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Name: Zack Vayne, most people call him Zack though a few call him Vayne. It differs, and he doesn't care what peoplec all him. He's fine with either.

Birthdate: He was born in 1988 on the 3rd of October, so 24 years old.

Role: He is the lead guitarist in Band 2 and is a very good guitar player. He knows it like his back pocket, and Zack knows that. He isn't a singer but it doesn't sound bad when he sings either. So occasional back-up vocals is as far as it goes for him.
Zack can play the piano and the drums as well. But he is a guitar player all the way, nonetheless.

Appearance: He's quite attractive, even though that's a matter of oppinion, but a lot of people think so. Zack knows that but doesn't care. A pair of baggy pants or jeans is usally his choice of "legwear", and some Vans or Converse. He wears long sleeved shirts a lot and rools up the sleeves, and when it's summer or at least hot enough for it, he wears V-neck t-shirts. He wears a ring as well, sitting on his left ring finger. He's isn't married or betrothed or anything. Yet. Zack has cold, piercing grey eyes, and a serious expression most of the time. Even when he isn't, he looks as a brooding person. He has experienced people asking "What's wrong?" when nothing was wrong, and he just looked as what he percieved as "normal" or relaxed. He's strong and muscular, not an Arnold Swarz, but still fit. Tattoos pride his arms and he likes them very much. A thick chain runs all the way up his right arm, and it's been made so it looks like it has nails and whatnot imbedded in his arm. It ends on his shoulder. The other arm is filled with random things, each with a certain story to it.
He isn't completely pale but slightly tan, as he comes from California. Zack was never one for patched up clothes and needles and nails, he left that to the KISS fans. What he wears on stage is mostly his choice as well, even though they run it over with the dressers backstage.

As to his playing. Zack is very good at fast solo's, but doesn't randomly shred. He knows where his fingers are at all time, but that requires a lot of conentration so on stage he isn't the person who moves around the most. He is very good at melodic solos as well, and can include sweeping in them as well. If there is something he can't do, or someone can do better, he's hellbent on learning it and doing it better. If someone is better than him at something, it won't wound his pride though. That much sense he has.


Zack is a great many things. He is shy, loyal, loving, caring, cruel, apathetic.
To the people he love he is fiercely loyal and caring. He may not always show it though. Zack's bad habbit is that he can be very good at pushing everything away. A personal problem may present itself and the man will just push it aside and try to forget about it. He's apathetic like that and it has begun to take it's toll. At parties, he's the fun guy to be around and is sometimes the center of attention, even though he usually doesn't want to be. Zack is a very funny drunk, and can drink a lot. Zack is very modest about his skills on the guitar and would never boast about it.
Undoubtedly he is one of the best guitarists, but he has one problem. His ability to write new material and riffs and licks is inhibited by what state of mind he is in, his mood, his surroundings. Therefore he is very dependent on his band mates. Zack may retreat completely during recordings, to his own world and then come up with new material.

Zack knows that they are famous and he deals with it pretty well. He is rarely bothered by the press because he is so honest and good at talking them off. They usually walk away with a smile on their face. Sometimes the interviews will get him though.
He loves the fans more than anything. There isn't a greater thing in the world for him, than to walk off the stage and go down in front of the crowd and play and shout and stand close to them.

In romance...he's very loyal as said before, but also has trust issues. It can be a problem to be with him when he goes into his apathetic state of mind, and so far, none have been able to either make it better, or learn to live with it. No one so far has been able to mend it.
In a drunk state once, Zack said that his only love was music and that she was the only one who could mend him. To fix his broken self. Partially true. When Zack plays he feels so much better, but in truth he wants to find someone. He's unable to though, and doesn't know how to let anyone close. He can do one night stands and have occasional flings and short term girlfriends, but nothing serious. He doesn't care though, or at least, he doesn't want to care. Zack's best friend once told him that he was the most self-destructive guitarist he'd ever heard of, and that if he didn't watch out, he'd burn himself up. The weird thing is though, that Zack can be surprisingly easy to get along with, when you get to know him. But if you catch him at the wrong time, you won't get a word out of him.


Zack is playing a black Gibson Les Paul along with many other guitars, that being his favourite. He also has an Ibanez Iceman, an Explorer, an ESP and various others. The Les Paul is his own signature guitar.
Other than that he just has what he wears on stage.


Zack didn't really have a family. His father was never home and his mother and him hardly spoke a word to each other. She didn't really care and just spent her day sipping martini's at home all day, sunbathing by the pool. His dad was a business man and only came home on holidays and when he occasionally had few days off. Zack had a brother who died when he was 17, Zack only 15 at the time. After his brother died, Zack retreated and kept to himself. His brother had a guitar. A Gibson Explorer, and after he passed away Zack started playing it and found a new joy in life. All he did was go to school and then play guitar when he came home. It wasn't that he was not popular at school even though he dressed a certain way and would probably have been labelled by most. Zack didn't really care about it though, and just focused on parties, girls and guitar. Well... Guitar, parties and girls. He grew steadily better and learned one technique after another, and soon after started playing piano and learned a bit of drums.
He had one really close friend by the name of Michael Cornoy who, at a party, said to him: "Zack... You are without doubt the most self-destructive person I've ever met. You keep away from everything and everyone. Who ever pays you a compliment, you reject it or say nothing. You have a talent I've never seen in anyone before, and you know it. Accept it and use it! I'm not going to sit idly by as you waste it..." and with that he had gotten up for another round of beers. Zack tried to push it to the back of his head. He had never thought of being in a band. Yet when he came home from the party, he couldn't fall asleep and sat up thinking about what his friend had told him. The day after, he started looking for bands to be in. At first he was very modest and tried out for different bands. A punk band at first, but discovered that he wanted to play something else. Something that would challenge him in the way he so desperately desired. His friend set him up once, with a band in need of a lead guitarist, and Zack tried out. They took him in after a while and told him that he was what they had been looking for. Zack was happy and they started playing gigs. After a while though, he started to feel like they were stuck. Zack was only happy that they hadn't become more famous than they were yet, and were only playing at local places. Their inspiration started to disappear from their work and they started arguing and bickoring. The drummer developed an alcohol addiction and was often drunk when they played.
He decided that he wanted to stop this thing, and secretly started a side project, looking for people to start a new band where they'd agree on what they wanted to play. He didn't want to join and discover that they had nothing in common and no future. At a show, their drummer kept falling off his stool and onto the floor, Zack sent him several looks that told him to get the fuck up. The drummer of course, was too drunk to understand. Amongst the crows was a boy whose friends praised as a better drummer than theirs. Zack shrugged and thought 'Well he can't be any worse...' And helped him on stage to play with them. He was really, really good and Zack new that he had just found a drummer. After the show he asked this boy, Devyn if he would like to join a band. And thus their journey begun.

So begins...

Zack Vayne's Story