Married to a stranger.

Married to a stranger.

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Ok! Well this is the first RP that i've ever created so I'm sorry if it sucks butt!

Eight young adults find themselves trapped in an arranged engagement with no way out. The young adults are given a year to meet and become familiar with their new life partners. Lets hope they all get along. The eight individuals will all be placed in a seriously huge mansion all together, so that they may be able to make new friends to comfort and support each other as their lives change forever, and yes, possibly even enemies that make their every day lives a living hell.

This story takes place in a world known as Artania, which is is a lot like earth but with a wide array of strange and sometimes very dangerous creatures and various races.


Human: Well..This explains itself...

Elves:beautiful, elegant, warriors. They're interested in archery, lore-making, architecture, and orc-disemboweling. While solid soldiers, these elves tend to be a bit on the delicate side, preferring to fire arrows from a distance while invoking ancient spells and whatnot.

Vampires: Well vampires are basically just like us humans, but you know, with fangs and a craving for blood. Most Vampires are known to be a bit secretive and maybe even a little grumpy at times. Vampires are very strong and very fast, much faster than any other race. Vampires can also be very seductive. The vampires in this story do NOT sparkle! They have slightly pointed ears and are on the slender side.

Angels: Basically humans with big white wings that posses light and healing powers. Angels are friendly creatures that get a long with most races. They do, however, tend to look down at other races, feeling that they are the purest and best race.

Character skeleton :
Nickname: (Optional.)
Age: (18 - 25 please )
Pet(s): (any kind of pet they you can dream up)
Personal Description:


#1- Anna Lee~ played by Leej10100
#2- Charisma Nightingale~ played bye Catwoman
#3- Rose Levesque~ played by xLevesquex
#4- Samantha Valentine~ played by elidor495

#1- Jack green~ played by Rariszoo
#2- Aiden Rizoki~ played my CrownTheEmpire
#3- Garret Mourn~ played by Poise
#4- Valorian Castor~ played by sweetponine

Additional characters: If all the bride and groom potions are taken you may create a character that is neither a bride or a groom. Maybe a family member or friend. Maybe just a tired and worn out traveler looking for a place to stay. A caretaker of the mansion or a maid or butler as well.

Toggle Rules

1. Anime characters please
2. Violence is allowed but not too much please
3. Nothing over Pg 13
4: Cursing in moderation please
5. No god mods
6. Characters must be straight ( i do not have anything against people who aren't straight its just easier this way )
7: Be committed to the Rp. do Not submit a character then randomly leave
8:Have as much fun as you can!

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I have blood packs in my backpack. They're not as good as human blood but they suffice... Sometimes.

Rose smiled at Garrett. "Thank you." When Garrett put his sweaty palms on Rose's cold, bare shoulder, she felt shivers run up her spine. Rose reached her hand up held onto his, when suddenly memories of a peaceful garden stuck in her mind. She peacefully closed her eyes and leaned up against Garrett and rested her head on his shoulder. "You're a nice vampire, Garrett..." Rose smiled a bit. "...I'm envious."

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Artania by Rari


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I re-started the Rp if anyone is still interested.

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This keeps getting slower and slower.... :\

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O__O whaaaa? damn notification didn't tell me DX wah sorry i'll post right away.
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xD!!!! I love how Garrett nonchalantly notices the rarest creature on their planet xD Like, oh, and there's a little dragon on his shoulder. Cute. xD! Made me laugh.

Re: Married to a stranger.

Finally! I'm all caught up!^-^

If the post sounds hurried around the end, sorry!>3<"

Re: Married to a stranger.

@Leves, Kyta can communicate through telepathy with one or multiple people, but since she is a dragon, she does not have the vocal cords/range to talk (at least, in my version of a dragon ^^).

Re: Married to a stranger.

I'm off for the night

Re: Married to a stranger.

yes, i suppose if she wanted to she could talk.
XD and go ahead and be feisty, Jack just won't handle it well XD Poor Jack.

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I know right! Oh, and can Kyta talk? Cause in the profile.. It says she can read. So like, she can talk too right?

& I'm going to be a little feisty here. Hope you don't mind. Crazy vampire moment. >:)

Re: Married to a stranger.

Lol kyta is very cute, i think she and Jack would get a long very well XD they should meet soon

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I posted! :D At last, I am caught up!! woo~

Poor Kyta.. <3 lol She's so cute. :3

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I'm just waiting for SweetPonine to post, since we're kind of in the middle of something.

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Don't worry Poise, its fine. I'm just worried that if people stop posting that the Rp will die before its even really started.

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I've been busy!Gragh. Don't worry! I've got to catch up on three pages for Garrett. It's really long so...
I'll try and post asap!>.<

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Thats what I would like to know....

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Why you people no post? Dx

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