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a character in “Maximum Ride: The Flock of Pyrite”, as played by aSadisticDoll

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Name: Blaise

Role: Troublemaker

Age: 13

Appearance: Image
Blaise is slightly short and thin, with straight auburn hair falling around her shoulders, paper white skin, and light golden eyes. She may seem angelic at first glance, but behind her childish smile she can be far from. She wears a dress whenever she can, and almost never has her hair up. Her wings are those of a hawk, mostly brown with stripes of white and red.

Personality: Due to her extremely childish and pixie like appearance, most people treat her as a delicate child. She has given up trying to show people that she's smarter than that, and instead puts effort into seeming slightly unaware of whats going on outside of the flock. Inside the flock she shows her true self... Shes can get quite talkative, and gets distracted easily. Her passion flares when around electronics, she can hack just about everything, and make some kind of invention for just about every situation. Her love for technology and pranks gets her in a lot of trouble. Shes always working on some new invention to pull some embarrassing prank, or a weapon to defend her flock with, though she keeps those very well hidden from the flock. She isn't the smartest when it comes to the simple stuff such as spelling and math, resulting in her struggle to be better than anyone out of the flock. Being seen as useful and helpful is her main goal in her flock, and even if she only manages to get a small smile out of one of her flock members, she'll be happy. Despite seeming hyper and careless with her words, if you get her one on one and ask her for help with something, she'll give you her honest opinion and do anything she can to help. Shes quite easygoing, but once she gets angered, those which are cursed with her wrath will pay, which can be caused by saying something against her flock.

+White chocolate
+Trying out new ideas

+Being in small places
+Having a idea of hers fail

+Being away from the flock

Crush: TBD

Power: The ability to copy any movement she sees (which doesn't include other peoples powers )

History: While stuck in a cage, shes always dreamed of breathing in crisp night air, a treat she only got to experience once in a experiment on her by the white coats. Her desperate attempts to free her flock from the school earns her a lot of hatred from the white coats. She clung to Pyrite's stories, hoping that one day she will be able to live her life like the characters of the story that she holds so dear did.

Roleplay Sample: This is what she had dreamed of, every night she could remember. She ran, not quite paying attention to where she was going, but she trusted the flock enough to know that they would lead her to freedom. Running so fast she almost felt she was flying wasn't as fun as she had dreamed, she lungs felt as though they were about to burst, and she knew her legs would hurt later. Silent tears rolled off her cheeks, her heart pounding just as loud as her bare feet on the cold floor. She knew she should be scared, terrified in fact, but she felt light and powerful. Would today be the day she got her hands on some good materials? At last she would be able to make something, something GOOD, not just those little useless trinkets she was able to make from the pieces of what ever she had managed to get her hands on.

Wind blasted in her face as she flew out the door, waking her from her thoughts. Closing her eyes she ran even faster, launching herself into the air and snapping open her wings. Please, she begged the wind, push us towards freedom, help us reach the clouds! The faint sound of snarling came from behind her, barely reaching her ears. She smiled, knowing she would have to see the white coats again in order to keep her promise: She would make sure their life would come to a miserable end.

Reaching a safe height in the air, she slowed down when she caught up to the other in the air. Sneaking a glance back at the building, her eyes widened as she took in the building in splinters on the ground.
Perhaps my promise has already been kept

So begins...

Blaise's Story