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please just read it!!

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ok well I give credit to my friend for giving me a basic storyline!!

ok there are two sisters. They are princess. One is Princess Celest and the other is Princess Sarah. Sarah is the girly younger sister. Sarah has been the youngest in the family for awhile then there is her older sister that goes by the rules and is not so girly. Celest likes to fight and play sports. She does however not mind the dresses she has to wear.

One day when Celest was 15 her mother asked her to think about water. So Celest thought about water then she was told to look at the cup while thinking of water. So what happened was the cup filled with water. Then her mother asked about air. Now this is where it got fun. Celest thought about air then all of a sudden wind was storming in the room. SO then she was told to think about fire and light something on fire. But that did not happen then she was told to think about earth. Nothing happened here either .Then her mother asked about spirit. So Celest did that and opened a hole to Maylivia. But her mother dared not to tell Sarah this and did not tell Celest about what she did with spirit.

A couple months has passed and then Celest hears the new that her mother is dead. So Celest the only one that got some of her mothers powers cried for days. Sarah was there too crying. One day it was Sarahs 15 birthday. Now Celest was asked to ask Sarah the same things as her mother did. So she did and it turned out that Sarah could use the powers Earth,Fire,and water. So years have passed and then one day the gate way from Maylivia opens it was thier mother. They were told to follow her. So Sarah and Celest followed there mom into the gate way. They hear about the war the is going to happen cause of the dark side so in order to save Maylivia they must chosse wisley for what to do.

Now the rest of the story is where Celest and Sarah meet two boys that want to kill them cause the boys think Celest and Sarah are on the bad side.

Celest:Taken by me!
boy 1:(you pick the name and all so boy 1 has to fall in love with Celest)
Boy 2:(same thing but he has to love Sarah)
Dark lord:(you pick the name)
Dark lords daughter:Taken
Dark lords son the twin of the daughter:(you pick the name and all so he starts to like celest too)
boy guard1(you pick the name and he has to love Sarah)
other guards:
(note that the dark lords kids are against him)

1.I will play your character if we have to wait a week
2. please let me know if your gonna be off for a week and that way I wont touch your character
3.please just have fun no fights
4. If you wanna ask me something feel free to PM about it or post it here :D

Character sheet:
Age:(the kids and the one guard are all around 17-20 note: Sarah is 17)
Apperance:(please no anime!)
personality:(it come out in the RP if you want)
(I am aloud to add anything if I want and once again if you need anything just ask or PM me!!)



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Character Portrait: Camellia Daughter of the dark lord

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i'll tell everybody i know and everybody i don't! :D:

Re: [OOC] Maylivia war 1

kool accepted and tell your friends about the RP :D love the dress and crown!! :D I sure hope more people join I made a book about this already :D but of course its not published cause ya :P

Re: [OOC] Maylivia war 1

Role: Daughter of the dark lord
Name: Camellia Fortuna Mallen
Appearance:Imagewith this crownImageand this dressImage
Personality: comes out in role play

Re: [OOC] Maylivia war 1

Role: Princess Celest
Name: Celest Mary-Lynn Rhodes(note who ever plays sarah has to use this last name"Rhodes")
Age:19(sarah is 17)

Image <-with this dress

Image <- and this crown :D

Personality:(its gonna come out in the RP)

(my character sheet :D)Note I put the stuff down about sarah so you know :P another Note: Please if you are Sarah you must put a crown on here that she would wear but the others you can do what ever you like I just like the idea of the dresses and crowns for the royals :D

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