A forest, the country-side, maybe a townSylph

A young elven girl who lives in the forest.

a character in “Medieval Fantasy Roleplay”, as played by EternalSonata

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


She is slender, tall, and fair-skinned.. that's pretty much what every elf has. But with her almost transparent white-blondish hair and her dark-red eyes.. she is a bit odd among her people. Her pointy ears that rise about 7 inches up attract MUCH attention from passing travelers. Luckily, she can (( sort of )) conceal them with her daily attire.. Which is basically black elven armor infused with white thread and runes. It has a woolen hood she can cover her ears with and very large shoulderpads for.. ... stuff.


She's very loud even though she looks a bit .. fragile. Some people may call her "annoying" because she's way too happy for her own good. Sylph is the type of person who holds grudges and won't be afraid to tell someone that she doesn't like them. Although she doesn't approve of violence, she will fight if the other person strikes.. just because she's stubborn like that.


Magically enhanced bow and arrow


Growing up, she was a bit strange in her village. When her adoptive mother died at age 14, the village put her in exile. She traveled the land for 3 years and finally settled in the forest. She's 17.

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