than having a good feeling about it. He has complete confidence in his skills and it is also easy for him to trust other people once they have shown him their worth first-hand, and surprisingly, this doesn't apply exclusively to their ability in combat. Once he is set free in a battlefield, it is hard to determine whether he is reliable or not; for one, he will never retreat from a fight even if the odds are completely against him, though it is unclear whether this action comes from being a brave warrior or simply because he becomes a blinded berserker once the battle begins. On the other hand, it is very hard to control him once he starts fighting; in a way, sending him to battle is like sending a giant boulder downhill: it is unstoppable as it goes down, but you can't make it come back up.

There is actually more to this man than a fighting beast who can only think of his next battle, despite the general belief that he can't possibly think about anything else. Despite his rude and aggressive demeanor, he is actually a kind and even fun person to hang out with. He is surprisingly kind to small kids and they seem to be the exception for his harsh treatment to the people he is meant to protect, simply because he feels sympathy towards them for growing up in such a harsh and violent environment and in a way because he thinks highly of their innocence. While normally he is the kind of person who needs to be moving in order to remain at ease, he has found that carving small sculptures out of wood is a hobby that helps him calm himself down when he has nothing better to do; while his skills aren't exactly otherworldly, it is surprising how accurate he can create figures so long as he has a model for what he is doing. He generally prefers to hang out with people who, like him, have a very strong demeanor, this not necessarily meaning that they have to be as extroverted and outgoing as he is. He is a very passionate man who will often let his emotions get the better of him and will give up a lot for what he believes in or wants.

  • Fighting.
  • Straightforward people.
  • Kids.
  • People who can stand up to him in a fight.
  • Training his body.
  • People with a strong demeanor.
  • Eating abundantly.
  • Meeting new people.
  • Rainy weather.

  • Monotony.
  • Games that require thinking or are static (ex.: chess, checkers, etc.).
  • People who try to talk their way out of things.
  • Most vegetables.
  • Orders he finds unreasonable.
  • Strong winds.
  • Pushy people.
  • Pacifists (given the context they find themselves in).
  • Arguments.

  • Taking strolls with no clear destination (sometimes he does have one, but forgets about it somewhere along the way...).
  • Sparring.
  • Carving figures out of wood.
  • Looking for a rival willing to fight him on a regular basis.
  • Trying to get other people to also train.
  • Sports in general.
  • Competition of any kind.

  • His body is pretty much as strong as it can get for a man. So far he has never been overpowered in physical strength.
  • On top of his strength, he actually knows how to fight and is incredibly talented at it.
  • If he trusts someone, he will look after them when they need it.
  • He is extremely optimistic in practically any situation.
  • Once he is determined to accomplish something, he won't stop until he succeeds.
  • Unbeknownst even to him, he is actually a very philosophical thinker.
  • He is actually very considerate of others.

  • He has absolutely no training nor talent for the use of long-range weaponry.
  • Never stops to analyze the situation.
  • While not being actually stupid, he isn't very smart and definitely isn't knowledgeable.
  • It is very easy for him to get distracted, even during conversations with other people.
  • He has rough and rude mannerism that not everyone would take kindly of.
  • His attempts to befriend someone can sometimes be too rough to be interpreted as such by others.
  • His ways of showing affection are simply hard to get.

  • Maths.
  • Having to look after someone weak.
  • Having his newly found fun taken away from him.
  • Not finding anywhere he can fit in the new society (he isn't aware of how important this is to him, though).

Other quirks: When he is nervous he will often take something to chew on (generally a toothpick) until he breaks it beyond recognition. Gum seems to do the trick as well.

Avel was born in Russia under very complicated circumstances. He was abandoned right after being born and was taken in by a small orphanage, where he was given his first name by one of the nuns that ran the place. His last name was inherited from another one of then nuns once it became clear that there was no chance for him to reunite with his parents nor was he going to be adopted. His origin is, in great part, unknown to him; based on what little contact the nuns had with his mother after some investigation, it is heavily believed that she was a foreigner from Spain who had in one way or another become a prostitute in their country. Under that assumption, many theories can be made on why Avel was left behind by her, but the exact reason has been forever lost in history, as she most likely died when Dolls appeared. Even less is known about Avel's father, but chances are he never even knew he had a son and that he too died along with the vast majority of humanity.

Being raised with a lot of children who had been abandoned under circumstances just as bad or even worse than Avel's, one would think that he would be a child with a lot of understanding for and from his new "family", but it was actually quite the opposite. Avel was a child with a problematic attitude and would react negatively whenever someone brought up the fact that he had been abandoned, even if there were no negative intentions behind mentioning the subject. Eventually this attitude became physical and he started to hit the other children rather than just reacting in distasteful ways and shouting back. With the orphanage being run by nuns and hence sending a religious message to the children growing there and all, this soon became a problem and the message of peace and understanding was repeatedly forced onto him to make him understand the issue with his attitude. However, Avel rejected the those messages from the beginning and would only respond to severe punishment to correct his ways, only to soon after go back to being the same conflicting child he had always been. As he grew up, he began to realize that he actually didn't care about his circumstances anymore, and that what his parents were or had been didn't matter, but his violent reaction did not recede, and that's when he realized that what he truly enjoyed was being better than others at something and the feeling of superiority that came with it. By the time he turned 13, he was still living in the orphanage and hadn't changed his aggressive ways; additionally, he had grown frustrated with how little he was allowed to go outside and decided to go out without permission quite regularly to explore the world. Since he hadn't had many chances to see many parts of the city, it didn't take much for him to become fascinated and he decide to repeat his escapes many times. With his attitude and lack of familiarity with the outside, it didn't come as a surprise that he eventually got into a fight when he went for a stroll very late at night, and learned the hard way that he wasn't the superior, stronger person he thought himself to be. This didn't stop him from going to the outside often and, in his frustration with realizing he couldn't defend himself against the outside world, he came across a building in which he could see many people exchanging punches and kicks and became fascinated by it. Upon asking, he learned that it was a gym and that what people were practicing inside was kickboxing. Being told that he needed money to participate in the activity, he looked for a job he could do while skipping on most of his duties in the orphanage and joined the small gym. There, he was taught kickboxing by various teachers and, when he reached an appropriate age, was also given routines to train his body. By this point, his outlook on fighting changed again and he realized that what he truly enjoyed was simply pitting his strength against other and growing that way, without the need of feeling superior or better in any way. Avel had found something he was truly passionate about.

As per law in orphanages, Avel had to leave once he turned 16 and had to fend for himself from that point on. His studies were very incomplete and clearly much worse than those of someone who had gone to high-school, so he was quick to realize that he didn't have many choices for fending for himself. He turned to looking for jobs that required physical labor, such as working in construction sites, and after taking on more than one, he was able to earn enough to find a roof (he actually just rented a small shed, which was the cheapest he could find) and avoid changing his routine the least possible. He still managed to maintain many daily hours training himself and kept that routine as stable as possible for years. In addition, due to a suggestion made by one of his co-workers, he started learning English to open his possibilities in life; however, he showed to be a slow learner in this aspect and it still took him many years to actually speak it properly, only becoming fluent at it barely before the Dolls appeared. By the time he was 21, he had learned how to get by in life and had become an extremely good and strong fighter besting everyone else in the gym and in others when they had friendly competitions. However, he grew bored by the limitations of kickboxing, and wished for a realistic fight. He didn't expect his chance to actually show up eventually.

When the expansion of Dolls happened, Avel received almost no protection from the government as, at the end of the day, he was nothing short of a hoodlum. Seeing as no one would protect him, he saw no choice but to do so himself with no guns; being older (26) and stronger yet, he found out to his surprise that he was able to stand up to these things that didn't fall short from being monsters. It only took a few battles against them for something instinctual to awaken inside Avel and he soon became addicted to the thrill of putting his life on the line against them. A week passed by and Avel made a name of himself amongst the people who hadn't received protection from the government either as the only man who was able to defend against these creatures without the need of any firearms. Many looked for him in hopes of joining him, but not many remained around for long, as he had become the man he currently is and now sought battle against Dolls rather than simply run away and defend from them. Still, many people grew to admire him and remained around to help him. However, another week passed by and the growing number of Manikins and the increasingly shorting of resources made it obvious they were going to fall eventually, and Avel was no leader to deal with these issues. Luckily, their last stand was found by the Utopian government and Avel, along with everyone who had followed him, were taken in by the rescue team. Upon hearing about his admirable story, his name was passed around among the big leaders of the new government and he was tested and named a member of STRINGS. He has since then been fulfilling his role as The Rook and, despite being a member of the elite, he remains pretty much the same he was back at home.

Poleaxe - Avel fights mostly with a poleaxe, the trick to it being that the axe mounted on the pole is roughly three times larger than in regular versions of this weapon. Despite its intimidating size and weight, Avel is able to swing it with relative ease thanks to his inhuman strength. Interesting to note is that his methodology of fighting with it isn't that similar to the regular technique used for it.
Hand-to-hand combat - Even without his poleaxe, Avel can still defend himself with his fists quite capably. When doing so, he sometimes resorts to using gloves with metal around the knuckle area or simply a pair of ironclad fists.

Avel doesn't really follow any strategies when fighting. In battle, he tends to approach the strongest opponent or group of enemies, but there is no tactical thought behind it, it is just him seeking a strong thrill to entertain himself. He also is unlikely to follow any directions given to him once the battle starts unless the importance of it is stressed out to him repeated times, and even then he might not listen if he is too enthralled by the fight. While he follows mostly his instincts, which rarely fail him anyways, he also knows kickboxing and it shows a lot in his way of fighting, particularly in his footwork, even when he is using his poleaxe and not just his fists. Lastly, when he uses his poleaxe, he will still employ a great deal of kicks and punches as he fights.

STRINGS - As a whole, Avel doesn't think too close of the rest of the members of STRINGS, mainly because his relationship with most of them is very superficial. He sees all of his peers as potential rivals, but none of them really fit the bill of what he is looking for in a fight. He does, however, respect all of them (in his own way) and is more than willing to work with them for the sake of humanity's survival.
King - While he acknowledges Pierre as the leader of the STRINGS, and hence his superior, Avel does not respect this man any more than the rest. He is very aware that he is probably the only person who can match him in close-quarters and defeat him in a real battle when long-range was thrown into the equation, but the fact that he just lays back after having shown off makes it hard for him to take him seriously. He does respect him and is in good terms with him (on his part at least), but that respect isn't nearly great enough to overpower the thrill of a battle. He is hoping to have a match against him at some point and test his strength first-hand, but him being the laid back King, there aren't many chances to do so.
Queen - Very along the lines of Pierre, he is aware of Ulrike's tremendous battle potential and is looking forward to an encounter with her, but doesn't have much chance to do so either. He isn't very fond of how stuck-up she is, but surprisingly finds it easy to talk to her despite their contrasting personalities, probably because he admires her very strong and straightforward mannerisms. He finds her sense of superiority interesting and thinks of it as a positive thing despite being aware that it includes him (in fact, it's probably precisely because it includes him that he thinks of it as something good). He tends to call her by name rather than title, but brushes it off as a mistake whenever she shows signs of being displeased by that.
Bishop - While he doesn't dislike her, he has a hard time understanding and is hence thrown aback by Nilda. Of course, a great deal of it has to do with the fact that she is a long-range fighter, a discipline Avel finds far from amusing both as a mean to fight and as an opponent; however, in this case, it has more to do with the fact that she is so shy and difficult to talk to. He does, however, still try to find out what there is to her and will tease her as soon as she sees her in a friendly manner (then again, his definition of friendly would be more along the lines of brusque for other people).
Knight - Out of the STRINGS, he finds him the closest thing he can find to a rival, however, his lack of initiative to fight and his laziness often result in Avel being disappointed and left without a fight. He finds him kind of intriguing and doesn't envy his role as the guardian of the Pawns. Like with Ulrike, he calls him by name rather title.
Pawns - Hasn't had direct contact with them and, while he takes pity in their role, he avoids talking to them more than necessary, as he is aware that sooner or later they will either die or become enemies. Similar to how he is with kids, he does show some kindness to them, but is more subtle about it.
The CARDS - He sees their attempt to overthrow the Utopia government as futile and, despite knowing very little about them and nothing about the members, he is looking forward to an encounter between them and STRINGS at some point, all so he can look for a suitable opponent, of course.

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