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Name: Kasei Lestat

Birthdate: December 23rd, 1988, thus making her 24 years of age.

Role: Drummer in Band 2, also a vocalist, as she was in her school and church choir for many, many years, much to her disgust. She had absolutely no training in playing the drums until she met a drummer in a punk band at a bar she was in when she was sixteen, as the only instrument her parents would allow her to play was the piano before that.

ImageAppearance: Kasei used to be confined to wearing 'appropriate' and 'conservative' clothing, so when she decided she would no longer wear those dreadful clothes, she went all out wearing miniskirts and lowcut tops that revealed a good portion of her flat stomach, however she's slowed it down a bit and likes to stick to band t-shirts, torn up grungy jeans, band tanktops now, however she'll wear just about anything, but she almost always wears studded and bullet belts, as she simply adores them. Her attire is usually almost always punk, and no, not that crappy 'emo kid' punk. She is approximately five foot seven and slender with a small amount of curve that gives her a bit of an hourglass shape, her skin is pale and she used to be a blonde, but she dyed it black many years ago and kept doing so. Kasei eventually got a tattoo addiction around seventeen years of age, she first started out getting a knuckle tatto reading 'DILIGAF' which stands for 'Do I look like I give a fuck', then a legendary 'tramp stamp' of a black butterfly, before following up with just whatever she could manage to fit on her body, most of them biblical or in French.

Personality: Kasei had always been a very well grounded child, she always did as she was told, even if she didn't want to until she finally got fed up being the perfect child. She took up a bad attitude, basically becoming a 'I please no one' woman, she refuses to back down from a fight or any sort of challenge, though she is a bit reserved, being quiet most of the time until you get a few drinks in her. When she isn't drinking, Kasei is very quiet, often off in a corner somewhere smoking. She's a bit mysterious, as she doesn't talk much, she rarely starts fights and often appears to be in her own world, she has issues with authortity though, almost never wanting to listen to what anyone tells her, though unless she feels like it, she can often be very kind and sympathetic, it all depends on what kind of person you are to her and her friends.


Age Seven

"But I don't want to play piano anymore mom! It's no fun!" A seven year old Kasei told her mother, frowning and looking down at her shoes while sitting in front of the grand piano, wearing a ankle-length white skirt and a sweater.

"But Kasei, you play it so beautifully." Anna Lestat told her daughter, patting her blonde head and watching as the girl sighed, clearly the child wasn't going to get much say in if she wanted to play the piano or not. Soon Kasei began playing, her mother smiling at the chiming notes, just thrilled she had such a sweet child that played the instrument she had always wanted to learn how to play so well. Kasei really was a talented pianist, though she tended to ignore how much the girl loathed the instrument, and how sometimes she's hit those keys just a little too hard. In her eyes the girl was perfect and always would be, they raised her as well as they thought they possibly could.

A few hours later Frank and Anna Lestat drove young Kasei to her concert at the church in Alaska, pretending not to note how the seven year old was making faces as she awaited her turn to go out and sing in the choir.

"You'll do great, Sweetie." Anna said to her daughter before scurrying off to go wait in the crowd, her father nodded to her and disappeared after her mother.

Kasei curled her hands into fists, nervous at the thought of performing in front of so many people, her large blue eyes tearing up slightly. She felt as if she might run at any moment but no...she wasn't one to run. She would go out there and do her best. It wouldn't matter if she messed up a little, would it? She felt a little better when her parents were gone.

After taking a deep breath Kasei stepped out and joined the others in the choir, singing well, but occasionally forgetting a few lines, as most children her age did.

Once the show was finished, she was scolded repeatedly for forgetting a few lines during her most important part of the song, but all she could think of was that she was ruining her parents bragging rights. Did she feel bad? Maybe a little...

Age Sixteen

Kasei had just been crowned the 'Prom Queen' dressed up in an elegant yet still conservative gold dress, people coming up to her and telling her she looked amazing, blah, blah, blah. She really didn't care, she was sick and tired of pretending to be the schools perfect girl, the prep. She hated faking things, faking it for her mother, her father, her friends - even her boyfriend, she knew he didn't really like her for how she was, she was even becoming anorexic because people at school started noting she wasn't a perfect size zero anymore.

Later that night Kasei chopped her perfect 'princess' hair that her mother made sure was styled often into a sort of bob that hung at her chin, frowning at it and digging through her closet for a pair of jeans that had seen better days and cutting them off into shorts along with a black t-shirt she cut the sleeves off before jogging off down the street to the local bar.

The first time she heard it she was absolutely captivated. Was it punk? Was it metal? Kasei couldn't tell, but she couldn't help but dance and sing along, wanting to rebell...she was no longer the preacher's daughter, she was her own person, and no one could change that. She wanted to know this be a part of this group.

Playing Style: Kasei mostly relies on aggression and speed, she's a pretty good drummer, but she needs some lessons on not just beating the death out of her drumset, as many of her band members believe she uses her insturment for stress relief. Lately she's been doing this a lot, and no one is quite sure why. As far as vocals go, she tries to avoid it as she doesn't really enjoy singing.

Instrument: Image


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