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"Where the hell are those guys?" he said to himself as he stared down the hall. He hadn't heard from any of them, not a text, nothing. For two hours he had been in his room, watching TV. Zack had been out all day looking around town, shopping certain stuff. He'd found quite a few souvenirs, one of them a t-shirt with the name
"Legion" on it. The co-headlining band they were to play with tomorrow. Zack had seen the band once before, on DVD, but wasn't sure he'd be able to recognize them and put names to them all. It wasn't that he was arrogant and didn't give a shit about them, but names didn't stick to his brain. Regarding that he was absolutely hopeless.

He zapped through every channel and sighed deeply.
"Why is there always crap on TV?" he said half-loudly and got up from the bed. He donned his worn jeans, sleeveless white t-shirt with the Grim Reaper and several other things on it. All in black and grey colors to contrast the white. He scratched his trimmed beard on his chin and took his black and white striped hat and went for the door. Upon entering the hall, he looked around twice and shouted: "Goat, Kasei, Harlyn! Get your fucking asses down to the bar!" He didn't bother walking up and knocking each door. If they wanted to sleep, he'd let them. If not, they would've probably heard him, and hopefully join him downstairs. The hotel was very nice, and very big. Everything had been paid for, so in fact, they could just let loose here. The hall was impressively adorned with all the exquisite things that the hotel manager had bought for it, and he'd done well. The bar was amazing. It seemed as though they had every kind of booze on the planet, and the desk was lovely as well. So was the staff serving them. Zack saw a few people sat there, most of them being the regular 'hotel trash' as he'd come to call them - joking of course. But one stood out. A woman, covered in a metal t-shirt, wearing a leather jacket, studs, spikes, the whole attire of a metal fan.
Probably here for the show tomorrow. he thought to himself, wondering why she was staying here then. It was afterall an expensive hotel. But what did Zack care.

He walked up to the bar and ordered a beer, smiling at the waitress and being as polite as his mood would allow him. The ongoing conversations around him seemed to die when he walked up there, but resumed shortly after. Zack smiled to himself and shot a glance over at the woman next to him. Not a nod, not a smile, not a word. He just looked at her for a split second and then turned his attention back to his beer that had just been put in front of him. Still, he couldn't help but wonder. Wasn't she familiar? If his bandmates had no intention of coming down to play, Zack would probably just drink a beer or two more, and then head back to his room. Boring. After an uncomfortably long silence, he was just about to turn and talk to this woman when his phone beeped and vibrated in his pocket.