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A Random RP Playground to just make a Mary Sue or Gary Stu and let em rip. Also to remind others how NOT to make a character!

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Setting: Sueland2011-07-11 04:47:51, as written by JayZeroSnake
"Can I come in?" Asked Tora. "I'm looking for the girl of my dreams, and I think you could go on the list."

He came in regardless of her answer, and seemed all cool-like, but somehow became nervous and meek.

"You were so pretty in your bra and panties..." Said Tora, recalling when he landed on the tree for the first time. in his pants was a big bulge, and a blush on his cheeks. "My Parents died in a car accident and explosion and their graves got robbed and their ghosts got cursed to eternity to hell, and I have to start a family of my own to free them, at the same time defeating the dark one."