Marked for Death | Remake.

Marked for Death | Remake.

Four children, all gifted with abnormal abilities, live in constant fear that the hunters will get to them, but luckily for them they have protection.

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The plot.

Morrin was a tranquil little village, there was peace amongst all men and women. Everything was perfect, life was great. However, when a few children were born with certain abilities and special gifts, they were considered a threat to everyone, merely because they were different. Ever since they were born it had been a fight for dominance over them. A close group of friends, known as the Protectors for their selfless work to aid the village, found these small children and took it upon themselves to protect them from the Hunters, whom were well-known to the people of Morrin for their non-stop schemes and plots against the 'supernatural', as they call them.

There is a house within the village that these children were exiled to, you could say, and there they live with the protectors; it is situated on top of a hill so that there is quite a bit of distance between the town and the children. The hunters lurk around but haven't really made any moves as of yet, so it's fairly calm at the moment, but that could change...



The children.

Sydney Donovan | Female | 13 | Psychic visions | MaliceInWonderland.

Dakota Kingsley | Female | 16 | Blood manipulation | Ever.

Dylan Arviss | Male | 15 | Biokinesis | RawkFist.

Timothy Jones | Male | 8 | Animal symbiosis | Mashotu.

The protectors.

Xiulan Qi | Female | 23 | MaliceInWonderland.

Christine Gilbert | Female | 25 | Sly_Mafia.

James Whitton | Male | 32 | XShishioX .

Jason Bloodstone | Male | 24 | MaddieMoonDreamer.

The hunters.

Kayleigh Arviss | Female | 18 | RawkFist.

Jennova Ernstine | Female | 21 | MaddieMoonDreamer.

Eliezer Black | Male | 30 | Forget~Me~Not.

Casper Morris | Male | 19 | RawkFist.

Character sheet.

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((Was Xiulan talking to James or Jason? Didnt know if that was a typo or not, and im still waiting on Kay's reply))


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Eli pulled into a parking lot as a somewhat dissembled expression occupied his face. He was rather surprised now one had called him, or rather more strangely his Secretary Midge hadn't called him for some strange an bazaar reason to see him. Midge was an average woman, if Eli ever saw one yet he had the strangest feeling she was calling him into the office for the strangest reasons. One day, she couldn't figure out how to work the copy machine, another time she was having trouble with appointments. Both times however she managed to pick up what she was doing relatively quickly. Obliviously either the girl was incapable of doing her job or she had other reasons for calling him in twice a week for frankly stupid reasons.

It was then as he was sitting in the parking lot that his phone rang, as always it was Midge getting her finger stuck in the stapler. She was at the hospital, and was calling to tell him his five O'Clock canceled.



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Character Portrait: Sydney Donovan Character Portrait: Dylan James Arviss. Character Portrait: Dakota "Shiloh" Kingsley Character Portrait: Kayleigh Jamison Arviss. Character Portrait: Jennova Rachel Ernstine Character Portrait: Casper Luke Morris

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Dylan glanced quickly across to look at Sydney when she positioned herself to look down at him but he quickly averted his gaze back up to the ceiling. He could quite openly admit that Sydney knew more about his past than anyone, especially in so much detail, except for Xiulan who just so happened to be the one who found him first and was pretty much the only one out of the police that were sent to his house that actually pitied him, even though his parents lay mangled on the floor and he was sat there covered in blood.

She saw something within him at first glance than anyone had ever seen in him. Not even his sister - who had been evacuated from the building before him - saw in his eyes what Xiulan did. It was then that he felt oddly grateful to have someone like her around for him, to care for him and attempt to keep him in line. He figured that if he should ever be assigned a protector, she would be the one who he would feel most comfortable around. Plus, she seemed fairly quiet and he just knew that she wouldn't pester him for conversation like the others might. He could finally enjoy some peace and quiet with her around.

Dylan listened intently to Sydney's words and he nodded his head along. He knew full-well that his powers were autonomous and wanted to protect him, that the killing of his parents was never truly his fault and that they practically deserved what happened to them, but just the idea that the death of his parents was done by him - or his powers - was an extremely scary thought, and he couldn't help but feel slightly responsible for it.

"Sydney," he said softly, just after she made a comment about not being able to protect herself properly with the abilities that she held within her. He knew as well as she did that she couldn't keep herself safe from hard merely with psychic visions alone. "I will keep you safe," he said, his hand taking hers and holding a soft grip on it. "I'd sooner throw myself off of a bridge than have to live knowing that I couldn't do a thing to protect you, so I will train myself to recognise you not as an enemy but as someone that my abilities must also protect." He sat up some and pressed his forehead gently against hers, his eyelids slowly lowered to cover his eyes fully.

"...I promise."

Casper watched Dakota with a small smirk on his lips as she quickly tugged the card from her lips, presumably to check if her name was written on it or his, and the smile broadened on one side into a smirk when her expression changed from one of slight confusion to another of utter disbelief. It was exactly that reaction that he loved to see from those who took an interest in his illusions, and it gave him such pleasure to know that he was the one who had caused it. Words could not describe the feelings he felt when he saw the stunned but slightly quizzical expressions of other people, especially those who claim to be 'non-believers'.

"So.. are you going to tell me how you bloody did that? Or am I going to have to guess because 'a magician never reveals his secret'?" she asked but he needn't bother to reply to that because she'd basically just answered her own question, in a sense. As a magician who made his money off of puzzling others, it would be a bit stupid for him to explain how each trick was done, because then the illusion wouldn't be as... magical, for lack of a better word. People mainly went to see a magician to be tricked and left awestruck, wondering how on earth what they'd just witnessed could have possibly happened; telling people the secret behind the tricks would remove surprise, hence lessening their interest in magic as a whole.

If people lost interest, he lost money.

It was then that Dakota spoke up again, her puzzlement having shifted towards an almost mischievous smile. He raised a lone brow. "I can see why you're popular.. want to see a magic trick I can do?" she asked and his smirk returned some as he set the unfolded card back down on the kitchen counter. "You've peaked my curiosity now," he said, his voice dripping with a certain playful quality that most did get to hear, "so yes, I would love to see if you can leave me as puzzled as you were merely moments ago."

Kayleigh couldn't help but chuckle light-heartedly when Jennova made a comment about women being worth it due to their attractiveness. They certainly are, she thought, a warm smile creeping onto her lips without her even realising it. She was snapped from her thoughts when she heard the sound of wood tapping against wood and her eyes settled curiously on a box that had been placed in front of her, before glancing back up at Jennova for a moment. "On a new subject, you know that friend I have that works on bullets? Well, he's come up with a strange new type of bullet," she said and Kayleigh raised a lone brow, slightly confused. She'd heard about this 'friend' several times before but the guy still remained a mystery to her. "...Okay?" she mumbled.

The bullet that had been presented to Kayleigh looked like no other bullet she'd seen before. This one was transparent, holding a strangely-bright blue liquid inside of it. It truly was a sight to behold, but the question was what did it do exactly? Jennova spoke again and this time she had Kay's full attention. "I suppose you could say he likes movies too much and decided to get a fellow scientist to give him some kind of new formula," she said with a shrug. "He also wants me to try it out. I figured you'd want to see what it does." Kayleigh nodded her head. "You were right about that, Jen," she said in agreement but didn't press the issue any further. "Also, I never really paid attention on if you like guns, personally I think this Governnment Rebel should put this liquid on a blade."

With a smirk, Kayleigh moved her hand to Jeni's and warily took the bullet, actively ignoring the stares she was receiving from the guy sat a seat or two away from her. "Well, it's not that I don't like guns 'cause they're quite useful at times, but I just never got the chance to use one for real," she mumbled as she turned the bullet around to inspect it from all angles. She figured it must've contained something that weakened the so-called Gifted Children, and she hoped to God she'd get the chance to use it one day, especially on the little bugger she called a brother, the boy who had single-handedly killed both of their parents and had almost allowed his 'abilities' to do the same to her. All trust she bestowed in her brother was gone as soon as the police arrived and took her away from the bloody scene.

"Have you showed these to Eli, Casper or any of the others yet?" she asked after a moment of silence. "I'm sure they'd love them."


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"Have you showd these to Eli, Casper or any of the others yet? I'm sure they'd love them." Kayleigh told her after a short moment of silent.

Jennova shook her head at the question. "No, not yet. I'm not sure they'd even listen to me. They have so much work on their hands already." She told the woman with a shrug. Jennova took a long look at Kayleigh and smiled before going back to cleaning up from the night before. She wasn't aware of the fact that she had a certain attraction to Kayleigh, though she could certainly feel it start to grow more and more every time she happened to look at the woman.

Jennova wasn't sure what to make of these new feelings she had, but hoped that they wouldn't be coming any stronger any time soon. She yawned before making Kayleigh a drink. "This ones on me" She said with a warm smile.

((OOC: I know this is most likely dead... But I loved this role play so I'm going to just reply one last time...))

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