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Man's Zenith

Deck 57

a part of Man's Zenith, by Sadantus.

Welcome to Deck 57.

Sadantus holds sovereignty over Deck 57, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
173 readers have been here.

Deck 57 is a part of Prax.

There are no Places in Deck 57.

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This deck is most commonly know as the 'rec deck', with its open spaces, shopping plazas, and ample amount of green spaces. Residents also get a boost to their vitamin D levels, thanks to the artificial sunlight that shines from the screens above.

Law enforcement maintains a healthy presence here, increasing their numbers at night when the clubs open up -- especially as the University of Prax operates out of this deck.


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Character Portrait: Evie
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Evie's day always started here; the sunlight, no matter how artificial, never failed to bring a smile to her face. She closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh, in no hurry to get anywhere - at least not yet.

She had heard the news report about a sort of gala, some high end gathering with the most esteemed people. The thought intruiged her; galas were parties, and she was not ever one to not go to a party. Unfortunately, she needed an invite, and she had neither the funds nor the social status to attend.

After several minutes, she took to walking along the path, her hands folded behind her back with a thoughtful smile on her face. It would take some doing, but she had all day to think of a solution.

Nothing to see here. Move along, 2766344.


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Character Portrait: Leon Teobalt Hartman
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The call had come in weeks in advance, but it didn't make any sense. Didn't need to, ultimately. Public relations wanted him there, and he would be there, even if he wasn't the perfect shoe-in for the regular guy. An invitation had come, though it had all been handled by the PR branch probably, so all he had gotten was a brief email with expectations and the dress code. Also a small bonus for attending, which was the only real beef in this meal for Hartman.

His suit was creaseless, the first time it might have ever been in his entire life. But it still didn't fit well around the waist. Leon took a moment to reflect on this while entering the cab on 44th and 3rd, next to Kingsman Donuts and that big superstore he still hadn't gone into. The driver, a middling Native American with all his ebon hair tied back neatly flashed him a sombre look by mirror but did not speak.

"You know where that place is, the one with the gala on PBC?"

"I do not watch television."

Leon blew out a breath before describing it further, resisting a strong urge to rub the bridge of his nose.

"The Sunrise Resort. You know where that is, right?"

"I know how to work a positioning system, even if I do not watch TV," the cab driver replied dryly, inputting search terms on his handheld device before placing it on a dash pedestal.

Leon shot the man an unamused look while buckling in. Soon as his belt reported a click, the cab lurched into motion, taking the two men away to some terrible place full of bland people. He was sure of it.