Maple ManorRamona Marino

This girl is in the mafia. Be afraid.

a character in “Maple Manor”, as played by PriestessPaula

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a pink haired girl, who`s of about average height and weight.
Her parents (adoptive parents at least) are in the mafia.
Why is she at Maple Manor? Well, let`s just say a rival gang has a bit of a bone to pick with her mafia family, and shoved her in a maid outfit, some stuff to keep her from tossing around too much, then shoved her in a box, then sent that to a random address. Good thing it somehow got to a place where maids actually work!


She can be nice...If she`s not pissed off.
Sadly, since she was sent here against her will, she`s quite likely to be Pissy.
She`s not afraid to pull the trigger of a gun, but isn`t quite at the “Enjoys killing“ level.


She would have a gun.
Lucky for you the people shoving her into a maid outfit and box were smart enough to take that away.


-The story of a couple months before Ramona`s birth.-
“Now, lookie `ere. The leader of this `ere family needs an heir.
An` as you know `e leader got shot in the nuts, and ya wife is gonna `ave a kid soon, an` you`re a bit late on payin` us back.
So, to keep us from cuttin all you threes up, you`ll give us the little one, capice?

So begins...

Ramona Marino's Story