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Yuen Hinaze


Date of Birth:
Sept. 29, 1992


Eye Colour:
When Yuen is playing popular guy at school, his eyes appear to be a dark blue. At home or with friends it's dark brown. But when Yuen lets loose, their natural color is a deep, haunting black.

Hair Colour:
Bluish black

Skin Colour:
Despite Yuen's determined attempts to get a tan, he remains a naturally pale person.

I'm aware that this is supposed to be for Nekos, but I have to mention that Yuen has exellent breeding. Them rich people keep that in mind when picking a fiance!

-Lady Hinaze-sama

-Lord Hinaze-sama

Yuen has a little sister on the way. Her name will be Daisy, and she's due any day now!

Relationship Status:
Single, but Yuen has the slightest of crushes on a certain someone....


-Being popular
-His little sister

-Prominent relatives that want to disown him
-Guys who are 'cooler' than him. but beyond a certain point they stop being Yuen's rival and become his idol.
-Annoying people
-Boring people

Yuen's rep as a cool, smooth guy is super important to him, and he'll use almost any means neccesary to protect it. This has gotten him in trouble countless times. But when Yuen is alone with people close to him he is a little boy who is easily overwhelmed by the smallest of issues. He adores all things soft and cute. When he's around these people being cool is very difficult for him. When Yuen is trying to be cool at school he seems just like every other popular guy. When he tries at home Yuen fails so he's given up by now. But when Yuen doesn't try to be anything, when he doesn't fall back on his love for cute things, and he just become himself.... Yuen's true self is dark and brooding, the kind of natural heart-throb that seems to pull things off without even trying. His true self usually shows up in times of hardship, when all of Yen's other layers are worn away by the difficulty of the situation.

-His 'pet'
-Drawing, but it's a secret because it's not 'manly' enough for Yuen

To place his family business the top, and finally prove himself to everybody.

Biggest Fear:
Yuen will be disowned. His both social life and his future would crumble before his eyes. It wouldn't be a life worth living.

Brief History:
Yuen is, technically, a bastard. His parents had a fling in highschool, and Yuen was born when his mother was fifteen years old, his father his age. It was a scandal, making the front cover of any self respecting magazine. Yuen's parents where forced by their parents to get engaged. The air has mostly cleared by now, but the topic is being brought up again because of Daisy. Yuen's position as family heir is questioned, and some prominent relatives are wondering if Daisy should take his place.


So begins...

Yuen Hinaze's Story