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A quiet artistic young drummer

a character in “Metal Gods”, as played by AkiraAsylum

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Devyn likes to wear short sleeved shirts to show off his many tattoos. While his favorite color is purple, he often wears black. Multiple rings and bracelets with a necklace are his normal accessories.


Playing Style: Devyn more or less tries to clear his mind of everything before playing so he isn't worrying about any mistakes he might make or He downs a few bottles of water and takes multiple deep breaths before walking out and taking his place on stage behind his drums. He usually avoids looking out at the crowd while playing because it helps him focus and lessens his fright of people. Devyn tries to tune out all the sounds of the crowds and just listen to the music his bandmates play. He's quickbut heavy when it comes to his drums, his teacher would often complain that he should slow down and not rush it which made him smirk and smash down on the drums making the loudest sound he could.


Devyn is quiet around most people. He has problems getting close to people especially in an romantic way. He doesn't like talking about his past or family so most of his friends have no idea how his parents were. Due to this wall of resistance, most people don't know him very well at all.
He is very calm and collected most of the time but to people that really know him under the mask he is very emotional, loving, loyal, sarcastic, and at times, a little cocky. He's the type to come off as cold around a lot of people if you're upset but get him alone and he'll be right by your side and refuse to leave until he is sure you are okay. His favorite spot on the bus is on the couch by the window so he can look out and think.
Devyn is very artistic, not solely with drums. He loves to draw and write but is usually against showing off his finished projects. Music is the only type of art that he is more than willingly to show others. When asked about this, he'll shrug and usually ask why you care.
In a group of close friends, he's smiling and trying to make others laugh or play fighting with one of the other members.




Devyn was born in Chicago, Il. He grew up with only his mother around since he was nine. His father was "a typical abusive ass-fuck," as Devyn describes him, and his mother was an alcoholic. His father would take his mother out to an empty road as night and beat her bloody then leave her to find her own way back. At the time, Devyn knew something was going on but wasn't aware of what was truly happening. His mother would eventually come home, usually the next morning, and tell Devyn she "got hurt at work." He knew she was lying but didn't dare ask. It finally got so bad that Devyn's mother moved out one day while her husband was a work and got an crappy little apartment. His father wasn't able to find them.
Because of what happened at home, he never really talked much causing some of his teachers to worry about him but when asked he would tell them everything was alright. He didn't feel right telling them what had beening going on but he was worried for his mother nonetheless. Eventually, he started to smile and try to ignore the problems at home while he was a school, in hopes to avoid more questions. It usually worked for him.
During recess or any free time he had while attending grade and middle school, he used it to pratice drawing or play with the intsurments. In middle school, he spent time after school with his art teacher almost everyday. One day, he found a pair of drum sticks that his teacher used for still life drawing. While waiting for his teacher, Devyn started to play with the drum sticks. Something about them made him smile as he made drum sound effects. He teacher walked in and asked him about playing the drummers. Devyn said that he would love to but couldn't afford to do it. His teacher offered to get him into a program that would pay for him to play. He happily accepted it and started to learn how to play.
In high school, Devyn started to open up a bit more but due to his quiet nature, he didn't have a lot of friends although with his looks a good amount of people tried to talk to him. He would give short vague replys then go back to his drawings or writing. Girls would sometimes try to ask him out but he would refuse since he wasn't truly interested in dating girls. The idea just didn't appeal to him. He was teased about being gay, not that he actually cared.
Freshmen year, he met Austin, who would be his best friend and perhaps a bit more. The pair often sat in Devyn's room as he would play drums and Austin would rock out on his air guitar and sing. They never had any plans to form a band and make it big. They were just two friends in a shitty world that found comfert in each other's company. Once in a while, Austin would bring over a bowl and some pot and they'd get high together. They'd usually plan their escape from their hometown but once Austin got curious and ended up kissing Devyn. It didn't lead to a romantic relationship but Devyn, after some thinking, admitted he was gay.
Austin and Devyn remained friends all through high school. Devyn continued to play drums, never missing a pratice and always making time to learn new songs. Senior year, his mother died due to her heavy drinking. After she died, Devyn became more talkative for a reason he didn't even really know. Maybe it was a weight off his shoulders.
Austin and a couple friends would drag Devyn out to clubs on the weekends. Austin, who was drunk at the time, shouted that the drummer in the band playing at one of the clubs sucked ass and his buddy could play a "juzzillion" times better than him. This caused the drummer to challenge Devyn, being filled with liquid courage, he agreed. The drunken costumers agreed that Devyn was the better drummer, perhaps it was because he didn't fall of the tiny stage.
After the show, one of the gutiarist of the band proforming asked if Devyn would be interested in being a part of a side project he was trying to start up. Before Devyn could reply, Austin put him in a headlock and yelled, "'Course, this skinny little badass wants ta' join up with ya!" Which sealed the deal, Devyn was now apart of band 2.
Show after show and years of pratices paid off since now Devyn was a member of a widely known band. His name and face was all over the web; girls lusted after him, even if he was gay; and he had a group of friends that had his back. He couldn't think of much else he wanted in life, well, except a partner.

So begins...

Devyn Demire's Story