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A Random RP Playground to just make a Mary Sue or Gary Stu and let em rip. Also to remind others how NOT to make a character!

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Setting: Sueland2011-07-12 22:34:46, as written by JayZeroSnake
Tora smiled, his skin shining and his eyes glowing.

"I will become the King of Venus, and once I'm the king of the galaxy, I can defeat the dark one!"

He put his hands on her waist as they sang, her dress turning into a ninja bodysuit.

Tora started to cry at the sound of Miki's song. It made him so sad, he took Amber's hands and hugged her, only making their love stronger.

"Amber, Let's have sex." He told her. "It's the only way to stop Miki!"


Tenshin Han was trying to do his homework, and train afterwards, but Miki and Amber's stupid songs wouldn't shut up.

He walked outside.

"Would you kindly keep that down?!" He demanded. "Some of us are actually well written, and have things to do!"