Alan Arnan/Flamer


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a character in “Marvel New York”, as played by True Grave


Alan has layered brown hair, brown eyes and an average height. He starts out with an average build but eventually gets very muscular, but it is a functionable muscular, not a hindering muscular. He also gets much taller a year after gaining his powers.


Heroic. Courageous, smart and kind. Strong mentally, physically and spiritually. Helpful and fearless. He is a natural-born leader.


No equipment or tools.


Sixteen-year-old Alan Arnan lived a relatively normal life in an apartment off Queens Ave. in Manhattan, NY. He went to school, hung out with friends and celebrated his life as best that he could. However, as Alan lived this idyllic teenage paradise, his father, Steven Arnan, continued to pile up debts through a secret gambling vice. When he could not pay up to the Gambinos, a crime family based in New York, they sent Enforcers to collect...in blood. Alan escaped the massacre, but not before seeing his parents gunned down before his eyes.

Fleeing to a warehouse, he encountered another problem when the Enforcers set the warehouse on fire. Certain he would burn to death or die of smoke inhalation, Alan panicked, which released a power that had lay dormant in his genes ever since he was born. As the fire circled around, he waited for the burns...and waited......but they never came. Sticking his hand in the fire, he felt no pain, and even found that the fire obeyed his command. Pushing it aside, he escaped from the warehouse, still a target of the Gambinos.

After going back to his house, the anger and sorrow of seeing his parents dead turned him from a regular school boy into a vengeful pyromancer. After taking revenge on the Enforcers who killed his parents, he began a one-man-war against the Gambinos. Starting with the errand boys and low-ranking thugs, he eventually moved up to the capos and underbosses before taking on the upper echelon of the crime family itself. These moves were not unknown to the media, and a single reporter, Leslie Givens, took it upon herself to learn the identity of the man tearing apart the crime family that had operated for over 50 years in the city. When she met Alan, she sympathized with him, and used her connections to help him get a shot at the Council, and even the Don himself.

Using his imagination to craft ever deadlier moves, he was unstoppable and waded through group after group of Mafia men. Assassins were useless, safehouses destroyed, and one man after the other killed off. Soon, the Council itself was in danger, and arranged a flight back to Italy. While on this flight, they were peppered with Alan's fireballs and forced to make a crash landing. Several members of the Council died; the survivors were burned alive, but not before giving up the location of the Don, Mickey Gambino.

High up in the Parade Building, Alan found it difficult to wade through the remainder of the Family, who had taken to using cryogenic weapons in an attempt to freeze him. These failed, and Alan eventually made it to the Don. Using the Flame Bang, his strongest technique, Alan disintegrated the Don and brought the Parade Building down, destroying the legacy of the Gambino Family.

His revenge achieved, Alan found himself in a new dilemma: where to go. With no home, he could only live on the streets until he got a job. Leslie offered him a place to stay, and he jumped at the oppurtunity. However, the offer was a trap, and Alan was kidnapped by a secret branch of the government that had forced Leslie to give him up. Confined in a fireproof cell, Alan Arnan, once a powerful superbeing, was now a common captive.

Two years later, after defeating the super mutant Energon, Alan is still adjusting to life on his own.

So begins...

Alan Arnan/Flamer's Story