Modern dayGabriel Cross

International businessman, descendant of the Medici family, and new CEO of the Medici Group.

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Name: Gabriel Cross/Gabriel de Medici

Age: 28

Role: Adventurer, head of the Medici Group, founder of the Medici Foundation.

Training: Well versed in martial arts and small arms.

Special Skills or Other Notes: Has a long history with practicing French Savate and Canne de Combat, as well as the Japanese Martial Art of Gunnery (Shooting), or Hojutsu.

Significant other:[/i] None.

Shortcut, blond hair, cold, blue eyes, and sharp features. Likes to wear dark suits and expensive shirts. He wears a Rolex Day-Date Gold wristwatch on his left arm, a memento of somebody he once held dear, as well as a status symbol for a powerful businessman. He's slender built, but has very strong, wiry muscles, and an excellent physique. He has a tattoo of the Medici family's crest on the right side of his torso, on the collarbone.



Cross is a good-natured, but somewhat hotheaded and impulsive man, who rather relies on his gut feeling than thinking, when it comes to decision making. He is adventurous, and tries to always do the right thing. Wanting to help people even in the Third World, he has a long history of cooperation with and funding of organizations such as the Red Cross, Doctors-, Laywers- and Reporters Without Borders, as well as Amnesty International. He enjoys the thrill and adrenaline kick of extreme sports, such as parkour, spelonking, mountain climbing, and of course, shooting, and it's this that first led him to become an adventurer.


- Lots of credit cards and money
- Glock 20, 10 mm pistol
- Cell Phone
- Karambit knife


Gabriel Cross, also known by his real name, Gabriel de Medici, is a descendant of the Medici banking family of Rennaissance Italy fame. An adventurer, he grew up at the Medici Family Estate on Long Island in New York, but as soon as he grew old enough, he moved into New York where he acquired an expensive penthouse apartment. At the age of 21, he left for Africa to work as a voluntary with the Red Cross. Over the years he became an adventurer, traveling around the world as a voluntary worker, a treasure hunter, and a prospector. His adventures took him everywhere from the Andes Mountains and Brazilian jungles, to the African savannas, to the Middle-Eastern deserts. During this time, he had little contact with his mother, because of rather bad relations. And then, at the age of 24, as always in search of adventure, he joined the French Foreign Legion's 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment, where he served for five years as a soldier and NCO, before his contract ended, giving him French citizenship. At about the same time that his contract ended, his mother died.

Gabriel Cross is the son of Maxine de Medici, the last CEO of the Medici Group before Gabriel took over. When he took over, though looked at with doubt by the Board of Directors because of his lack of experience with business management, it gave him great power, as he assumed the leadership of the mighty Medici business empire, making him one of the most influential business magnates in the world, as well as one of the youngest, at the age of merely 29 years. Today, Gabriel Cross leads the Medici Group as an influential and wealthy businessman, and has instituted the Medici Foundation, which gives great amounts of money to charity and funds projects around the world to help the poor. He is known for his hands-on approach to the business group's enterprises, and also for traveling around the world and overseeing the various projects of the Medici Foundation, personally.

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