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Giles drank the shot, immediately feeling the absinthe burning down his digestive system as he put his glass down. Giles refused Harlyn's proposition for a second round and started to drink a sip of his drink as he eagerly waited for his food. Seeing tension between Harlyn and some other customer he peered through his sunglasses to spot the person. The person in question was a fellow outcast in the bars crowd also and she seemed to have a posse gathered around her. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't place where he had spotted her before but sitting next to her was someone he did recognize. He was certain the laid back, dreadlocks donning man was no one other than Ian Frasier. He had seen him perform twice, long time ago, each time with a different band. Giles respected and admired the man's bass playing ability and like his artist parents who had done so whenever they admired someone else's art, he felt compelled to buy the man a drink. In England he could have just bought the man a drink and he would have bought him a drink back as a gesture and that would be all to it but over here buying him a drink would seem inappropriate. Other than that he felt that due to the stare battle between Harlyn and the anonymous woman who seemed to be in Frasier's band, buying their entire group a drink would also be inappropriate. He cursed under his breath at his weird upbringing that him into this dilemma, he turned to Harlyn and said "How about that second round?"
He downed his beer and whiskey quickly and waited for the band to do shots for the second time in the night.