SuelandAmber-Tiffany Rose-Crystal McSue

*flips hair and sparkles fly everywhere*

a character in “Mary Sue Madness: Sueland”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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First Name: Princess Amber-Tiffany
Nickname: Amby/Tiff/Am/Rosie/Rosie-Posie/Crys/Crystalina/McSue-ster
Middle Name: Rose-Crystal
Last Name: McSue
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Long, curly, shiney blonde hair with rainbow streaks.
Eyes: Very Light Sparkly Rainbow
Appearance: She is very tall and very skinny but extremely fit and flexible.
Clothes: She has really cool clothes but she's not into labels... She uses scissors to cut them off.
Popularity: No one likes her she is an outcast but secretly everyoen likes and and she is friends with everyone.
Strengths: She is very strong, very fast, very convincing, she can manipulate others, she is so pretty she can make anyone fall in love with her, she is super rich, she can buy anything, she is very smart, she can see the future, she can read minds,
Weaknesses: (N/A)
Other: She is the Princess of Venus and has cat ears.

So begins...

Amber-Tiffany Rose-Crystal McSue's Story