UndertownDiceremere Mark (Dice)

"Blood is my wine"

a character in “MARK.02”, as played by TravlersTails

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Dice has black hair, inherited by his mother, and he is a giant. Unlike his older brother, he's huge in hight. He has deep green eyes, like his older brother, except it has a bit of brown in them. He two katana sheaths, attached by straps that are wrapped around his shoulders. He has black scarf, and black sweater with a leather jacket. He was black jeans and boots with spikes on them. His hair is long, so he pulls it up in a ponytail. He also has a card pocket, and the same cards as his brother, except one he made on his own, Death Blade.

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Code: Black


Dice is quiet, calm, and almost unemotional. He doesn't show any pain, and is never angered, but neither is he happy. Other than his personality, he has a crush on Beckki's brother, even though he doesn't show it, he does, you just cant tell.


Two Katanas and a card pack like Nik's but not as high powered

Void-(Black) TELEPORT

Twin Blades - (Black) A card Dice made on his own, cuts a spell around your enemy and traps them and cuts them at the same time


Dice was born from Samuel P./Mark and Edwin Mark, the middle of the Mark brothers. He didn't bond with anyone with his family, except Nik, which he secretly admired. He also spent a lot of time with his mom, because he was always with Nik. When he arrived in kindergarden, he almost killed a student in his class using a knife he found on the teacher's desk. Nik took care of Dice after that, doing his own lessons, and then coxing Dice to do his. Then Pako, his mentor for the katana came around, and saved Nik from his burden. Pako taught Dice how to use the sword. When he started working, he work for Lien-da and her Legion, even though he hated her. He only stayed because he had a attraction to Dr. Fintivus, even though he was much older than him. Dice was sent on many assassination missions, including one to kill Sonic, which was his last, because he ran into Nik and Beckki, and so the roleplay begins...

So begins...

Diceremere Mark (Dice)'s Story