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A Random RP Playground to just make a Mary Sue or Gary Stu and let em rip. Also to remind others how NOT to make a character!

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Setting: Sueland2011-07-11 23:33:09, as written by JayZeroSnake
Tora hopped into the seat. Girls suddenly had orgasms at the sight of him, and boys either had envy, or became gay crossdressers for him.

Coming into class, easily ignoring the three badly written characters, was the Martial artist known as Tenshin Han. He was greeted by a couple classmates, while some other kids snickered and shot spitballs, which he replied with by throwing fireballs back. He sat in his seat, feeling somewhat better, but kinda bad.

Tora suddenly noticed Amber, and moved up to sit with her. "You're so sexy! Would you please consider having my babies?"

Tenshin Han was confused by the throne and weird boy demanding intimacy with Amber...