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Kasei whom had been still and silent for a few moments, barely noting Zack as he studied her, nearly jumped out of her skin when Zack prodded her shoulder, but she quickly regained her composure and gave him a quick smile, "Maybe I do want your hat." She said, lightly tipping it down on his head with her finger. She laughed a little bit when he said he'd buy her a drink, she got the joke alright, "I could do with a drink." She admitted, straightening a little bit, but she still looked weary.

She heard the sound of clicking heels approaching them, turning to look at the girl with the blonde curls, brushing her own waving dark hair out of her eyes, "Thanks," She told Zack as she heard him ordering a drink. "I really appreciate it." She smiled slightly at Harlyn and gave a nod, "Hey." She said to the girl, noting the exchange between Harlyn and him silently, as she almost always did, the loner who observed all others, not bothering to chime in with how she was, as she genuinely didn't know how she felt.

Kasei said a polite 'hello' to Giles, whom scared the shit out of her with his unusually skinny body, she didn't want to be rude and be like, 'Hey, dude, you scare the shit out of me', but she always kept her distance from the man despite them being in the same band but she would exchange a few words with him from time to time. She did smile at Zack's good mood, grateful for that, but she couldn't resist a bit of teasing to Zack, "Bromance." Was all she said, her brown eyes taking on a tad bit of amusement as she looked at the shot and nodded at her fellow band members. She knew she shouldn't tease, as there had been times she herself needed help getting somewhere, as sometimes she just didn't know when to stop herself...and she had the feeling tonight might be one of those nights.