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Name: Giles 'Goat' Kidd. Giles got the nickname Goat while attending college as he sported a rather large goatee at the time. After dropping out he decided to lose the beard but keep the nickname although it never picked up and no one except his few old college friends calls him by his nickname. On stage he goes by the name 'Tweak'

Birth-date: March 17, 1985 (26 years old)

Role: Giles has the role of the band's bassist. He plays the double bass, guitar and violin in addition to bass.

On stage his trademark look is topless with his black pants although at times he is been seen with either a plain yellow or green t-shirt. Off stage he usually wears plain t-shirts and black or navy jeans. He generally doesn't like to accessorize.

Playing Style: Giles plays bass in the same style(to the extent of his capabilities) of his idol 'John Deacon'. He is capable of delivering a highly technical style, with numerous bass runs, walking bass lines and tight quick note changes. He only used his fingers initially but as his bass playing grew and matured he started to use the pick for some songs.


Personality: Giles is usually quiet and may seem zoned out. He refuses to do interviews and very rarely gives out autographs. Giles instead of making connections with people indulges himself into his music, a world he's more familiar and comfortable with. He also feels that 'his soul makes connections with other people as it passes through his instrument and into peoples ears.' proving that he might be delusional. Through out the years from the few friends he had, some believed he was slightly delusional, some were convinced he's schizophrenic while others attributed this behavior with his drug abuse issues.
Giles initially joined the band as he saw it as a vehicle to perfect his music and didn't care if he makes it big with this band or any other band. After a while however his view of the band changed, he even began to care for the members and made the decision that he has to spread his music through this band. Being the oldest member of the band (even though just slightly) he sees himself as the most responsible and tries to keep a watchful eye to protect his fellow band mates.


1979 Fender Fretless Precision Bass is his main instrument and he uses it for almost all the band's recordings.

Gibson Thunderbird IV Zebra Wood bass is his back up bass and he uses it for some of the recordings and half of the videos.


Background: Giles was born to Jean and Simon Kidd in Liverpool, England and they moved to New York, U.S.A when Giles was 6. His father was Welsh and a painter while his mother was half English and half Scottish. She instructed college level sculpture. His parents gave him his first instrument the violin when he was 4 and he continued to play it till he was 13. He switched to guitar to impress girls at his school. He was 14 when he started to experiment with different drugs starting with Ritalin abuse then venturing into Ecstasy and finally into Crystal Meth. He had stopped playing the guitar at 15 and one of his friends who was short on cash traded his bass guitar for part of his stash. It took Giles almost 6 months to picked it up but from the first note he plucked, he fell in love with the tune of bass. When he was 16 during summer vacation his father found him smoking meth at home and after an argument that ensued he just picked up his bass and left home. He broke into a friends house who was vacationing with her family and stayed in her garage(he figured if he stayed in the actual house he would need to switch on the lights at night and the neighbors would get suspicious) for a month. According to him it was during this one month of staying in his friend's garage that his soul bonded with the bass. He returned home and promised his parents that he will stop and never turn back to the 'filth' he has been smoking. He has been on and off meth ever since but he never admits that he is addicted and claims that he only uses rarely and that to help with composing. He did go to college(major in Art, minor in Psychology) but dropped out halfway through his freshman year. He was impressed by Devyn's bar stunt and the next time he met the band having his bass on him, he did an audition for the role of bassist. Impressed by his skill and desperately needing a bassist he was added to the band.

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