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Stepping out of the shower and wrapping herself in a towel, she wiped off the fogged up mirror and looked at her reflection, her face scrubbed clean of makeup. Blinking, she realized she almost looked like that sixteen year old prom queen from years ago. She then brushed a lock of black hair from her face and looked down at the rest of her body. No, not really, other than the face....all the tattoos and the black hair nearly destroyed any thought she could be the old Kasei Lestat. She didn't mind that, she didn't want to be Kasei the Prom Queen anymore. She kept her old name, she wanted her parents to know who she was now if they ever looked for her since she left all those years ago.

Frowning, Kasei looked at her reflection, looking for more traces of her old self. Maybe she'd not wear makeup today. Lost in her thoughts, she barely heard Zack yelling for them. She sighed and dried off the best she could, leaving her hair to naturally wave instead of straightening it like usual. She pulled on comfortable jeans, a bullet belt, a metal t-shirt and a leather jacket before hurrying to pull on her black combat boots.

With one more glance at her reflection she ran a hand through her hair and frowned at her lack of makeup...usually she'd at least put on some black eyeliner but today she was feeling...oddly vulnerable. She didn't like that. It shouldn't be this much of a decision... She thought, more or less forcing herself out of the hotel room and down the hall, occasionally looking at some 'modern art' with a small roll of her eyes. She'd never understand the crap.

This was one fancy place they were in today, and she had to was kinda nice, to her at least. But still strange, after all the places she'd been in the past few years.

Once she got to the bar, her eyes scanned the crowds of business men and such until her eyes settled on Zack and a surprisingly rough looking girl. Was this the place all of the bands would be saying? A small smirk touched her lips at the thought, she bet these high standard bitches were in for quite a surprise if that was the case. She went over to Zack and took a seat by him, saying a simple 'Hey' and looked at the assortment of drinks, keeping her head down a bit, suddenly wishing she'd put on at least a little makeup. Wait a minute. Why should it matter? Just because you always wore makeup around everyone before doesn't mean you have to now. She told herself, feeling far too jumpy and concerned about life to be her normal self. Maybe I need a drink.