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A girl, locked away her whole life. Only recently she found the will to leave when she read a book about the outside world. Her escape was brutal, but she somehow found herself under the care of a rebel group. But. . . When did the world get so crazy?

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Certainly, I've always been this way,
A patched up, crazy



Kalinka? Malinka?
There used to be others there; she remembered. Maybe they were just a figment of her imagination, maybe not. In that room, for sure though, there used to be others. But little by little, they escaped. Whether they survived or not was definitely a different question in no relation to our story whatsoever. The scientist was always weighed down by crazy amounts of work, and he almost never left his house. Sometimes, once every two years or so, he'd need to go get something, but it was rare.

During the time that the scientist stayed inside, the world twisted and turned, everything and everyone went insane in some sort of way. It was impossible to tell what was going on. Of course, that doesn't mean everyone was at peace or anything. No, quite the opposite. The fact that everyone had the crazies just made everything worse. Most people formed groups, all living in one area. Of course, somewhere that was 'safe'. Compared to everywhere else.

The girl finally found the will to leave the scientist's side. Her escape was hard, she had to knock the door down, and soon later collapsed in an alleyway. When she woke up, the strangest of people were staring over her, wearing an assortment of crazy colours and grinning when they saw she was awake. At the time, she was scared as hell of the creeps smiling at her, and she still is now. She was easily the most sane, for now. Matryoshkas, they called themselves.

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The girl ~ Twilla
New Member ~ Open!
Leader Matryoshka ~ Teddy
Male Matryoshka ~ Flick
Male Matryoshka ~ Wacko
Male Matryoshka ~ Sly
Female Matryoshka ~ Shi-Shi
Female Matryoshka ~ Glitch
Female Matryoshka ~ Mi-Mi

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-07 22:11:23, as written by Monochrome

It was a lovely Friday morning. Well, for some people. Obviously, maybe not for a few. But everyone in the town seemed to be celebrating something, as always. They'd always find something to party about, especially on a Friday. In fact, speaking of Friday, the old tune was playing through the city speakers that were meant to be reserved for important announcements but the thing was hijacked a few years back, as well as the government. Nowadays, the only thing you heard on it were horrible dubstep remixes of songs and random songs. Everyone was smiling.

Well, almost everyone. There were always those people who never smiled. A certain red-head himself wasn't smiling, and he couldn't even hear the horrible auto-tune song playing down the streets, probably due to his headphones being on full blast. People were edging out of his way, and the long-awaited smile appeared on his face as he clapped his hands together, a giggle leaving his lips. At that exact moment, a seemingly abandoned building behind him literally detonated, and screams instantly filled the busy street. People ran on both sides of the street, and morons ran on either side of the boy as he continued strolling happily.

Flick laughed, and he pulled his Elmo hood up, covering his flame orange hair. He whistled the tune in his ears as police cars and fire trucks sped down the road near him. The further he walked, the calmer it became. Soon, he came up to the abandoned train track, the one he'd been aiming back for before those idiots got in his way and challenged him to a duel. He really couldn't be bothered, so he just ran. They didn't even chase after him, and they stayed in that building. Oh, if only they knew the amount of dynamite he'd planted in random corners on his way out. Ashes to ashes, we all fall down. he thought, entering the train on the rails. He walked down the long corridor, ignoring the cabins that the members of the Matryoshka usually sleep in and entered the First Class area, where they were supposed to be meeting.

Yes, the Matryoshka's hideout is an abandoned train. But everyone has their own compartment, or cabin that they can customise in any way, and the First Class area has been kept intact by the leader. Speaking of the leader, he was fast asleep on one of the chairs. Well, this was going to be an enlightening meeting. Flick sighed and sat down next to him for a few minutes before gently prodding the leader. His hand was grabbed straight away and said person's eyes opened suddenly, before registering who is was and sat up, sighing quietly. His bear hoodie was fixed on his head, as usual. Flick put his head in his hands, before realising something. He was missing one of his hair clips. And now that he thought about it, it was gone since morning when he woke up in his cabin. I swear to God, if Shi-Shi stole them, I am going to kill her! A wide grin appeared on his face as he giggled to himself again, and didn't stop until the leader pinched his cheeks.

Teddy's voice came out as normal as it always does, but he was obviously tired. Dark circles were formed under his eyes, even though he looked as awake as ever. "We can't have you flicking at what, eight in the morning?"

"It's almost twelve." Flick responded, back to his normal state of mind. He looked at the clock. Where were the others? The meeting was actually meant to start an hour ago, but Flick came late because everyone came late and if you were there on time, you'd be lonely for a while. He realised when his stomach rumbled that he'd forgotten to eat for what, a day and a half or something? There was no food around though. Flick couldn't even remember who was on food rota. He spotted a girl in the corner, but he dismissed her almost immediately. It was probably just some person Teddy found.


Well, that was true. He had found that girl in the morning.

The boy had been out on a stroll, not even realising the time. It was still dark. There were no fights, the city was deathly quiet, save for a random explosion on the other side of the city. Probably Flick. He'd dismissed it almost immediately. And there she was, the pink haired girl. She was literally knocked out, and Teddy thought she looked kinda rough, like she's just been through a lot. So he'd just happily carried her back to the train and set her on the floor, before actually falling asleep himself.

What he was doing out was a mystery, even to himself. He'd just suddenly lost his track of thought and realised he was in the slightly-nicer part of town.

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-08 09:14:29, as written by Jakuri-chan

How long had the world been so very . . . crazy? Was there anyone left living who really knew the truth anymore? Even if there was a person left breathing who was privy to that information, they were probably so lost in their own lunacy that they couldn’t give a straight answer to that question. People had all just gone utterly mad!! Of course, insanity varied from person to person—one person might seem fairly lax and calm, only having issues regarding talking to an ‘imaginary friend’ while others simply act as if they were constantly three sheets to the wind. Exactly where a person ranked on ‘Shi-Shi’s Scale of Crazy’ (patent pending!) varied based upon how she was feeling herself. There were days where she deemed every Matryoshka of being at the very top of her scale, and there were other days where she completely disregarded her own judgments.

Today was one of those days. Where she just accepted everyone and thing as crazy~ It seemed as if it were going to be another rather routine Friday for the Matryoshka, whatever you dare define as ‘routine’ for the strange group.
A certain little self-proclaimed faerie was already well into what she considered to be normal for herself in the twisty-twisty world of madness. How long had it been for her now? Shi-Shi wondered how many years it had been since she had been found by the Leader. . . . One, one, and one makes three~ Leader found Shi-Shi three years ago—she’s been with the Matryoshka for that long~ A tiny giggled came from the throat of a rather small young woman who was sitting perched upon the roof of one of the abandoned train cars, her thin little pale legs hanging over the side of it. The sun was hidden behind the wonderful clouds~ Thick, grey, wonderful clouds! Thanks to them, the normally too bright daytime hours were dim, murky and looking all gloomy; just how Shi-Shi preferred it.

The lack of too-bright light gave the little blonde an excuse to wander outside during the AM hours for once in the time of her life she could openly recall. She maintained a smile upon her pallor face; her eyes were only partly open as she bothered to stare off into the distance, looking out at the outline of the nearby city when a notable boom met her ears. The sound caused Shi-Shi’s lips to form into an ‘O’ and for her to place one of her hands against her forehead as she peered about for the source of the noise, before throwing her head back and falling into a fit of giggles, her hand going back to her side. “Looks like Flick’s been a busy boy again~”

A snide little smile remained on her face as she brought her head back to a normal enough position. Oh, Shi-Shi had been up for a long time now, long enough to have seen the redhead wander off that morning—missing one of his trademark pink hairclips, said item was safely securing Shi-Shi’s bangs up into her normal little lopsided ponytail. She knew full well what that would result in, her stealing one of his hair clips that is—he’d get irked with her and wind up yelling at her, again~ Not like Shi-Shi really cares though, seeing Flick get all peeved and annoyed is fun fun. The girl laughed to herself again, her grin settling itself down into a comfortable smile that bespoke of the contentment Shi-Shi felt at the moment.

She poked fun at Flick by stealing his hair clips because she felt it was funny, and it was normal for her to do; routine. . . . Teasing and pranking the other Matryoshka was just what she did—that of course, included their Leader. Even if Shi-Shi held a high level of respect for him, and gratitude for finding her in that morgue, he was still a target for her silliness. Pranks were how she showed she cared~ It also served as a reminder to Shi-Shi that she was still with them . . . with the Matryoshka, with those she saw as her family. Part of her felt that if she didn’t indulge in her mischievous ways, then that she might off and fade away, and truly become the faerie she claimed to be. Shi-Shi’s died once before, so, does that mean that she’s already of the otherworld? The girl found her thoughts wandering off into that icky place again, the place where she began to question her place among the group and whether or not she even deserved to share in their mortal happiness when she was already a dead girl.

Even with the anxiety she tended to feel regarding her own humanity and if she should even be allowed earthly happiness, Shi-Shi never allowed any of the Matryoshka know of her worries there. Yes, while everyone in the group, including herself, was crazy, the distress she felt was . . . certainly unique since no one else had apparently come back to life from death.

“No, no, no! Don’t go thinking about that before meeting time Shi-Shi. You needn’t go and get yourself all flustered and weirdy-weird now.” She chided herself in a singsong voice, lowering her head down as she shut her eyes.

Shi-Shi knew she didn’t have time for this at the moment . . . there were things to be done and matters to worry about that were of more importance than the matter of her being a faerie. Such as the meeting . . . and how she was going to go ahead and greet Flick since he’d gone and missed breakfast—because he never seemed to pay much attention to issue of food or eating, he wouldn’t have known that she’d gone out and gotten a random assortment of goods to cook with that morning at all. . . . Because she often played mother to her fellow Matryoshka in regards to the area of them eating, she kept track of when everyone ate and often what they were ingesting since she did the cooking. And, Shi-Shi knew that Flick’s lack of eating habits were having him go for more than a day without having consumed anything, again. Silly silly Flick, he’s probably hungry and has nooooo idea Shi-Shi went and made everyone breakfast hours ago.

And with the thoughts of making sure everyone ate, the anxiety Shi-Shi felt in regards to her own existence faded away as more normal concerns took their place. Smiling to herself a bit, the Matryoshka began to scoot herself forward, before she leapt off the roof of the car she had been sitting on and landed on the ground much like a cat would, on all fours. And just as quickly, she was back up to her feet and heading to the nearest door, and as she was about to step inside, down a few cars, Shi-Shi spotted a rather bright blotch of red doing the same, seemed Flick was back from blowing up buildings.

Well~ It was time for the meeting after all. Giggling a bit to herself, Shi-Shi went ahead and popped back into compartment car she had been heading into before spotting Flick, though she headed the opposite way he probably was, heading for the dining car of the abandoned train where she did all her cooking, and spent most of the daylight hours. The Matryoshka who either slept in very late, or happened to keep odd eating habits were lucky that she bothered to make sure enough food was saved after each meal that they could eat whenever their schedule allowed it. There were quite a few faces Shi-Shi didn’t see eating this morning. she hummed as she skipped down the passageway of the train, reaching her destination.

While still humming away, Shi-Shi went ahead and headed to the counter—she hadn’t been too crazy in making breakfast that morning. The girl had gone and made simple muffins, well, not so simple, as they were what Shi-Shi deemed as ‘S’mores Muffins.’ Chocolate and marshmallows stuffed into extremely sweet batter she’d mixed up, she couldn’t remember, but the girl vaguely recalled adding cinnamon into the while mix somewhere along the way. . . .

With a giggle, Shi-Shi picked up a plate covered with tin foil, turned on her heel, and headed for the First Class area of the train, where the meeting would be held. It didn’t take her very long to wander through the straight corridors of the train cars and to reach her destination, during the whole trek, Shi-Shi had sort of just shut her mind down for the most part, not wanting to wind up thinking about matters best left to lay where they were.

Fully aware that Flick was going to get after her when he saw that she was wearing one of his hair clips in her hair, Shi-Shi grinned before bursting through the door and into the car, “Morning all~ Anyone hungry?” Holding the plate out in front of her.

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-08 12:42:44, as written by Orbweaver

Screams ran out as she teared all those surrounding her to shreds, friend, foe, she didn't care, all that mattered was the way she gracefully destroyed anyone that stood before her. With a sigh, Glitch turned off the moniter she had fixed up recently. She had been looking forward to this game ever since she had discovered it while out looking for stuff to fix up and add to her collecion but the repetition of senseless violence had soon grown boring, still, it was something she could work on if she had nothing better to do.

"Cheese and whiskers," she said as she removed the disk for the console and placed it back amongst the others she had collected.

Suddenly she stopped moving, lost in thought. Something didn't feel right but what was it. Raising a hand to her face she soon found the answer. Her mask wasn't on. Frantically she began to search for it, to her it was like a security blanket and never felt safe without it. Not for the first time she cursed the fact that she needed to take it off to breathe while she slept. Finally she unearthed it, half hidden by her boots. Drawing it over her mouth she took a deep breath calming herself down as she pulled on her shoes. It was about time she went and joined the meeting though she didn't look forward to being stuck in a room full of people that couldn't understand half of what she was talking about.

"Why was I born into a world where I need other people so I can survive," she muttered to herself, exiting her darkened compartment.

She was only a quarter of the way to the first class cart when it struck, another bout of what she had been able to diagnose as Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. A wave of dizzyness swept over her, the ground seemed to far away for her body to be at a normal size and it seemed to be getting further and further away by the second.

"My head is going to hit the roof of the train any second now," she thought with alarm.

She raced to find an exit, she didn't want to be stuck like a sardine in a tin, if her body was going to grow like this then she might as well do it outside, at least then she'd have some options.Wrenching the door open she prepared to run out but it suddenly seemed so far away, like it was at the end of a long hall.

"How is that possible?" she exclaimed, "I just opened it."

She began to run towards it, desperately but time seemed to have slowed down, it was as if she was running underwater.

"Someone please help me," she whispered, tears running down her face, "I don't want to be stuck as a giant in a train."

After what seemed like an eternity she found herself outside. Collapsing to the ground she placed her head in her hands and closed her eyes, counting to ten. When she opened them again, everything was back to normal, she was the right size and time was running at a normal pace. She had to admit, she was a little embarassed and hoped that nobody had seen the display. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she picked herself up and began to brush dirt from her clothes.

"At least there were no mondo bad hallucinations this time," she reasoned, "I don't think I'd like to see those talking heads again."

It always baffeled her how the syndrome managed to effect her despite all of her knowledge of it, even though she knew it was just a distortian in her perception of reality she still seemed to get caught up in the haze. Then again, most cases were meant to disappear after childhood and the world wasn't exactly sane now. Hoping that the other Matryoshka's would pass off her red eyes as another late night she stepped into the first class compartment. It appeared that she bad been beaten there by Flick and Shi-shi as well as the leader who was standing near some girl she'd never seen before. Glitch stared at the muffins that Shi-shi was brandishing about and wondered if it was one of the girls more unusual creations. Unsure whether to trust the food or not she decided to forgo eating untill she could find the time to cook something herself, at least that way she knew it'd be edible.

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Something was missing. Twilla didn’t know what it was, but something was definitely lacking…

The bright sun beamed over the glistening waters… The sparkling waves gracefully traveled to the shore. The light breeze smelled of the salty waters. Although it was a very warm day, the wind seemed to make the heat comfortable. Even with the sun blazing on her skin, the wind made it seem alright. For some reason, Twilla wasn’t afraid of the light as she usually had been.

The pink haired girl was walking on the sandy shores. Her long, light hair flowed with the air. Her florescent blush colored eyes sparkled in the sunlight as her pale skin burned from the light. She gazed at the ocean with sad eyes. She felt as though something was missing? What could it be? She didn’t know. And how truly odd it was that the light engulfing her hadn’t made her quiver with fear as it always had in the past. Something was missing… But was it just her fear?

Someone rose from the waters so that her face and shoulders be seen. This creature was one of the most beautiful according to legends and lore. This creature stood right in front of the pink haired girl, Twilla, and beckoned her to fallow. This creature could be either a mermaid or a siren. To Twilla, that meant that either it was a magical creature who was pure of heart or a magical creature who was of murderous intent. The simple fact that the beautiful creature was calling to her as opposed to hiding made Twilla believe the creature to be a siren. Still, Twilla didn’t think twice before answering the call. She fallowed the magical being into the depths of the sea…

The beautiful creature sang to her in the most beautiful voice. “Follow me and what was lost will be found.” Unquestioningly, the pink haired girl fallowed her like a lost puppy. They went through the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean… And the waters seemed so empty. There was no floor, no fish… No coral. Only Twilla and the mermaid. Since Twilla had not drowned and was able to breather, she was sure this other girl was a mermaid. But where was everything? Why did everything seem so empty… Why was everything so empty?

“Fallow me.” The mermaid sang to her again, “We are almost there.” She swam deeper and deeper until there was a tiny speck of light. It grew as they swam deeper and deeper until it was almost everywhere.
“I can lead you no more.” The mermaid sang to her. “Fallow the light to the brightest, most pure white spot and you will find what you have lost.” She told her.

The pink haired girl looked at the mermaid in confusion, but fallowed the directions given. She went to the most pure white place. Confused, Twilla turned. Then there was nothing…

Twilla’s eyes fluttered open. She was too confused to understand anything. Her surroundings were completely alien to her. She looked around, trying to piece everything together… But she couldn’t she didn’t see anyone or anything that looked like something she knew… Actually… The pink haired girl didn’t see anyone at all. It was possible that she was overlooking things, because she was afraid… She didn’t know…

“W-where… Where am I?” Twilla whispered to herself, clasping her hand over her mouth. It was tight… A very small space… It was very long and thin… Luckily, it was also pretty dark. If it were light, then the pink haired girl would have had more to fear. She had enough to fear as it was… She had no idea where she was or who was around… She didn’t even know what time of day it was… After all, she had just woken up from the most bazar dream… About… Something missing… And a mermaid? She never did find what was missing, did she? Or did she? Twilla honestly didn’t know… The dream seemed so misty and distant… She couldn’t remember it too well, but it was… Strange. And now that she was awake, everything was missing. She didn’t know where anything was.

Confused and afraid, Twilla backed into the darkest corner in the room and hugged her knees to gather her thoughts before she would go wander around to figure out where exactly she was… but in order to do that, she needed to gather her thoughts and courage to do so… Because who knew what could have been around? Who knew what was in this place with her…

Twilla took a slow, deep breath. She had no idea how she ended up in such a strange place… She could have been kidnapped… Or rescued… All she knew was that she did not end up there on her own. After all… Twilla had never been the type to sleep walk… Or sleep anything, for that matter. Where was she before this strange place? Twilla thought and thought… She wasn’t at home… But she just couldn’t remember for some reason… Did she get hit in the head or something that would have made her memory falter? Nothing was fitting together right… So, if she had hit her head, it would make sense… And would also make sense that someone would move her after such an event… Most likely to a hospital…

So, it made more sense now that she was kidnapped by someone. No normal person would have taken her to such a strange place… If she was kidnapped, it was likely she was in some remote location so that no one could find her…

With yet another deep breath, the pink haired girl stood. She had to figure out where she was and what was going on… And what time it was… She also wanted to be absolutely quite. If she had been kidnapped, it would be bad to upset her kidnapper with a bunch of unnecessary ruckus that no one who could save her would hear anyway.

Upon standing, Twilla saw that she was indeed in a train car… But it seemed like people lived there… What was awaiting her in the train, she had no idea… She didn’t believe that it could have been good though…

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-09 23:42:07, as written by Lukipyon

You’re so sly, Aidan.

Sly still remembered the memory, despite it being such a long time ago. But it was like a dream. A sick sick dream, taking him out of the routinely nightmare that he was unfortunate to be born in. The small boy hated thinking about his life before being a Matryoshka, but it was these kinds of moments that it suddenly felt important to do so. Recollections about back when he was still Aidan were very vague, and he preferred if it stayed that way. However, there was only one exception; The ill-fated death of his parent.

Mr and Mrs Hastings were the predictable type, only accepting the best for and from their children; making sure that it was obvious that they loved their offspring to absolute pieces. But the truth is that they were blinded by their own thirst for power, seeing a solution in the people they made. You can guess that this lead to their own destruction.

It had been simple; no-one would expect young Aidan Hastings – sir - to do anything so horrific. He quietly tiptoed into their massive kitchen and sneaked into the master’s bedroom; the door had been slightly ajar. The silky strands of his mother’s black hair, they were as black as her heart. How he would have loved to yank them out and see her scream before he would be forced to silence it. The bristles along his father’s jaw line glinted in the darkness; her soft breathing and his husky snores were the only sounds that filled the room. Three minutes later, there was only pure silence. Blood seeped into their luxury silk duvets and dried out their lifeline. Aidan looked at their lifeless eyes and still bodies only with pure infallible hatred. He had discreetly removed any evidence – including the knife – and had drifted out of the door, leaving the household as asleep as it had been previously.

Sly wondered what they would say if they saw him now. Would they be proud of him? He snorted. What a stupid question, of course not. They would think that their boy had turned into some monster.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Growled Sly, tightening the chain around his victim’s neck. The man’s eyes bulged and he howled out in agony.

Bodies were surrounding Sly’s delicate figure, their scarlet fluids dripping into the hollows within the cobblestone floor. Most of them had been beheaded or shot in the chest; it was their leader that the boy was concerned about. The area positively smelt of death, but that’s what they got for teasing him about Mister Sprinkles and then throwing him around like any normal toy. Imagine that!

“What was that?” Snarled the boy and pulled the chain closer to him so that they were at head level. The leader’s eyes bulged and he whimpered out a reply.
“Well, I’m afraid that sorry just isn’t going to cut it.” Sly narrowed his brown eyes and deftly fished out the handgun from the man’s left pocket. He shot at both of his knees, causing the man to scream as his body forced him to go down and slump forward; his head on the ground damp with blood.
“You’ll have to bow before me “He sneered, and sat on the floor beside his victim, “And beg for mercy.” Sly’s heavy lidded eyes gazed at the man, waiting patiently for his answer. It came in a coarse whisper.
“You’re messed up.” And tears streamed down his grimy cheeks.
“Oh, really?” Said Sly and spat in his face, “Go tell that to Satan.”
The leader’s eyes widened as he watched the boy press the barrel to the side of his head. Before he could even plead for forgiveness, Sly had already blown out his brains, the entrails coming out on the floor beside him. The boy glanced at the body quickly before making his way out of the alley, stepping over the rest of the cold figures before pausing at a specific. The head that belonged to this body had been thrown to one of the closest walls, Sly kicked the headless form; causing it to roll over. Underneath, there was a small soft toy, it had long ears – that of a rabbit – and thick white fur. Well, it used to be white. The boy’s eyes widened as he picked up the stuffed rabbit and looked at it in disdain.

“Poor Mister Sprinkles.” Said Sly, a childish tone now hinting in his voice, “Look how dirty you are!”
He gently brushed off the majority of the dirt, but it was the blood that he could do nothing about. He vigorously shook his head, his coal black locks flying everywhere. Sly settled Mister Sprinkles in his arms before racing out of the barren streets, heading towards the abandoned train that was used as the Matryoshkas’ headquarters.

Sly dived through the window of his own quarters, his feet going in first, and landed on all fours. He quickly took of his hoodie – that was already splattered with grime – and changed it with an identical one. The boy then put his dirty toy in one of the cupboards. He slipped the large hood over his head and giggled as he saw himself in the bedroom’s mirror. I look so adorable Thought Sly, rather vainly. He left the room, looking acceptably clean, and walked towards the First Class room; his bare feet barely making a noise against the carpet.
Some members of Matryoshka had already placed themselves among the seats in the room, but there was an unfamiliar girl in the farthest corner of the compartment. Sly always felt irritated whenever he entered this specific area, it always reminded him of the Hastings residence. His attention was then caught by the muffins, steam still uttering from its insides. His eyes hungrily gobbled it up.
“Can I... Can I have one?” Said Sly, his eyes shifted towards Shi-Shi and gazed at her expectantly.

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The young man lied quietly in his seat, not even sound asleep. Waking up a few hours ago, he never did actually sleep. Not like an average person any ways. All he needed was a couple of hours to sleep, and he would be up and ready. Even if he wasn't sleep that didn't mean he would actually get up. Smiling as he did, he looked around, then got up after counting the clock. Stretching, not wanting to cramp up or anything, he stretch each body part for twenty seconds. Just having this problem with not being careful, probably because he lived in an environment that was always safe, and it became sort of a addiction. So, he just loved to show people why they should be careful all the time.

Smile softly as he cracked his knuckles, he started to walk towards the first class apartment he thought about the first day he became, well, Wacko. It was like it was yesterday since those events had took place, it was the best day of his life. Smiling as he remembered banging his head on the solid cemented ground, he remembered the laughter, and the worries in the others eyes. But, the boy knew what shows on your face, doesn't really show the truth, he saw a glint of happiness in all their eyes. Then a little fear showed up beside it. But, why did they fear, was it because the boy's inner craziness got a hold of him, or was because he was losing too much blood. Either way, he loved that feeling, the feeling of fear, fearing like a elephant when it stomping at a white mouse. The look in their eye's were just priceless.

But wat about the laughter, oh how the laughter came out of the little boys bloody mouth, biting on his tounge on the trip to the ground. Not even feeling sorry as he choked the boy, that caused it all, not even hesitating as he tried to take the boys life, but he didn't succeed in it at all. The teacher's strength had over powered his and he was taken a way. For some reason, he always dreamer that, and for some reason, he can't stop dreaming about it. It's either the part about the playground incident, or the part when he was in the hospital and he pushed the doctor out the window.

But getting out of that topic, he shook himslef out of his favorite memories page, and he wanted to add a little more to his memory book. Well, his head was a book, but he could imagine that it was. Once he finished with all the stretches that he could do, he started walking not really having a mind in where he was walking to, he would figure out what to do, when he got there. Walking, was for sure was apart of safety as well. He decided to head towards first class.

Wacko smiled as he walked towards the other and looked down at Shi-Shi's, baked cupcakes. Passing up on the offer, he wasn't really hungry at the moment. He never ate in the morning's, it just didn't feel right to eat in the morning's, it will just make him lazy-more than he usually is. He looked at the leader, then looked down at the new girl. "I wonder if she knows the power of safety, if not, I would be gladly thankful to teach her.

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-10 15:55:11, as written by Monochrome

Flick instantly hissed as Shi-Shi entered the room, desperately trying to keep himself from switching. B-but I knew it was her! I knew it, I knew it, I knew- His thoughts hit a point where his brain stopped functioning properly and his thoughts were just laughter. He found himself launching at her, straight past cute little Sly, and he pinned her to the ground, picking up the plate in his left hand, before putting his right hand to her neck. A wild grin spread across his face as he leaned in closer. "I believe you have something that's mine~!" he said it in such a singsong voice that Teddy smiled. A mad giggle left his lips. His right hand was only pressing slight pressure to Shi-Shi's neck, but the crazy smile on his face was just getting crazier and the look in his eyes grew manic as he pulled his hair clip out of the girl's blonde hair, replacing it in a quick instant with two hair bands, in the shape of Pac-man and one of the ghosts found in the game.

He relaxed instantly and his facial expression changed instantly to one of bliss as he clasped his hands together. "Absolutely perfect." he said quickly, positioning the hair clip in his hair at the exact right place. Why she had to steal his clips, he did not know; he did not want to know. Flick did not care for what went through the heads of his fellow insane people. If he did, he'd have more problems than he started out with. "It costs me money to buy you those things, y'know. Money."

Remembering the guys this morning brought a grin back to his face. He'd gone to the shop to get hair bands so he could get his hair clips back without having to pull out Shi-Shi's ponytail. It was then that he noticed the food he'd put in his left hand. Absentmindedly, he used his right hand to pull Shi-Shi to her feet before she could protest. He took one of the muffins, sat down and took a few bites. It was just a few bites before he put the muffin on the table before rolling over, complaining he was full. Well, generally, eating such a small amount of food would never fill up the stomach of someone over the age of five, but what Flick was really hoping was that Shi-Shi, or Teddy, or anyone else wouldn't force him to eat like they had once before. He'd stayed inside for the whole week, not touching food once.

That was quite possibly the worst. He remembered having the feeling he was going to implode like one of his dynamites, but he'd only eaten a full bowl of instant noodles. Which was generally bigger nowadays, since people liked bigger, better. But it was still just a bit above an adult portion size. And he'd eaten about two forkfuls before trying to walk off. Flick shuddered instinctively. He curled up on his side of the couch, before he felt Teddy lean over him.

"Aren't you going to eat more?" Teddy prodded his face. Flick shook his head violently, and Teddy looked over to everyone in the room. Shrugging, he sat back down. It was now up to Shi-Shi whether she was going to make Flick eat more. Flick looked at Sly. He was still wary of that kid. He was a bit too. . . nice. But he grinned anyhow; what was there to worry about? Flick shifted slightly, and a ticking noise came from the inside of his. . . body? He stood up, listening for a second, before zipping his hoodie down slightly and sticking his hand in. It searched around quickly, and Teddy sighed. The boy was always looking normal weight with all the dynamite and TNT in his hoodie, but his skin covered his bones just about enough so they couldn't be seen. If he sucked in his stomach, his ribs would probably be visible.

The beeping sound became louder as Flick took out the thing responsible. Within a few seconds, it was open and Flick was messing around with the wires on the inside, his fingers flying around. The beeping stopped and Flick stashed it back inside his hoodie, before lying back down, his whole body just falling sideways with the slightest thud. He groaned. "Why's Ilista so bloody warm?" he said angrily.


Teddy's muscles tensed as he sensed another conscious person in the room, out of nowhere. He turned around sharply, his head popping over the back of the couch, only to see it was their guest-in-pink. Teddy took two of Shi-Shi's muffins before standing up and walking over to her, a calm smile on his face. Teddy literally pressed the muffin into the girl's hands, before biting into the other himself, positioning himself back on the couch. He saw one of Flick's facial muscles twitch before he jumped up on the couch, pointing an angry finger at her.

"Couldn't you introduce yourself first?! Staying quiet in a corner! Have you no manners?" Flick attempted to leap over the couch but was grabbed back quickly. He yelled, kicking and flailing, before regaining his 'sanity', and sitting back down, crossing his legs in a huff. Teddy beckoned the girl over to the couch, a smile on his face, as usual. Wacko entered the room, smiling. Teddy smiled back.

"I wonder if she knows the power of safety, if not, I would be gladly thankful to teach her." Wacko said, and Teddy glanced at him.

"Judging by the fact that she's staying in her corner instead of walking towards the crazy people suggest she has some sort of grasp on the subject." He looked over at her calmly. "Right, Twilla?" There was no point in asking his how he knew her name. He knew people; he had connections. That's about the end of the discussion, if there was any.

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-11 04:38:58, as written by Jakuri-chan

Shi-Shi pulled the tinfoil on the muffins back; luckily, the foil seemed to have done its job of keeping the contents of what it covered all fresh and warm, as the little blonde’s culinary creations still seemed to be steaming despite being a few hours old. With a smile on her face, the girl balled the foil up with her right hand and threw it into one of the nearby trashcans, part of her just waiting for Flick to freak out about her having his missing hair clip. It was so fun getting him riled up . . . even if he did tend to live up to his nickname of Flick whenever she went and did this, Shi-Shi wasn’t scared of him, nope. If the world were still a sane place, and the little faerie herself were normal, she would indeed probably suffer from a well-deserved fear of him and not dare to mess with him. . . . But, the world had gone to hell in hand basket—no one was sane anymore~

Though, Shi-Shi had developed enough common sense in her tine of ‘insanity’ to know that Flick wasn’t one of the Matryoshka that wasn’t really necessary to fear. Of the whole bunch of them . . . either Sly or Wacko held that place in her head, of whom to fear most of her ‘family.’ No matter how sweet Sly acted, Shi-Shi was a ninja, a sneaky, nosy thing who lurked about in the shadows of places meant to be private, and came to be rather privy to knowledge best left secret after all~ Still, even if Sly and Wacko were something to fear, Shi-Shi actually held no fright of them in her little heart. Like the rest of the Matryoshka, they were part of the family, and they were people she loved and needed to treat with care, as the ‘mother’ she was.

Quietly, she looked at Glitch as she came on into the compartment herself, looked at the muffins and simply choose to disregard them, this caused Shi-Shi to shrug. Her loss~

But, that was when the girl’s duel colored eyes caught sight of something stirring on the floor of the train car, a person. Smile leaving Shi-Shi’s face, she craned her head over and looked upon this new person with a glint of wonderment in her eyes—it had been ages since last she could remember a new face appearing before the Matryoshka and herself. Face looking serious; sane, the little blonde just quietly observed the person as they moved, then she spotted something that made the mad grin return to her ashen face. Oh~ Shi-Shi spies with her little eyes . . . hair the color of magenta~ she thought, catching sight of the newcomer’s bright and long hair. Magenta; one of Shi-Shi’s most favorite colors. It was the hue of her midriff shirt, and the color in which her amazing black hoodie was accented with.

The girl was tiny, so small and petite~ And young, boy was she young. She even has Shi-Shi beat in looking like a kiddie, her face is still all cute and round with baby fat. Keeping her eyes upon the lass, Shi-Shi observed her looking about frantically, before she shoved herself back into the dimmest corner of the first class compartment. Silly girl seemed to be afraid. Good instincts, given who she’s with. Shi-Shi giggled at this thought. Even with the magenta colored hair piquing Shi-Shi’s interest, the blonde quickly lost her wonderment with her as she remained quiet, and stood to her feet, to her full and short height. If she wasn’t going to talk, then Shi-Shi was bored. . . .

Humming to herself, the little Matryoshka turned her gaze back to her muffins before she heard the door behind her slide on open, and in came the only Matryoshka member Shi-Shi herself was taller than, and one of the few members that she knew was a person to look upon with caution. He was barefoot, as usual, and looking/acting the part of being the innocent and cute member of the group. He looked around the room before eyeing the plate of muffins she was holding onto. A bit of a snide smile happened upon the blonde’s face at that—she didn’t fear Sly at all, even if she should have.
”Can I… Can I have one?” he asked her, turning his gaze to her expectantly.

To this Shi-Shi giggled just a little bit with a cute smile all her own. Insane or not, he should have known by now that anything that she cooked was always, always for all the Matryoshka, and not just herself. “Of course Sly can have one, Shi-Shi always makes food for us all and not just herself. Remember~? She doesn’t want anyone in her family starving!”[/b]

Just as she finished speaking though, Shi-Shi was suddenly knocked to the ground—she didn’t scream or shriek in shock though, because she knew it was coming eventually. It all had just depended when Flick, well, ‘flicked.’ There was a hand on her throat, squeezing it just enough to give a little bit of pressure, and to this the blonde opened her eyes up and cracked a smile, even laughed a bit. ”I believe you have something that’s mine~!” he half sang, a wicked and insane grin upon his face. And while most people would have been frightened by that look, it was something Shi-Shi was very accustomed to. After all, snatching Flick’s hair clips was a part of the routine she performed in order to make sure that she was still a part of the earthly realm, and to make sure her faerie self had not slipped off into another dimension.

Before she could even blink or realize what happened though, the hair clip was removed from her bangs and replaced by something, well . . . that was new. Realizing this, the smile vanished from Shi-Shi’s face as she just blinked in genuine surprise. Normally, Flick went on to tell her off and go on a tangent, not. . . . She was expecting to get more of a rise from him, and not for the hair clip to be replaced by something else. One of Shi-Shi’s gloved hands wandered up to her ponytailed bangs, and lightly clutched onto the ornaments attached to the hair bands as her eyes turned upward, a look of curiosity upon her features. Why is today different? she asked herself.

Shi-Shi still lay on the floor of the first class compartment, trying to look at the ornaments with no success before she heard Flick speak again, having ceased pinning her down as he had. ”It costs me money to buy you those things, y’know. Money.” It sort of sounded like he was chiding her, which made Shi-Shi pout—it wasn’t his place to chide her! No, it was her job to do that to the others as she was the mother of the group. . . ! Why was today different from normal? Ordinarily, Flick would have just taken back his hair clip, and she would have been left giggling as he freaked out at her for it, and she would just go off looking for something new to put her bangs up with. But he’d gone and bought her something to keep her bangs up with???

Still with a pout on her face, Shi-Shi realized that Flick was forcing her back to her feet with his free hand. She stood up, and forgot about the food she had prepared that morning, that Flick had apparently grabbed onto at some point in lunging at her. An irked expression upon her face, Shi-Shi felt her face go a little bit red as she found herself flustered by the fact that things had not gone as normal. During this whole event, it seemed Wacko had entered the quarters, but Shi-Shi had failed to notice this.

A whine came from her throat as she frowned, What was that all about? Why didn’t Flick just yell at Shi-Shi like he always does? she thought to herself. The girl’s brain sat upon these sorts of thoughts for the next moments and minutes, and she partly missed everything that was going on around her as she grumbled mentally about things not being normal.

"Judging by the fact that she's staying in her corner instead of walking towards the crazy people suggest she has some sort of grasp on the subject Right Twilla?” Shi-Shi looked up though, and was stirred from her thoughts as the Leader spoke to the newcomer. The quiet girl with the interesting magenta hair. So, her name was Twilla?

Even learning the girl’s name was not enough to prevent Shi-Shi’s mind from dwelling upon the fact that today had not been normal, as she wanted it to be. Flick’s little new hair band stunt with her was only being met with feelings of annoyance and questioning. A mischievous smile floated on over the girl’s features though, that glint of silliness happened over her face as well as she suddenly moved lithely across the dim compartment, doing so in a manner that would escape the attention of those not paying heed to her.

Shi-Shi was bored . . . and she felt like glomping someone. Her target? Well, for the moment, she deemed Flick the most appropriate target, given that he hadn’t made things go like they should have. With no warning, she clung onto the Elmo-hoodie wearing Matryoshka, laughing.

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-11 11:24:09, as written by Orbweaver

Glitch's eyes narrowed in annoyance as Flick launched himself at Shi-shi, really, the pyromaniac could be a moron sometimes, all that fuss over a hair clip.

"Then again," she thought, "I'd probably do the same if someone tried to take or touch my mask. That or worse most likely."

Still, she couldn't help but feel disdain when looking at the othe Matryoshka's, all of them could be so stupid at times. Again she wondered why she endured their company, it certainly wasn't for the pleasure of it. It was as Shi-shi latched on to Flick that she reminded herself that she wouldn't get very far up the ladder of life unless she had some people around her to use as rungs should the ascent get tough.

"So the girls name is Twilla," she said to herself as the leader began speaking about the girl, "How very interesting...not."

Truthfully she couldn't care less about the girl but there was always the possibility that she might come it useful. It couldn't hurt to play nice, or at least, nice for her. Turning her attention from the girl to the other Matryoshka's her thoughts bean to wander, assessing each member on there abilities and usefulness, her gaze finally settled on Sly.

"Disgusting creature, does he actually think he's fooling anyone?" she wondered, "However, he would come in very usefull in a fight."

Still, she was sure that trusting him would be a mistake, although it would be easy to deal with him if he ever turned on her, the cute and innocent exterior held no charm for her, she would have no trouble cutting him down. Without warning her stomach growled causing her eyes to widen, it appeared that hunger had caught up with her. Briefly she looked at the muffins Shi-shi had brought with her, it would be so easy to just take one but no, she wouldn't give in and in any case, eating would require her to remover her mask and she couldn't bear the thought of doing that infront of so many people. She had to be strong.

"Way past cool," she muttered, bringing out the handheld device she had been working on for the past few days. She was sure it was another gaming device and it was almost completed.

Ignoring everyone around her she began to work on it once more and within minutes she had it working. Inserting a battery she switched it on and began to play. There were so many characters to choose from and all in a cartoon style. Selecting one of the female characters she set about the first stage of the game, it appeared that the objective was to run around fighting a huge army and causing as much mayhem as possible while you worked towards the enemy's commanding officer. Like the last game she had played, it was a little repetative but unlike the last one it had a heavy focus on tactics. She began to smile as the enemy was lured to an ambush she had previously set up, as soon as they were within range she would have achers fire on them and then set the place on fire, it was perfect and foolproof, she'd be garanteed to win, all that was required was a little patience. The enemy would be like lambs to the slaughter. As the enemies drew closer and closer her finger itched to initiate the attack. Finally they were in range and without delay she ordered the massacre to begin.

"Alphanumeric!" she exclaimed.

Her eyes widened as she realised she had spoken aloud, she never said anything around the other Matryoshka's unless she absolutely had to. No doubt they would all laugh at her or think she was weird, perhaps they'd even think she had gone completely insane beyond any hope of recovery and would then replace her. The thought frightened her, as much as she hated having to rely on them she hated the thought of them not relying on her even more. SIlently she cursed herself for letting the game draw her in. Picking it up she tried to crush it in one hand, annoyed that it wouldn't break.

"This is all you're fault," she thought, glaring at the game, "They'll replace me and it's all because of you."

Finally, giving up on trying to crush it she threw the device as hard as she could where it shattered against the wall next to Flick's head who was still caught in Shi-shi's embrace.

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-11 20:33:16, as written by Lukipyon

“Of course Sly can have one, Shi-Shi always makes food for us all and not just herself. Remember~? She doesn’t want anyone in her family starving!”

Oh, how he hated it when the stupid girl talked in third-person, only three years old, who had yet to learn the one syllable word "I", would ever do that. Sly sometimes wondered if she talked in such a tone naturally or if she did it on purpose. If she did the latter, however, Sly would only have to realise that he brought it on himself. Curse his puny body. It did give him a secure position in the family however; most wouldn't suspect a child. Anger flashed across his brown eyes before he returned to his previous self. His eyes rounded over and he gratefully placed a muffin in his trembling palms.

"Thank you, Shi-Shi!" Squealed Sly and nodded at her, a beaming smile placed on his face. He then dropped himself to one of the empty seats and quietly nibbled on one of the edges. Sly would wait until it had cooled down a bit, he wouldn't want his precious little tongue to be burnt off. Nobody would want that, would they? He watched each of the individuals in the room, they all had their own traits that set them apart as insane; whether it be extreme anti-social behaviour or sudden mood swings. He shook his head and pondered why he had ever agreed to join this group of... freaks. There were obvious reasons - such as a meat-shield whenever he needed it - but the only thing that dragged him back, Sly guessed, was Teddy, There was something about the Leader that made him actually likeable. If Sly rated the people in the room on the chance of him pummelling them to death, the boy would guess that Teddy would've been the hardest to even lay a hand on. Despite each of the Matryoshkas to be rather messed up, at least the Leader's movements were the slight of unpredictable.

He watched Shi-Shi and Flick wrestle with one another. Glitch fiddle with yet another of her gadgets. It was normal activity in the abandoned train. This was probably one of the reasons why he would sometimes go on a random killing spree, like the small episode earlier this morning; just to bring back the drop of sanity he still had managed to keep for how many years. In Illista, madness was infectious.

Despite living with the group for so long, Sly understood that there were still blank spaces where there was to be information he was supposed to know but obviously didn't. Their history, especially. How where they suppose to be a family when they barely shared details between them? The small boy mentally shook his head and continued to munch on his muffin. If he knew just a tiny bit more, maybe he could find their weak spots and crawl into the most darkest parts of their beings. Sly favoured blackmail, it was a nice manipulative method, but recently there had been no reason to do so.

Sly quickly gobbled up the rest of the muffin and found that there was very little else to do except wait for his stomach to digest the food. He decided to use this time to look at each person more closely instead. Shi-Shi and Flick were of no problem to him, they seemed naive and Sly felt no tension between him and them. It was obvious that they may had have some ideas about Sly's true image but they probably didn't feel the need to point this out.

His gaze then moved wearily to Glitch. If he didn't have to fear about his cover being blown, he would've have snorted. She was an odd Matryoshka, she seemed to prefer her electronics rather than other people. But Sly knew not to underestimate the quiet ones, they were usually the ones who judged the rest of us and categorized them in their own little sections. Maybe she silently criticized the others like himself. He frowned, wondering what she thought of him.

His attention then drifted to the door when it opened to reveal Wacko who bypassed Shi-Shi's muffins and then brought up a conversation with Teddy referring to the unfamiliar girl in the corner. This then caused Sly to focus on the girl as well, his eyebrows knitted together when the first thing that he noticed was the colour of her long locks.
Great, another person with weird-coloured hair.
But she looked shaken, so he decided to lay off for a while; even Sly understood that it was unreasonable to denounce a person he barely knew. Instead, a swarm of questions fluttered into his brain. This always happened when new arrivals came, no-one could mistake Sly's thirst for knowledge. He reminded himself to talk to the girl as well once Teddy was finished with her.

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Confused and completely unaware of what was going on around her, Twilla held the muffin. What was going on? These people didn’t seem at all Like kidnappers. They seemed… Strange though… Not normal. Twilla couldn’t explain it, but she felt a little more like a pet than a person kidnapped for a ransom or anything. At least they were going to feed her, but who could tell if the food was poisoned or not?

Out of both curiosity and suspicion, Twilla lifted her muffin to look at it from all angles. When she saw that the muffin looked okay, she sniffed it. The muffin smelled like a regular old muffin too… And the other person ate his muffin, but he could have been doing that just to get her guard down… The muffin could be perfectly fine. Such endless possibilities… However, if they had planned to kill her they would have done it while she slept. It would make no sense to carry her all the way out to this abandon train and wait for her to regain consciousness and finally poison her… But in all honesty, Twilla wasn’t hungry. She was too afraid to be hungry. What were these people planning to do? Why did they bring her? Certainly there was nothing special about little Twilla.

"Couldn't you introduce yourself first?! Staying quiet in a corner! Have you no manners?" A strange man shouted at her.

In both shock and fear, Twilla flinched.

The yelling man scrambled around like a monkey and screeching as though he was having some sort of fit before settling down and sitting on the couch with his legs crossed. This man was certainly a strange one…

Twilla said nothing. She was suffering the effects of confusion. Who were these people? Why had she been brought here? Twilla shuffled her feet… She wanted to run away, but where to? Not knowing her surroundings, running away could prove to be a mortal error. Maybe she should just stay until she learned more about her surroundings, then run away. If she died here though… Would it be better than starving or dehydrating to death? Twilla didn’t know, but at least if she st6ayed, she would have a chance at survival… Twilla twisted her hand around the wrist of the hand which held her muffin… When she looked up, she saw the one who offered her a muffin waving her over to the couch… Unsure of what to do, Twilla backed into the wall… The man held such a genuine smile… But could Twilla trust him? She didn’t know… Still afraid, she thought for a moment, then walked over to the couch. She didn’t want to insult the man by not sitting down… So, she sat on the edge of the couch, as far away from everyone as possible. Not wanting to make it to obvious, she tried to relax… She tried to face them… But she was afraid.

Someone else walked in… He was also grinning… And the muffin man smiled back to him… Why were there so many men? Did any women live here? Twilla couldn’t understand… But if they were all men, this place became that much more foreboding.

"I wonder if she knows the power of safety, if not, I would be gladly thankful to teach her." The new one said.

Unsure of what to say and even more frightened, Twilla shifted. Why was everything so wrong? It wasn’t as though Twilla really had anything in the world, but she was okay with being alone… Now she was in a room filled with people who not only acted odd, but looked odd as well… Twill hated judging by appearances, so she didn’t let it bother her before… But all the markings on their faces… Did they mean something? Was Twilla caught in the middle of some strange cult or something? Who were these people?

"Judging by the fact that she's staying in her corner instead of walking towards the crazy people suggest she has some sort of grasp on the subject." The muffin man looked over at her calmly. "Right, Twilla?"

There were two problems with what the muffin man had just said. 1. “Crazy people”. Was this some sort of secret asylum and he was a ring leader? Were these asylum escapees? Why would he refer to them as “Crazy people”? 2. “Twilla.” How in the world did this man know her name? The poor, nervous wreck had never met him before. She had never introduced herself… And she wasn’t the type to sleep talk. There was no way she had said it in her sleep… How did he know her name?

It was then Twilla noticed a girl. Twilla wasn’t the only female around! That was a huge relief for the girl. However, Twilla saw the strange markings on her face and how she floated about as though she belonged there. This girl was one of them. Twilla was not one of them. She was alone…

The fit-in girl tackled the strange man with his legs crossed into a hug… It was like… A very, very strange family. At least they seemed to fit in together. They were close. Twilla didn’t fit in at all. She never would. She probably wouldn’t fit anywhere no matter where she went or what she did. She was a complete and total misfit.

Being a misfit wasn’t so bad though. Actually… Twilla kind of liked being alone. Sure, it could get extremely lonely, and of course she never had anyone to turn to. However, no one ever had to bother with her and she never had to bother with anyone else. No one would hurt her and she wouldn’t hurt anyone else. It was the perfect arrangement, really. There would always be pros and cons to everything and the pros seemed to outweigh the cons.

Then again, Twilla had never [i]not[/b] been lonely. She had secretly wanted someone to share her thoughts with and she wanted someone else to share their thoughts with her. Being a child of darkness, it was extremely difficult to find someone willing to talk to her and now that there were people talking to her, she was too afraid to talk to them. Truly this child was strange.

Relationships were complicated. Can’t live with them or without them… So how were people supposed to survive? Twilla chose to live with the poison of loneliness. Obviously the people on this broken train chose the toxic effects of relationships… Maybe having friends wouldn’t be so bad… But these people were so far gone… They were the kind of people Twilla was taught to avoid… Twilla was like them in that. She was also the kind of person people tried to avoid. That’s why she would never get friends and why she feared having them to an extent. After all, when she tried to make friends, her peers would cry and run away from her. A little girl who hides in shadows was far too creepy to live with.

Being alone was safe… So, now that Twilla was not alone, she was not safe… But she had nowhere else to go. If she ran away, she would be alone, but since she didn’t know where she was… It also was not safe. It was a paradox. The situation was far too confusing to fully-grasp. Being a smart girl, hopefully Twilla would find her way out of this mess safely. But who could ever know what lied ahead for the young girl?

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-12 21:35:48, as written by Monochrome

Flick saw Shi-Shi coming towards him with open arms and he yelped. No, he did not hate hugs. They just made him. . . "No!" he yelled out, trying to get away as Shi-Shi hugged him, even though she had many times before but she knew he always did the same thing. As soon as her arms were around him, he practically fell limp in her arms. Not as limp so she would drop him, but his body weight was near hers anyways. Why he did this when he was hugged, even he didn't know. But a small whimper escaped his lips when he tried to talk. It took him a while to say something, but when he did, it came out whiny and pleading, not like he wanted it to at all. "Don't, Shi-Shi. . ." His hands fiddled with hers, trying to loosen them, but his fingers were as limp as his body.

It was like when you'd been outside in the freezing cold, then tried to do up buttons but found it was near impossible. He jumped when he saw something crash on the wall. Flick hadn't seen it flying across the room but he'd only seen the smash. If Shi-Shi wasn't glomping him, he would have let it pass and shatter without a word, but now it shocked him. He practically lost control of every part of himself, apart from his hands and his head, so he continued to fiddle with her hands, now falling completely limp in her embrace. He managed to loosen her hands, but he fell to the ground, hitting his shoulder. "Ouch." he said, nonchalantly, before giving Shi-Shi an evil glare, as usual. Then he burst into proud laughter as he relished in how great he was. Teddy, at the time, was just thinking of how conceited the little brat could be; a bit like Peter Pan who likes to crow.

"Ha! You can't keep me captive!" he grinned, before noticing that Twilla girl was actually still there. She looked. . . Rather scared and slightly, well, depressed, maybe? She was strange; she didn't have markings on her face like the Leader, or like Glitch. Not that Flick knew whether Glitch had any under her mask or anything. The only time he could ever find out would be by watching her sleep but that would give her a mighty scare if she woke up and had a crazy redhead looming over her.

He was wondering if that Twilla girl would actually take a seat, but that wasn't really up to him, it was up to the Leader. Whatever the Leader did was none of his business, no matter how much he admired him. But he looked at Shi-Shi and gave her a questioning look, trying to say something within the lines of 'So where'd you think this one came from?'

The redhead actually took in Sly and Wacko. Earlier, he'd seen them but he'd gone mental at Shi-Shi so thoughts of other things were obliterated from his mind.


Teddy looked at the Twilla girl, who seemed to be getting rather confused. He decided to introduce the others. "That's Shi-Shi." He pointed over at the girl, smiling. "She's our faerie." He used the girl's own term for herself, having come back from the dead. Really, it intrigued him if she had, and if so, what did she see? He then pointed at Glitch. "Glitch is good at fighting, but she's great at hacking. And she's a genius at video games. Over there is Wacko, he's fast as hell. The redhead-" A few protests from Flick were thrown in here. "is Flick. If he suddenly gets. . . more insane, just ignore him. He blows up just about everything. And over there is our little Sly. I think you can guess from his name."

He spun in a circle, walking towards the girl as he put his arm around her shoulder and guided her towards the couch. "Honestly, we don't want to hurt you." He looked around as if this was an order not to hurt her. "We just want to welcome you to our. . . train." He sat down, crossing his legs, and pulled his hood down. Why was today one of the hottest days of the year? His long ponytail hung down and Flick ran over like a little girl, fiddling with it.

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Nodding at what Teddy said,"Maybe your right or maybe she doesn't know much of safety, but she is familiar with some of it. Wacko turned with his blood stained metal bat and jumped over to sly. "Hey there Sly!" He waved as if the boy was far away, but he actually waved at people like that, if you wave close to your face, your willing to hit yourself with your own hand. Might sound funny but, Wacko was dead serious about it. 

"Did you know, if you eat a muffin to fast, your going to chock on it?" He smiled at the smaller boy then hearing Glitch yell out something,"Hey Glitch, did you know that staring at a computer screen for too long would damage your eye site." Yelling over at the girl at the computer. Looking back at Sly he smiled a crazy smile, well it was actually his everyday smile, and everyone usually got used to it. Sitting his bat on his shoulder he smiled, when was there a day he wasn't smiling.

Never! Always smiling, every single day, for no reson at all, only because it's a force of habits, was why he was, well, always smiling! Knowing that it brings a smile on most of the others faces was all he seemed to notice. Putting his bat on the other shoudler he was still infront of Sly, smiling like a circus clown. Sly reminded Wacko of a racoon, a racoon that wouldn't stop stealing things out of your pockets and trash cans.

Scanning over the area he had to admit that everyone reminded him of some type of wild animal, elegant, to not so elegant. Even he himself reminded him of an animal, he thinks that he is more like a cheetah, fast and a good hunter when it comes to food. He probably ran as fast as a cheetah as well.

"Well off I go!" Exclaiming the whole sentence out of no where and left the room in a really fast rate. Finding a towel he wiped his bat off and made sure it was squeeky clean, not wanting to get sick, and die of an unknown deasese, you never know. Running outside he looked up at the morning sky,"Man, the sky is so blue." Looking both ways before crossing the street, watching out for any unsafe thing, just to get rid of it the next second."Catch me if you can!" Saying that to no one in particulair, he ran as if some one was chasing him, more like a game of tag, but it was Wacko's kind of tag.

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-14 13:15:21, as written by Jakuri-chan

Shi-Shi could only giggle a bit at Flick’s reaction to her glomping him, the same, it was always the same. Him going limp, and partly freaking out for reasons unknown. Anytime it happened, the redhead always seemed like he was a different person, no, Flick never quite seemed like his normal self. His voice always wavered, and he was uncertain, while trying to get her off him. Nope, he definitely never seemed like he was his normal self when it came down to it. The change was amusing to her, perhaps it was a bit cruel of her, getting a bit of entertainment out of that reaction. But she couldn’t help herself. Flick had gone and ruined their normal routine for when she took his hair clips after all. And normality was one of the few things Shi-Shi clung onto in the world, one of the few things she needed more than anything else.

So, when Flick managed to pry himself out of her arms, Shi-Shi simply kept a smile upon her face, as she laughed, even with him falling off the couch, the blonde couldn’t keep herself from laughing. Silly silly, Flick was so silly~

Remaining seated upon the couch where she was, Shi-Shi continued to smile down at Flick as he simply glared at her, really, he was amusing. He started laughing, a prideful cackle, something to which was normal for him after escaping from her embraces. Ha! You can’t keep me captive!” he grinned, gloating about his break out.

To this, Shi-Shi merely giggled to herself, setting her hands in-between her legs, palms flat on the couch. Oh Flick, you’re sooo funny~ If Shi-Shi really wanted to keep you from getting away, she could. For his sake, the younger girl always went easy on him. She knew he didn’t like being hugged, so . . . she always made sure she held onto him just tight enough so that he wouldn’t fall over from going limp, at the same time she kept her grip loose enough so that Flick could get away after a minute or two.

With her knowledge of pressure points and human anatomy . . . it really wouldn’t have been hard for her to keep anyone in place for too long, if she were able to strike the right spot on a person’s body of course. Plus . . . the little faerie was certain that she had powers that would reveal themselves in a time of great need should she ever need them.

When Flick looked back at her, the expression on his face reading something along the lines of a questioning, the little Matryoshka’s eyes wandered on over to the new girl—to Twilla, and she continued to smile, truly curious of her and where she was from. She seemed quiet though, and frightful . . . no, no, no, that would not do here. If she is timid, then Shi-Shi will just have to work on fixing that~

When the Leader went about introducing the lot of the Matryoshka whom were in the first class compartment, at hearing her introduction to Twilla, Shi-Shi opened her mouth a bit and offered the cutesy girl a smile while giving her a friendly enough wave. The hand she used to wave dropped back down to her side, though the smile remained. Was this girl going to become one of them? One of the Matryoshka? If so, then it looked like Shi-Shi was going to have a new family member to take care of—a new person to mother. Heheh~ Wonderful, wonderful~

The very idea of it, of a new family member was something that made Shi-Shi feel pleased, happy. It meant that she would have someone else that knew her, and saw her; it was someone who acknowledged her existence. That was good . . . it meant that she had a little more proof that she was still a human, despite having died before.

When the Leader guided her on over to the couch, Shi-Shi offered the rather introverted pink-haired girl a smile—letting her know that she herself was not a person to at all fear. “We just want to welcome you to our. . . train.” the Leader said, as if he wasn’t entirely sure himself where he was going with that sentence. He plopped onto the couch, while removing the hood of his hoodie for a rare instance.

Today was uncomfortably warm, but then, Shi-Shi never really noticed the heat thanks to her usual attire of a midriff shirt, short-shorts, boots, and a hoodie that she kept unzipped. . . . Even in the dead of winter, the blonde-faerie dressed like this. She barely even noticed the changes in temperature for some reason. The only explanation she had for it was the fact that she was no longer human. That’s the only thing she could think of. Being a faerie kept you from getting cold or hot, it numbed your senses it seemed.

Giggling while Flick rushed over to mess around with the Leader’s long ponytail, Shi-Shi shut her eyes and turned her gaze up to the ceiling of the train compartment, and began to think and muse over her situation. The thoughts of her species began to surface again, and the notion of whether or not she had a right to live with the Matryoshka surfaced, and it caused the smile upon her face to vanish as a look of melancholy settled in. Even with her duel colored eyes, and the markings inked upon the bridge of her nose and under her eyes, in that moment Shi-Shi looked as if she were not a Matryoshka, but a girl who was much older than her body let on.

It was a strange sort of happening, but really, the little blonde just looked . . . experienced and aged. A sense of maturity seemed to overtake her, that maternal feel that sometimes arose within her, it came forward.

Thinking about herself was scary, wondering if she even belonged among humans . . . what right did a faerie have, sharing in the joys of mortals? And she had died once, so what did that mean for her now? Could she die again? What would happen to her if she did die again? Inside of that flesh of hers, was there a soul anymore? . . . .did the soul that was meant to inhabit that skin of hers leave before?

A sigh escaped from the girl’s throat, it was a soft, and long one, but in the quiet that followed Wacko’s departure of the train, it was audible. Shi-Shi should not be thinking about these things right now. Other things are more important than her worries. the girl reminded herself, shaking her head and trying to rid herself of the thoughts for a while. Surrounded, she was surrounded by her family, and someone who may become such a thing. Allowing her thoughts to be consumed by her worries, and wonderings, it wasn’t right of her. And it was selfish.

There was a giggle from her again, before she returned to smiling—though, it wasn’t a crazed smile. It was a gentle one, simple, and about as close to normal as one might find in the Matryoshka. She looked over to Flick and the Leader, then to Twilla, before she turned her gaze to Sly and Glitch. All of them were silly. . . . “So, what does everyone want for lunch? It’s getting to be about that time, and Shi-Shi needs to cook if anyone wants anything in time for it.”

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-14 21:45:02, as written by Lukipyon

Sly jumped in fright when he saw the hulking mass, that was Wacko, jump in his direction and then land directly in front of the small boy. A surprised expression crept onto his youthful face before he started to giggle; the man’s unnatural speed always caught him off guard. Wacko’s palm was only centimetres away from Sly’s button nose but he had grown used to this strange form of greeting. It was rather dramatic, but logic and reason rarely boarded the abandoned train. Of course, Sly knew that Wacko hated it when he laughed about this. How could a child understand the way an adult’s mind worked? The giggle then slowly faded into a hiccup and then to nothing. Eyes only full of youth replaced it instead.

“Heehee, hello Wacko!” Said Sly and then waved just as vigorously. His eyes then rounded over and he stared at the man shell-shocked, “Wha- What? I didn’t eat it too quick... Did I?”

His lip quivered and he carefully placed his hand around his fragile neck, all he could feel was his Adam’s apple and the throb of his heart. Surely he had digested it by now, right? Once Wacko had finished shouting at Glitch, the man then reverted his attention back to Sly and did his signature smile; a shaky grin that always expressed hysteria. The boy looked at him curiously before catching onto what it meant. He had just been joking. He was joking about me choking. With this thought, Sly’s mouth then also twitched into a smile and he waved cheerily to Wacko’s back as he made his leave.

Sly’s ears then perked up when he heard Teddy introduce of them individually, Sly was the last in this list and once he heard his name, he jerked his head towards the girl and then stretched his hand high into the air; as if the man was calling out some kind of register. Once the Leader had ushered Twilla onto the couch, Sly immediately leapt from his own and padded towards her. He used his right hand to hold onto the large sleeve of his left and then looked up shyly at the girl.

“Um, hallo...” Murmured Sly timidly and then did a double-take. Hold up. This is my territory. He then waggled head – which caused some of the wavy tendrils to fall in his line of vision – as if activating his confidence,” Twilla... Twilla! I think it’s a really nice name...! I wonder why Teddy gave me such an evil-sounding one...”

Here, he then flitted his attention to the man on the opposite side of the couch. He gave him a hardened ook that expressed a warning before sliding them back to the pink-haired girl.

“Maybe it’s because... Um...” Sly paused, he pressed his index finger on his bottom lip and he looked up at the ceiling. He then suddenly stretched out an awkward grin; his eyes sparkling excitement, “Because... I’m super good at hide-and-seek!”

With this, he dropped to his feet before appearing behind the couch. He pulled at the new girl’s ear before leaping over and sitting beside her. Giddiness had seemed to override every limb in his body so he was practically bouncing on the seat, “Haha, seeee!” He then pulled his calves in so he could cross his legs.

“But, but yeah! Teddy Bear is right. We-won’t-hurt-you! ” He giggled before abruptly standing up on the couch. It didn’t do much for his height - because his feet only sank into the cushion – so he stepped on his tiptoes and stretched his arms as high as possible.

“I want ice-creeaamm!” Screeched Sly in a shrill voice, a reply to Shi-Shi’s question.

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Setting: Ilista2012-03-15 09:38:25, as written by Orbweaver

Glitch glared at Wacko as he left the train. Honestly, who did he think he was, telling her of all people that computer screens were bad for your eyes. She came to the realisation that she was in a bad mood and wasn't surprised, the syndrome attack would have been enough to set her off anyway but now there were just too many people near her, considering the fact that two of them were Shi-shi and Flick, it was a surprise she didn't have a migraine.

"I swear, if I don't get to go soon then I'm going to explode," she thought to herself, tightening her mask.

She rolled her eyes in disbelief as Sly began to speak to the new girl, the display was so sickeningly sweet that she feared she would soon have cavities. The new girl couldn't seriously be buying the act but then again, she like most people, probably would. Without even waiting to see what Twilla actually thought of Sly, she concluded that the girl was a moron.

"How I would love for the world to not be full of idiots," she muttered to nobody in particular before turning her attention to Flick.

The redhead was playing with the leader's ponytail in a way that reminded her of a cat, the sight made her twinge. Standing up she walked over to the new girl, pushing Flick out of the way before standing next to the leader.

"Honestly Flick," she said, "What are you? Five?"

All this she said as if he wasn't even worth the effort to speak which in her opinion, he wasn't. She then turned her attention to Twilla, staring deep into her eyes, she was sure that she wasn't going to like her but then again, she didn't like anyone.

"Like Teddy and Sly have said, nobody will hurt you," she grumbled, "However, in my case this is only true if you stay out of my way."

Satisfied that the girl now knew where she stood, Glitch turned away and headed back to her seat. It was really too hot today to be wearing black but then again, her outfit was one of the few things that she felt comfortable in, the drawback was that unlike the others, she had nothing to unzip or take off if it got too warm for her, the only thing she could remove was her mask and that would never happen while she was around the other Matryoshka's. She had just about reached her seat when the walls began to flex in and out as if seen in a funhouse mirror. All the others seemed to be miles away, they looked so small, like dolls.

"Oh no, not again!" she groaned, dropping to her knees.

This time she was shrinking, she felt herself get smaller and smaller untill she was sure there was nothing left despite the fact that she knew it was impossible to shrink. Her eyes widened as figures seemed to detatch from the wall and shuffle towards her like zombies, she grew even more frightened when the pacman hairtie in Shi-shi's hair seemed to enlarge and come to life, floating towards her with it's big mouth gaping. As Pacman swallowed her she closed her eyes, opening them what could only have been a few minutes later but had felt like hours to find herself crouched by her seat, contorted into the smallest shape possible.

"Well that couldn't have happened at a worse time," she thought to herself.

She was sure now that they would replaced her seeing as they had found out about her secret flaw but then another thought popped into her mind, perhaps they had always known and had been planning to replace her with Twilla which was why the girl had been there in the first place. She was sure of it, this had to be the reason, now they would cast her out to fend for herself. She glared hatefully at Twilla, trying to portray exactly how she felt at that moment, wishing that looks could kill but much to her annoyance, the girl kept breathing.

"This is all your fault," thought Glitch as she stomped away to her compartment where she tore off her mask. Waiting for the news she knew was coming.

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"That's Shi-Shi." Teddy said warmly, motioning toward . "She's our faerie." Fairy, hu? Twilla could see why… She was flamboyant and happy. She even waved and smiled when introduced… Not exactly knowing how to respond, Twill sheepishly waved back. Then, Teddy pointed at an angry girl with a stone glare. "Glitch is good at fighting, but she's great at hacking. And she's a genius at video games. Over there is Wacko, he's fast as hell. The redhead is Flick. If he suddenly gets. . . more insane, just ignore him. He blows up just about everything. And over there is our little Sly. I think you can guess from his name." There were so many names all at once? Could Twilla really remember them all? For these people, it seemed as though this was a game… Or an endless sleepover with plenty of games and Twilla was the guest of honor that not everyone liked so much…

After all the individual introductions, Teddy spun around and showed her to the couch, where she shifted uncomfortably. His arm around her should… It was a bit… Awkward. No one had ever done that to Twilla before. “Honestly, we don't want to hurt you." He looked around at everyone in the room… It seemed as though he was giving a command silently. "We just want to welcome you to our. . . train." He was certainly their ring leader, in complete command of everyone there. The ring leader sat and crossed his legs. Then, he pulled his hood down. Flick ran over to Teddy’s hair and fiddled with it like a girl who wanted to braid someone’s hair, but didn’t know how… What a strange group of people… How many people have been through this? How long would Twilla be here?

As Twilla shuffled her feet nervously while she sat, Sly leapt over to her, then looked up at her not unlike a scared puppy. He grabbed onto his left sleeve as he watched her. This little one was dangerous… Obviously, from his name (and the way the ring leader spoke as though the name were perfect for the boy), Twilla knew this one to be a thief… Maybe one who didn’t mean to steal, but a thief none the less. She would have to keep her guard up while he was around… He would sweet talk her until her guard was down, then take something.

“Um, hallo…” He spoke softly. Something seemed… Off about him… Twilla shifted away from Sly. She tried not to make it too apparent that she was doing so, but Sly seemed to be hiding something. ”Twilla... Twilla! I think it’s a really nice name...! I wonder why Teddy gave me such an evil-sounding one...” Twilla was not a name that Teddy had given her… It was her name… And Twilla knew precisely why Sly was given his name… She could already see his sneaky ways… After he greeted her, there was a brief moment where Twill thought she saw aggression…

After he spoke to Twilla, he gave the person on the other side of the couch… A look. It wasn’t exactly a friendly look either… Then, his eyes shifted back to Twilla.

“Maybe it’s because... Um...” There was a moments break between his words as he pressed his index figure over his mouth and looked at the ceiling, grinning strangely. And suddenly, he grew excited. “Because... I’m super good at hide-and-seek!” Twilla knew better than that… She looked at the floor, unsure of what to say.

Twilla brought her legs together and held her hands over her muffin in her lap… She really didn’t trust sly… She didn’t want him to be near her. He was the most suspicious so far…

Then, out of seemingly nowhere, Sly leapt to his feet before appearing behind the couch and pulling on her ear. A chill went down Twilla’s spine… He knew exactly what he was doing…Then, he plopped on the couch beside her and giddily said, “Haha… see!” And he crossed his legs… Was he trying to threaten her?

“But, but yeah! Teddy Bear is right. We-won’t-hurt-you! ” He cackled just before briskly standing on the couch. Then, for whatever reason, he stood on his tiptoes and stretched his arms out to the ceiling… What was wrong with him? The way he spoke and the way he acted… He really seemed to be trying to make Twilla uncomfortable… It seemed to be his plan… And it seemed it was working.

“So, what does everyone want for lunch? It’s getting to be about that time, and Shi-Shi needs to cook if anyone wants anything in time for it.” The faerie said. Twilla still held the muffin from earlier in her hands… She couldn’t possibly think of food until she ate it… But the whole situation was unsettling and…. With Sly around, she couldn’t seem to find the guts to eat.

“I want ice-creeaamm!” Sly squealed shrilly.

"How I would love for the world to not be full of idiots," Twilla overheard Glitch mumble. Her gaze was fixed on Flick. "Honestly Flick," she seemed exasperated. "What are you? Five?" Twilla knew many people who loved to mess with hair, so she didn’t understand why Glitch was so offended by it…

Then, Glitch’s cold eyes fixed on Twilla. "Like Teddy and Sly have said, nobody will hurt you," she grumbled, "However, in my case this is only true if you stay out of my way." At least she was honest… Twilla looked down uneasily to see Sly. Not wanting to stair and also not particularly wanting to see him, she shifted her eyes in the other direction, at the floor.
"Oh no, not again!" Glitch groaned, collapsing to her knees… What was she talking about? Twilla didn’t understand…

Twilla pulled her head further over her, trying to hide… Was any of this even real? It was so crazy… It all seemed too strange to believe… She would have believed being capable of flying before believing that she’d pass out and suddenly be in a room full of such strange… And maybe even insane people.

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I just posted but I was a tad worried that people might think I was making stuff up with the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome stuff so I just thought I'd explain that it is actually something that's real and those are actual symptoms, I've experienced it a few times too, it can be quite unpleasent. Sorry for being a little paranoid.