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From behind the soft and plush set of peach tinted lips came a soft sigh of content as the young blonde felt a warm hand press against the curve of her back, the low rumble of Zack’s voice echoing in reply to Harlyn’s inquiry. She had to fight the bodily urge to shudder and allow a wave of goose bumps to wash over her ivory skin – but her friend’s tone kept her from being too pleased with his reply. ”Your tone isn’t very convincing,” she mused softly with a gentle furrow of her brows as she gazed over at him. Her guitarist friend was often times very difficult to read, almost always a serious fellow – until you got a few drinks in ‘em. From the looks of it though, that was his plan: gather the band and get a little tipsy the night before the show – even if it seemed as if Kasei wasn’t in the mood for partying and Giles was nowhere to be seen. With the thought of a good hotel party fresh on her mind, she smirked in her friend’s direction and proceeded to reply to his courteous inquiry of her wellbeing. ”Me? I’m fabulous as per usual. I just slept for about fifteen hours,” she stated, her smirk flashing into a wicked grin.

Without a word, the barkeep sidled up the young blonde and gently pushed a cold mixture of whiskey and cola into her waiting hand. Obviously, he had been clued in on who the gal was and who was picking up her tab, because he moved away just as silently as he had come, leaving the blonde with a satisfied smile.

The silence that washed over the hotel bar only brightened Harlyn’s smile, knowing just what had caused the silence in the first place – her drummer. Physically, he was a bit odd and a little surprising, but otherwise, he was just another part of the gang. As she quickly took in his choice of apparel, she shook her head and bounced her gaze from herself to the rest of her band mates in comparison. Were the others just in the mood to relax the night before the show or was she just that insecure with herself that she couldn’t bare to be seen in anything less than her made up self?

Shaking her head to rid herself of her constant nagging thoughts, she raised her first to bump against Giles’ in a silent gesture of “hello” before she watched him settle into his seat and loudly ramble at the barkeep. She had to shake her head and raise a hand to cover her smile as she watched the scene ahead of her. Poor barkeep, she definitely knew his pain. The first while that she’d been around Giles, she knew not a lick of what he had said; instead, she had just nodded and smiled, playing along with whatever everyone else said. As she watched Giles and Zack go back and forth for a minute, a small smile formed on her lips before she gazed over at Kasei’s slumped form. What was going on with her lately – she thought with a sad smile. She’d have to try and talk to the girl later – if she would talk – which was doubtful, seeing as the girls had never been close in the slightest.

For now, there were drinks to be done away with.

"What'll you have?" came Zack’s inquiry, followed by a gentle nudge to her side.

”A shot of Jose for me,” Harlyn replied, her words directed towards Zack and the barkeep both.
Once all the drinks were served, Zack arranged the time for the four of them to down their shot and with a nod of consent from each of them, they did. The alcohol burned the blonde’s throat, but it was a good burn, bringing a soft smile onto her lips as she slammed her shot glass onto the bar with a sharp breath. ”Whoo! Round two?” she asked, glancing up and down the bar at her band mates with a smile.

Her smile quickly faded into a slight reminiscent of what it was as she caught sight of her rival vocalist, Vivan Something-or-Other and one of her band mate lackeys peering over at the band with a certain sneer smeared across their faces. Her stomach twisted uncomfortably and out of instinct, she sought out Zack’s hand for comfort. Once she found his warm hand, she gripped it gently, holding it loosely without crossing their fingers as she leaned into him. ”Is it just me or do the Legion-eers have a certain look of malice towards us? It’s kinda making me uncomfortable…” she said, her voice falling into a slight whine, her lips forming a pout as she looked at him with bright eyes.