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a character in “MARK.02”, as played by TravlersTails

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Nik has a few problems, such as his size. He is peitit, like his mother, so he's really, really short, but he dosent like to be called that. He has abrun brown hair, glasses, and wears the THE BLACK ACADMY uniform. It is a long trench coat with brass buttons and long sleves and leather boots. He also wears a green shirt, a brown jacket, a light green scarf, and jeans. He often has a card packet in his pocket (Because he is a codeist).

Age: 26
Gender: Half Male
Full Name: Nikolas Merrin Mark
Code: Black


Nikolas can be calm, unless you mention anything to do with hight, then you get him mad. He is sensitive sometimes, and secreatly has his heart on his sleve, but keeps it to himself. Since he's the oldest of the Mark brothers, he feels that he has to carry the families burdens on his shoulders. He often "mothers" his brothers, being the nagging half male he is. He has a habit of telling his brothers off, yelling at them for simple things, so they often think that he hates them, but he only does that to take care of them.
Due to the fact he has Xenoe within him, he can be a bit odd sometimes, fighting for control of his body. He is VERY sarcastic, like all undertownians.


He caries a card pack, which have different spells.

Window to the soul - (Black) Has control of the sight of the enemy, and ears of the enemy.

Shigami Fire - (Yes, I got this one from Guntz from Klonoa) (Black/Red) Burst of fire

Shadow - (Black) disapears, or invisible for a second or two

Septer of Altus - (Black) Cuts around your enemy, then they sink to the ground

He has a lot more....


Nik was born under Edwin Mark, and Samuel Patterson/Mark, and he is the oldest of the Mark brothers. When he was about 10 years old, when his youngest brother was born, a feak accident caused a explosion in his father's lab on Memorial Island killed him. His father sacrificed a page from MARK to bring him back, causing Xenoe to take control of his body, but also taking away his sight and voice away. Using another MARK spell, Edwin sealed Xenoe deep in Nik's soul and helped him regain sight and his voice. Then, he was sent off into the codeist schools, and became the top student there. After he graduated, he became a professor of the Rustwarthic Codeist Study department.

So begins...

Nikolas Mark's Story