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Giles woke up in a very bright room. He shut his eyes as soon as he had opened them and his hungover head welcomed the absence of light. He was in a strange place and retracing his footsteps was becoming increasingly difficult as his last clear memory was getting hammered with cheap whiskey an hour before the bus ride so he could sleep through the ride and faded memories each of few seconds showed his initial plan failed as he remembered drinking even more on the bus. He could feel he was in a rather comfortable bed meaning he wasn't in the bus anymore. Keeping his eyes shut he blindly tried to grasp his shades from the nightstand and after knocking down the lamp he remembered that his sunglasses were in his backpack. Swearing that he would never drink again he opened his eyes ever slightly. He was in a hotel room, skipping on details he just focused to find his bag. The moment he spotted his object of desire he shut his eyes again and slowly got out of the bed and strolled towards the direction of the bag. Glad that he tripped on the bag confirming he had walked in the right direction and didn't have to open his eyes again, he unzipped the bag very slowly and taking 10 seconds before starting to shuffle through the bag to find his shades. After he did find his tinted prize he reluctantly opened his now dark gaze to the world outside him. He was in a fancy room possibly the hotel that he is supposed to be in. After appreciating the exquisite furnishing and gasping at the realization that he had broken an expensive lamp hes nerves started sending him signals reminding him of his needs. His body's alarm clock had gone off but he had to click the snooze button as he had promised himself to use only before the show. Another craving came crawling his way, a more basic and necessary one prompting him to get up and leave the room in the search of food.
The moment Giles entered the bar there was a second of silence. All eyes on him, not because of his fame as this wasn't the type of crowd to recognize but due to his chronically skinny figure and the nasty t-shirt that was littered with stains and holes. Realizing that he had failed to remember to change before leaving the room he took a look at his lived in pants and the pair of shoes - that didn't match - he was wearing. Hurrying towards his band mates he was glad when he saw through his 'tint-vision' that they had also failed to look their best. Couple of silent fist bumps later and Giles was seated ready to order.
"Good Mornin' barkeep. I would like some fish and chips. And pour me 'nip and a hauf', please." he ordered prompting a confused expression on the bartender's face
"I'm sorry. I would like a burger with fries. And pour me a pint of Guinness dry stout and two fingers of your top shelf scotch, please." He rephrased his order. "And where are my manners, a round of drinks for the badly dressed metal heads sitting to my left."
Turning to his left and facing his fellow band members, he said. "So which one of you carried me to bed yesterday? or was it day before?"