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Hidden away from the world, Aino seeks to help the Prince she has admired from afar for so long.

a character in “Masquerade: Sword and Betrayal”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Description: Aino's skin is pure white and her hair is the palest of pale blonde. She stands at about 5"10 with a very slender physique. Her eyes have a gold pigment to them, no one is entirely sure who she inherited that trait from. She often wears a long blue or long gold dress with plain blue or gold shoes and little jewellery.


Personality: Aino is a very gentle, wise, kind and mature young lady, even though she is only sixteen. She is very intelligent and talented, truly a perfect young lady. However she is very sad and reclusive due to her imprisonment. She can also be very cunning, able to get information from her servants about what has been going on in the world.


Equipment: Aino has been trained by her father to use a sword expertly, just in case she ever needs it.


Background: The only child of Marquis Richard Clearwater and Elizabeth Clearwater, she was born to be a well educated and established lady. But as soon as it became clear she was an albino such dreams were dashed. Her mother died in childbirth and her stepmother, Ludmilla Clearwater, convinced the marquis that for her own sake, Aino should stay locked away. He agreed but spent more time with his daughter than he did on his duties, telling her wonderful stories of court life and what was going on in the world outside. Growing up with these stories, Aino has become a perfect young lady with a longing to enter society but agrees with her stepmother that everyone will simply turn her away as an abomination. Whilst Ludmilla supports the Empress, her father supports the Prince and is constantly telling Aino such amazing stories about him. Believing him to be truly perfect, Aino pretty much fell in love with the prince even though she never met him and longs to escape her home prison so that she can help him reclaim his throne. Everyone knows the Marquis has a daughter but no one has ever seen her and all suitors are turned away, no matter how hard they try.

So begins...

Aino Clearwater's Story