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The Grace Stone... Masks that change their personality... Tied by these two factors, the members of the Masked and Itex have to find out more about the city around them.

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Aki Evedane; Cherry Grove Park

The girl looked into his blue eyes with hers, before she started to lecture at him. ‘So…she’s not going to ask me these things?’ “To live in the interest of others? Is that what you have dedicated your public life to? Your apathy is hypocritical.” Aki could not bring himself to react to these comments, as they’ve come completely out of the blue for him. He could no nothing but to continue looking at the slight girl before him. “You,” it was then that she prodded Aki’s chest with one hand, “do not think any more of my thoughts than I think of yours. Everyday you walk through the halls of school with rumors starting like wildfire every time you take a step, and you ignore as if it were a gnat,” ‘an annoying gnat’. “I have to say, that could be counted as an admirable quality, being stoic.”

Oskana continued with her lecture, as Aki could do nothing but stare at her, his ears and mind working double-time. His fists slowly relaxed from their clenched state, but still a thread of anger still remained. “But. But you try nonetheless. As awkward as it was, you still offered me apologies and assistance; both of which I’ve accepted because they were an attempt at kindness. I couldn’t care less if you work for the Mafia or whatever, even with all your bandages. Being in the Mafia or having tons of ultra-cool scars doesn’t make a person interesting.” Strangely enough, even though her hands were waving through the air as though conduction some kind of musical ensemble, her voice was still light. Wait, what does she mean? . . . I don’t understand… what does she mean? I’ve never tried to be kind to her - she must be taking it the wrong way.’ This bewilderment caused him to be unable to do anything at all, stuck at looking at her with a strange expression on his face. Out of the corner, of his eye, he saw Coraline - the Vice President, waving her hand at him. Promptly ignoring that, he turned his attention back to this enigma of a person - Oskana.

She started to look towards the ground, probably embarrassed. There came to be a lull in the conversation, and Aki did not know how to get rid of the suddenly awkward pause. Just when he was about to speak, the wind started to blow. The pesky thing grabbed the words out of Oskana’s mouth. And, being the immature and overly-excited messenger that it was, it tripped and flung Oskana’s words in a warped state. “You ------- never in------- to--.” With that said, she pivoted on her feet and left, leaving Aki stuck in a state of confusion.

Aki started forward on his feet, towards her, one arm outstretched… before shaking his head and dropping the outstretched hand. ‘I’m not supposed to care that much - no, I’m not supposed to care at all. It’s just her opinion, who cares?’ But even that attempt to persuade himself to ignore Oskana failed utterly. He continued to look at her retreating back with a slight frown on his face. ‘Just exactly what is she thinking? And what did she mean? You never into? … Into what?

It was then that a voice decided to interrupt his reverie. “Excuse me, Aki!” shouted Lucas Toland. Aki turned towards him, watching in silence as the slightly older boy ran towards him. Then, he, too, gestured with his hands and asked with haste, “Have you seen Coraline Starling? If you know her that is.” Aki looked at him, before arranging his features into a calm, collected smile, but his emotions were anything but. As an answer to the fellow junior’s question, he waved one hand towards the direction of where he had last seen Coraline. “The Vice-President was somewhere over there, Lucas,” he said quietly. “A few minutes ago,” he added as an afterthought, before turning away from Lucas. It was then that he realized who exactly he was talking to - the Student Council President, and one of those Maskies. ‘Shoot. If he finds out about my mask… I’m doomed.’ He looked back at the brown-haired boy and gave another attempt at a smile, although his eyes still remained annoyed. ‘Just please, please, go away…