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Man's Zenith

Man's Zenith

A futuristic roleplay set on a fictional continent.

1,330 readers have visited this universe since Sadantus created it.
Topics: #futuristic, #open-ended, #original, and #sci-fi (Add Tags »)
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A New Era:

Trial after trial, generation after generation, humanity's urban planning experiment yielded a successful result: Prax. A massive complex of structures comprised of countless corporations and industries -- a closed-system, reliant only on itself to produce all that its citizens need in the Cotiyan continent. Its infrastructure is managed by an artificial intelligence. Its people participating in a representative democracy. Its history, however, is shrouded in mystery. Perhaps the highest government officials know the arcoplex's past, but then, who truly needs to know when life is good?

The lifestyle in the arcoplex is by no means slow, with a speedy rail and elevator network, constant nightlife, and plenty of niche communities you can lose yourself in. Don't worry though, for peace and quiet can be found in hidden alleyways and the remnants of the abandoned lower decks so long as you're fine brushing shoulders with shady individuals. Be that as it may, life here is by no means harsh; while income inequality is on the people's minds, the upwards social mobility could come to anyone who works for it. Only the disturbed and ill struggle to make ends meet.

The elite on the other hand, relish in a luxurious lifestyle enough to make most envious. They have the means to afford residency on the highest sections where skyline and sunlight are a precious yet expensive commodity. The rest must enjoy sunlight offered to them in the public parks and rooftop green spaces, or the artificial light illuminating most malls and strips.

So, how will you make a name for yourself in Prax?


There are five general demographics you can choose from. The culture of each is loosely defined to allow you narrative leeway for coming up with your backstory. On top of that, I will flesh out a few organizations that offer a better framework to start from as well. These demographics are not rigid either; you can have a high-class body modder, or low-class mind augmenter, just understand that they carry with them a public image that might not always be positive. You're welcome to introduce your own concepts to play around with. My ideal goal is to have this be a collaborative endeavor where we can each contribute a piece, theme, idea, to the overall story.

Basic Human:
Most individuals forgo body modification and mind augmentation, either out of disgust, fear, or simply due to the lack of money. They make up the bulk of Prax's population and are all over the income scale.

Body Modders:
Comprised mainly of low-income earners, the body modders hold the image of both the paragon of dedication to honest work, as well as those who sell their bodies to the corporations they work for. They replace limbs with mechanical features, allowing them to lift more than any human could, or as a cheaper alternative to crudely restore lost senses such as sight or hearing. Most companies will subsidize these procedures to improve worker performance, and some of the more 'artistic' fringes of Prax decorate their body in creative ways.

Mind Augmenters:
On the opposite end of the spectrum, mind augmenters are comprised primarily of high-income earners who seek to gain a competitive edge in intellectual pursuits. These augmentations promise seamless integration into most computer systems, allowing programmers to understand their code in a deeper level and gamers experience sensory effects as their own. These surgeries can also restore lost vision and hearing in a more refined manner. However, due to its the risky and expensive nature, most companies don't subsidize the surgery. And despite some of the best minds having neurological augmentations, their humanity is often questioned. After all, who of sound mind would lobotomize themselves just to have some silicon grafted in the same spot?

Illegal yet sought after, androids are a near-complete imitation of humanity itself. Many eccentric folk chase after immortality, using androids as their vehicle; many eccentric folk accuse high profile individuals of being androids themselves. Since the first proto-android passed the Turing test, the debate on free will seared itself into the public’s consciousness. They are the perfect agents for subterfuge, capable of fooling even themselves into believing they are entirely human. Thus, perceived as a potential threat to social stability, their creation was banned and the technology confiscated by the government. Though rumors have it that prolific criminal organizations have found a way to manufacture their own.

Though banning androids, the use of robots is permitted so long as they possess limited artificial intelligence. The city itself uses many automated systems to build and maintain its infrastructure, and many corporations design their own. It isn’t uncommon for rich households to purchase friendlier looking models for mundane household tasks. Tech junkies often repurpose surplus models for robot arena fights, though they may find themselves breathing in more than just better cognition -- yet a sentient robot is just as illegal as an android.

  • Tadai-Edenese Corporation - Front runner of general goods production as well the shipping of good. Contracted by the government to help maintain shipping rails.
  • Prax Police Department - Militarized police force operating on both a domestic and international level.
  • The Syndicate - Criminal organization that facilitate the smuggling and production of illicit goods.
  • Department of Public Works - Dedicated towards the maintenance of public properties (I.e. utility decks, parks, passenger rail).

Augmentation Types:
The premise is simple: Enhancers provide additional sense (I.e., sensitive hearing, thermal vision, etc.), whereas integrators allow connection to the systems around you (I.e. comlinks, health monitoring, etc.). Here's a general organizational chart that provides a basic template of the types of augments available. Though bear in mind that military-grade augmentations are heavily regulated. Only bootlegs would be open on the black market, coming both with a high cost and risk. As always, this isn't an exhaustive list, so feel free to experiment -- just try not to go overboard.

Here is the character sheet skeleton:
Code: Select all
[font=Courier New][size=200][u][b]Name:<name-replaces-this>[/u][/b][/size][img-crisp-right]<image-url-replaces-this>[/img-crisp-right]

[size=150][b]Brief History:[/b][/size]
[size=150][b]Mods/Augs (If applicable):[/b][/size]

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Character Portrait: Marcus Soto
Marcus Soto played by Sadantus
Character Portrait: Anath33ma "Just because I was made, not born, does not mean I am not a person. I have feelings, thoughts, emotions. I am a living being, not some object to be sold at a pawn shop."
Character Portrait: Evie
Evie played by KitKatarine
An outgoing android that believes herself to be human. This does tend to get her into trouble. A lot.
Character Portrait: Liam Allemand A man working under a desperate company.
Character Portrait: Leon Teobalt Hartman Lower management level worker of the Tadai-Edenese Corporation, once a small time painter now trying desperately to tread in Prax's financial waters.
Character Portrait: Devin Wright
Devin Wright played by Sonze
Gang Boss
Character Portrait: Lynis Gregson Man with a cold heart.
Character Portrait: Kooki-chan
Kooki-chan played by Kiss
The new growing and popular sensation in the Contiyan continent! Although most would know her as Kooki-chan! The popular J-Pop Idol of this Century!
Character Portrait: Julia Lane
Julia Lane played by Sadantus
Director of Banquets at Sunrise Resort
Character Portrait: News Broadcast "Fair & Unbiased."
Character Portrait: Tarick Genria The owner of a dying company.
Character Portrait: Vincent "The Iron Doc" Gagarin The mechanic of flesh and steel.

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Deck 57

Deck 57 by Sadantus

Welcome to Deck 57.

Cotiyan Continent

Cotiyan Continent by Sadantus

Welcome to the main continent.


Prax by Sadantus

Welcome to Prax.

Deck 83

Deck 83 by Sadantus

Welcome to Deck 83.

Deck 8

Deck 8 by Sadantus

Welcome to Deck 8.

Deck 45

Deck 45 by Sadantus

Welcome to Deck 45.

Administrative Spine

Administrative Spine by Sadantus

Welcome to the Administrative Spine.

Automated Industrial Sector

Automated Industrial Sector by Sadantus

Welcome to the Automated Industrial Sector.

Sunrise Resort & Spa

Sunrise Resort & Spa by Sadantus

Welcome to the Sunrise Resort & Spa.

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Characters Present

Character Portrait: Julia Lane Character Portrait: News Broadcast

0.00 INK

You idly watch as series of commercials ends and that familiar opening theme plays. It's the afternoon news.

"This is PBC, bringing the news to you."

After that dramatic line delivery, the video cuts to the newscaster and woman in professional business attire standing in a what can be assumed as a ballroom. Sunlight filters through the tall windows that line the leftmost side of the room as crystal chandeliers hang from the vaulted ceilings and bask where the natural light stops in a warm glow. Various round tables are rolled around the room by the workers while some go around setting up and straightening their white tablecloths.

"Welcome back everybody! Today we're here at the Sunrise Resort and Spa where the 17th annual charity event, 'Angel Ball', will be hosted. Joining us is long-time director and coordinator, Julia Lane. Mrs. Lane, can you please tell us where we're at right now?" The camera zooms in on Julia, an aged woman with wrinkles that would put crumpled napkin to shame. Her red lipstick is the brightest thing on her face, with darkened eyes either from her eyeshadow or from a lack of sleep.

A gravelly voice fills the briefest of silence, Julia's voice. "Yes, well, we're inside our most famous ballroom, our 'Sunset Ballroom'. It has an unobstructed view of the western horizon and where we will host the dinner celebration -- which will be taking place in the evening when we get that beautiful golden light shining through during the evening hours." As you continue watching, the video cuts to a shot of the city through the windows. The various parks of the uppermost decks are within full view, as well as the opulent mansions that dot the surface.

"You've really got a great view of the city's horizon! A perfect way to set the ambiance of this event!"


The camera cuts back to the two standing in the room. The workers have hauled in carts of plates and utensils.

"So what's the purpose of this event?"

Julia turns her head and wheezes into a handkerchief right as the camera unfortunately zooms in on her again. Composing herself, she continues,"So this event has been organized by the, 'Charity for Better Lives' -- a charity that connects low-income families with services that provides things like education grants for young adults and financing healthcare for their children, that sort of stuff -- to help raise funding."

"And how do you guys plan on doing that?"

"Well, most of the entry fee will go to charity, but we also have a couple events as well, like our gambler's den. But our most popular over the years has been the art auction, where prominent pieces of art have been donated to be sold off."

"You don't need a room to attend this event, right?"

"No, you do not, but those who are staying here will receive a discounted ticket rate. Our dinner, however, will be exclusive to guests of the hotel or those who have already received an invitation in the mail."

"I've also heard that you guys are accepting applications for temporary workers as well. What kind of positions are open?"

"Yes! We need all the help we can get, and volunteers will be compensated for the work they do. We have positions open for wait staff, housemen, that sort of deal," she said, pushing up her grey curls. "For those looking to earn a little extra money, just contact our main office and they'll handle the rest."

"Well, thank you for your time. I'm sure many of our viewers are excited to watch this gala."

"Thank you," she said, smiling into the camera revealing less-than-pearly white teeth.

The camera then centers on the newscaster."This has been PBC news live, and I'm Johnathan Greene."

End of broadcast.

OOC: Okay, so, to kicks us off, this charity event will be the main 'entry point'. Is your character prominent enough to receive an invitation to this event? Would they apply as a staff member for the money, or for fun? Would they sneak in? Those are just some general questions to get you started. It's an expensive event as well, so a lot of prolific people would be attending. Expect to brush shoulders with government officials, Syndicate officials, and business magnates.

Setting Changes... 51210 => 51212


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Evie

0.00 INK

Evie's day always started here; the sunlight, no matter how artificial, never failed to bring a smile to her face. She closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh, in no hurry to get anywhere - at least not yet.

She had heard the news report about a sort of gala, some high end gathering with the most esteemed people. The thought intruiged her; galas were parties, and she was not ever one to not go to a party. Unfortunately, she needed an invite, and she had neither the funds nor the social status to attend.

After several minutes, she took to walking along the path, her hands folded behind her back with a thoughtful smile on her face. It would take some doing, but she had all day to think of a solution.

Nothing to see here. Move along, 2766344.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Leon Teobalt Hartman

0.00 INK

#2018-11-21 06:58:31, as written by Krunch
The call had come in weeks in advance, but it didn't make any sense. Didn't need to, ultimately. Public relations wanted him there, and he would be there, even if he wasn't the perfect shoe-in for the regular guy. An invitation had come, though it had all been handled by the PR branch probably, so all he had gotten was a brief email with expectations and the dress code. Also a small bonus for attending, which was the only real beef in this meal for Hartman.

His suit was creaseless, the first time it might have ever been in his entire life. But it still didn't fit well around the waist. Leon took a moment to reflect on this while entering the cab on 44th and 3rd, next to Kingsman Donuts and that big superstore he still hadn't gone into. The driver, a middling Native American with all his ebon hair tied back neatly flashed him a sombre look by mirror but did not speak.

"You know where that place is, the one with the gala on PBC?"

"I do not watch television."

Leon blew out a breath before describing it further, resisting a strong urge to rub the bridge of his nose.

"The Sunrise Resort. You know where that is, right?"

"I know how to work a positioning system, even if I do not watch TV," the cab driver replied dryly, inputting search terms on his handheld device before placing it on a dash pedestal.

Leon shot the man an unamused look while buckling in. Soon as his belt reported a click, the cab lurched into motion, taking the two men away to some terrible place full of bland people. He was sure of it.

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Re: Man's Zenith

I'm really sorry this never got off the ground, Sadantus. I'd post but there isn't really much of a point anymore. I hope all your future projects go better than this did, though. :)

~ Abraxas

Re: Man's Zenith

I'm really sorry this never got off the ground, Sadantus. I'd post but there isn't really much of a point anymore. I hope all your future projects go better than this did, though. :)

~ Abraxas

Man's Zenith

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