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A Random RP Playground to just make a Mary Sue or Gary Stu and let em rip. Also to remind others how NOT to make a character!

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Setting: Sueland2011-07-11 19:17:22, as written by SmokeyMoon
Amber walked along the forest path to school when all of a sudden she blinked her crystal blue eyes and a skateboard appeared. She stepped on it and glided along.

Doing many flips and ollies, she arrived at school and made her skateboard disappear.
"Oh, my gosh. School. People are going to torture me. I wish everyone liked me..." She pouted and cried but then bottled her tears because they cured cancer.

She waved her sparkly blue wand and every girl wanted to be her and every boy was madly in love with her no matter what.

Amber walked to class and sat down in the throne they had her sit in because she is the official Princess Of Venus.